Otakon 2002: Viz Panel

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No MI DVDs still, but Inu Yasha by the end of the year, and much more...

Buried deep in a list of Viz's latest products was one entry:


While Viz continues to try to put Inu Yasha on Cartoon Network, they are now ready to release the series domestically even if the show has not aired on TV.

Maison Ikkoku will not see a DVD release while it is financially unviable. Members of the audience did suggest, however, that Viz utilize a strategy similar to TRSI for the Tylor boxed sets -- set a required minimum number, and let people sign up. Once that number is reached, produce the DVDs.

Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! are confirmed Shonen Jump titles. More will be announced at Comicon next weekend.

The Art of Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" book, to be released in September, will also include the official Disney script used in the North American theatrical release of the film. It should be noted that Viz's internally translated script of Spirited Away matches Disney's on every line. The only notable differences from the original Japanese are when a statement is vague and can be interpreted two ways. This means that one can safely assume Disney's script is highly accurate to the original Japanese.

Price drops for all Viz graphic novels are currently under consideration, although nothing was announced at this time.

Other anime titles to be released in the remainder of 2002 include Trouble Chocolate, Hamtaro, Project ARMS, Inu-Yasha and Great Dangaioh. Manga titles include Blood: The Last Vampire, Project ARMS, Chicago, Orochi: The Blood, the Spirited Away film manga and a number of various Hamtaro products.

(asst. written by Mikhail Koulikov)

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