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Sunwards Site unlists model

According to an unconfirmed post on Macross World (Thank you to Skullone for mentionning this) Big West's chosen distributor of Macross Toys has received a letter from Harmony Gold along the same lines as the letters that HG sent out to various retailers several months ago.

Despite the hard line in the letter, most retailers continue to stock the items, suggesting that the letters are more bark than bite, however Sunwards has removed all links to their Strike Valkerie model (however the original page displaying the model is still on their site at, but not linked to). Please note that any link drawn between the removal of the link and the unconfirmed letter would be supposition at this point... fairly reasonable supposition though.

Meanwhile, Big West continues to stake its claims to the Macross rights, they registered a copyright claim on a number of Macross pieces of artwork related to Macross Designs. While copyrights need not be registered, registration does additional weight should a dispute ever arise. It seems that Big West may be gearing up for such a dispute.

excerpted from Skullone's post in our forum:


Registration Number: VAu-534-107
Title: Macross.
Description: Drawings.
Claimant: acKabushiki Kaisha Studio Nue & Kabushiki Kaisha Big West
Created: 1982

Registered: 17May02

Author on © Application: artwork: Kabushiki Kaisha Studio Nue, employer for hire.
Special Codes: 5/S

On the page you'll see, go to the "Books, music, films, sound recordings, maps, software, photos, art, and multimedia. Also includes renewals." tab, then enter "Macross" and select the "Macross (3 items)" entry. The last one to the bottom of the page is the newest one. The date is May 17, 2002.

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