'Ponyo's' Harbor Protected from Reclamation by Ruling (Updated)

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Miyazaki applauds decision to stop bridge project at Tomonoura

The Hiroshima District Court ruled on Thursday that Tomonoura — the harbor in the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Hiroshima that inspired the seaside locale in Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Ponyo film—cannot be partially reclaimed for bridge-building. As presided by Judge Akio No-se, the court ruled in favor of citizens who argued that the proposal would obstruct the historical seascape on the coast of Japan's Inland Sea.

The local city of Fukuyama and Hiroshima Prefecture had drafted a plan in 1983 to improve drainage and reduce traffic congestion by building a bridge across the side of the harbor furthest from the sea. About two hectares (about five acres) would have been reclaimed from the harbor to erect the 180-meter (590-foot) bridge.

Source: Sankei Shimbun

Image © 2007 Hiroshima Prefecture

Update: In a Studio Ghibli press conference in Tokyo on Thursday, Miyazaki applauded the decision. He said, "It is a very good decision. It is not just an issue for Tomonoura; at a time when we are contemplating how to bring about the Japan of the future, we have taken a great positive step forward." Source: Sports Hochi

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