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Durarara!!×2 Promo Video Adds Shizuo Footage

posted on by Kyle Cardine
1st part premieres next January, followed by 2 more in Summer 2015, Winter 2016

The official website for the Durarara!!×2 Shō anime began streaming a "renewed" promotional trailer on Tuesday. A similar trailer was shown at the Dengeki Bunko Aki no Saiten (Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival) event on October 5, but the new promotional trailer adds more footage of Shizuo, Masaomi, and others, where the original video only had audio. (The new footage appears at the 0:41 mark.)

Mikado: Half a year has passed since I experienced those mysterious — but not mysterious, life-changing — but not life-changing, strange – but commonplace events.
Masaomi: Seriously, sorry I haven't been able to participate in this chat for half a year! I was actually on a lovey-dovey rendezvous with my girlfriend!
Mikado: Masaomi...!? Is that really you, Masaomi!?
Celty: It's not here...! It's not here...! I must have dropped it somewhere!! WHERE DID I DROP IT!?
Anri: who are you? What do you... How much do you know?
Shizuo: Why you piece of...!!
Izaya: All I do is take multiple triggers and throw them together in the same place. Then I tell them: "The vacation is over, you piece of crap."
Text: Durarara!!×2
Text: The anticipated sequel has been approved for broadcast across three split cours (quarters of a year)!
Text: It will depict the entire first arc of the original light novel series!
Text: Durarara!!×2 Shō Starts January 2015
Text: Durarara!!×2 Ten Starts July 2015
Text: Durarara!!×2 Ketsu Starts January 2016
Text: Premieres on Tokyo MX TV/MBS/CBC/Gunma TV/ Tochigi TV/BS11!

Joining the cast in the sequel are:

M.A.O as Vorona (pictured above center)
Kappei Yamaguchi as Mizuki Akabayashi (above left)
Hiro Shimono as Aoba Kuronuma (below center)
Yuuki Ono as Chikage Rokujo (above right)

Takahiro Omori will direct the anime at new studio Shuka with series composition by Noboru Takagi. Takahiro Kishida will be designing the characters for the series, and Makoto Yoshimori will be providing the music. Eri Yamazaki will be designing the props, Hiromi MIYAWAKI is in charge of the color key, Norikazu Kamibayashi will take the position of CG producer, Kazuhiko Seki will handle editing, Jin Tamura is in charge of photography, and the name of the animation's production group will be Ikebukuro Dollars, the same as the first season. The main cast from the original anime is returning to reprise their roles.

Thanks to Dennis R. for the embedded video

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