Symphogear GX New Visual, Prologue Story, Additional Cast Unveiled

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3rd Symphogear season premiering on July 4

The official website of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX anime unveiled a new key visual, prologue story, and additional cast on Wednesday

An abridged version of the prologue story on the MoCa News site reads:

After the frontier incident, everyone who knew the circumstances believed the Noise were gone and the pain they caused was at an end. But a new conflict approached unseen. In the Yokohama Harbor Oosan-bashi Pier, a new pattern is detected that is similar to the Noise. A combat group wielding mysterious technology stands in the way of Hibiki and the others. When she hears of this enemy of unprecedented strength, Tsubasa hurries back home from England. But the Symphogear users see no opening to counterattack are forced into a difficult fight. In this situation of extreme disparity, the battle for the song that will end the world begins.

The July issues of Newtype, Animage, and Animedia magazines unveiled the new characters and voice cast for the show on Wednesday.

Inori Minase as Carol Malus Dienheim

Misaki Kuno as Elfnein

Michiyo Murase as Garie Tûmân

Shizuka Ishigami as Leiur Darâhim

Shiori Izawa as Micha Jawkân

Masumi Tazawa as Phara Suyûf

Leiur, Garie, Micha, and Phara are autoscorers, or automatons who guard Carol and perform other tasks.

The anime will premiere on Tokyo MX on July 4 at 1:00, and will air on the same time slot every Friday. Other channels airing the anime include:

  • MBS, July 4, 3:10 a.m.
  • TV Aichi, July 7, 2:05 a.m.
  • BS11 July 10, 11:00 p.m.

The anime will also stream online on Niconico Video on July 8, 11:00 p.m., and will stream on the same schedule every Wednesday.

A teaser for the third season debuted in March and revealed the main cast and staff:

Original Creators: Noriyasu Agematsu, Akifumi Kaneko
Director: Katsumi Ono
Series Script Supervisor, Scripts: Akifumi Kaneko
Original Character Design: Dan Yoshii
Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Satoru Fujimoto
Music Producer: Noriyasu Agematsu
Music: Elements Garden
Animation Production: Satelight

Aoi Yūki as Hibiki Tachibana
Nana Mizuki as Tsubasa Kazanari
Ayahi Takagaki as Chris Yukine
Yōko Hikasa as Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Yoshino Nanjou as Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Ai Kayano as Kirika Akatsuki

Nana Mizuki and Ayahi Takagaki are returning to perform the opening and ending theme songs, respectively, for this third Symphogear season.

Senki Zesshō Symphogear's first season aired for 13 episodes from January to March of 2012, and a second season aired between the July and September of 2013. Funimation streamed the first season of the anime as it aired in Japan.

[Via MoCa News]

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