Shonen Jump Magazine Launches 11th 'Gold Future Cup' Contest

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5 1-shot manga vie for this year's contest

Shueisha announced in this year's 39th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that it is hosting its 11th "Gold Future Cup" contest. The yearly contest usually features between four and seven one-shots by up-and-coming artists. Shueisha will publish the five works nominated this year in consecutive issues of Weekly Shonen Jump starting in the magazine's 40th issue, which will ship on September 5.

This year's five entries and their descriptions are:

  • "Legacy" (seen below) by author Tomohide Hirao and illustrator Mizuki Yoda (in 40th issue out on September 5)
    ”Sakimori, a mysterious boy who can converse with the dead, stands up against a series of skinning serial murders.”
  • "Boy the Gold" by Kenta Yuzuriha (in 41st issue out on September 12)
    ”Under the supervision of Wataru, who is now unable to do gymnastics anymore, Wataru's childhood friend is...”
  • "Tokubetsu Kokkakōmuin Kaizōsha Taisakuka Tanaka Seiji" by Keiji Amatsuka (in 42nd issue out on September 17)
    ”A government employee who placed first in a manga magazine contest debuts in this magazine!!" (Amatsuka had won Weekly Shonen Jump's "84th JUMP Treasure Rookie Manga Award" in 2014 at age 17.)
  • "Taketori Tsuki Monogatari" by Tomotaka Matsuda (in 43rd issue out on September 26)
    "One day something incredibly cute fell from heaven?!"
  • "Nikai Bongai Barabarujura" by Gege Akutami (in 44th issue out on October 3)
    "A delinquent boy who is the best at fighting becomes the pilot of a giant monster?!"

Readers then vote in the weekly survey that comes with each issue of Weekly Shonen Jump if they would support the manga as a series. Shueisha will announce the winner of the contest in December. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Bakuman. manga featured the contest as a plot point in the manga itself.

Previous winners of the contest that have received serializations in the magazine include: Kentarō Fukuda's Devilyman, Yūki Tabata's Hungry Joker, Ryūhei Tamura's Beelzebub, and Hiroshi Shiibashi's Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. Several one-shots that did not win the contest also received serialized runs in the magazine, such as Tomohiro Yagi's Goblin Night, Jūzō Kawai's Takamagahara, and Tomohiro Hasegawa's Koi no Cupid Yakenohara Jin.

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