Kemono Friends Director Tatsuki Posts New Anime Short

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Story follows girl, manta ray waiting near shrine

Kemono Friends anime director TATSUKI posted a new anime short on his official Twitter account on Tuesday. TATSUKI said in the post, "Because it's summer, I made a relaxation anime."

In the video, a girl and her manta ray companion appear to be waiting for something or someone to arrive. The pair wait near what seems to be the entrance to a Shinto shrine in the sky. They have been waiting for a long time, and the manta ray seems doubtful that what they are waiting for will arrive.

Nexon's original Kemono Friends app game launched in early 2016 and ended service on December 14 — before the Kemono Friends anime even aired. The 12-episode television anime then premiered on TV Tokyo and TV Osaka on January 10 and ended on March 28. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired.

Bushiroad announced on Monday that the title of its new Kemono Friends mobile app game is Kemono Friends Pavilion. Nexon had announced in February that the original game app would not return despite the anime's popularity, although a spokesperson for Nexon later stated that the return of the smartphone app "is possible." Then, the Kemono Friends Official Guide Book 2 book confirmed in April that at least a new game is in development for the franchise.

TATSUKI posted an unofficial "episode 12.1" for the anime in April. Kemono Friends is also getting a new stage play and a "new screen project" (separate from "episode 12.1"). An official guidebook for the anime confirmed that a second season is in the works but it "will take some time."

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