1st Part of LayereD Stories 0 Smartphone Game's Anime Streamed

posted on 2017-11-07 11:15 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Anime to stream through iOS/Android game after launch this winter

Bandai Namco Entertainment began streaming the first part of an anime for its upcoming LayereD Stories 0 smartphone game on Monday. The anime will stream through the game after it launches.

The anime's main cast includes:

Kōhei Yanagi as Yūto

Ayane Sakura as Shinji

Yuiko Tatsumi as Clair

Junji Majima as Kōhei

Ai Kakuma as Rachel

Sōma Saitō as Will

Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Takuma

In addition, Yūma Uchida plays Joshua.

The game and anime's story takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2037. LayereD is a platform that uses mixed reality technology to create visualizations of the Internet in the real world. By using special devices, people can have various augmented-reality experiences. Users are able to bring things they imagine into the real world, allowing for a wide variety of self-expression. However, the system does not provide people the freedom it was supposed to, and people actually live in an oppressive society. In the Varna Counter system, harmful creations are eliminated in order to make LayereD "completely clean and healthy." Because users monitor each other to maintain regulations, society becomes rigid and constrained.

Miyu is performing the anime's theme song "throw together." The project held special audition contests to choose the lead voice cast and theme song performer.

Pre-registration for the game is available now, and the game is slated to launch for iOS and Android this winter. Project LayereD also includes a manga adaptation.

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