M&C! Licenses 'Love, Be Loved Leave, Be Left,' When Aoi-Sensei Loves Manga

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Ren Koizumi's Eternal Snow manga also licensed

Indonesian publisher M&C! is listing releases of Io Sakisaka's Love, Be Loved Leave, Be Left (Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare), Momo Rinda's When Aoi-Sensei Loves (Aoi-Sensei wa Shishunki), and Ren Koizumi's Eternal Snow (Eien no Rokka) manga. M&C! will begin releasing all three manga on October 17.

M&C! describes Love, Be Loved Leave, Be Left:

Yuna expects her romance to be like a dream, while Akari is more pragmatic on the matter. The two could not be more dissimilar, but they unexpectedly meet and become friends, along with the popular boy Rio and Yuna's childhood friend Kazuomi. Between the four of them, a bittersweet love story begins.

Sakisaka launched the manga in Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine in June 2015. Shueisha published the manga's ninth volume on July 25, and will ship the 10th volume on October 25.

M&C! has previously released Sakisaka's Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride) and Strobe Edge manga. Production I.G adapted the Blue Spring Ride manga into a 13-episode television anime series that aired in Japan from July to September 2014. The manga also received a live-action film adaptation, which opened in Japan in December 2014.

The Strobe Edge manga also inspired a live-action film starring Sōta Fukushi and Kasumi Arimura that opened in Japan in March 2015.

M&C! describes When Aoi-Sensei Loves:

Hibari, a high school student, is in a relationship with Aoi-sensei, her high school teacher. In their absolutely secret relationship, they both agreed to some ground rules to protect their love. They will never text each other, call each other, or go on dates with each other. Nothing that will make them look like a couple. Theirs is a plain and honest love. But that has its limits. This is a secret love story that will make your heart pound every day.

Rinda launched the manga in Kodansha's Dessert magazine in August 2016, and ended it in May 2017. Kodansha published two compiled book volumes for the manga.

M&C! describes Eternal Snow:

The story begins when Seiya meets Rikka, a girl who had a prosthetic leg. Since the day they met, Seiya had always been mean to Rikka, who he thought was an annoying presence in his life. But Rikka's kindness eventually warmed Seiya's heart, which had been hardened by past circumstances. Rikka's presence has awakened Seiya to how precious life is, especially when he learns that Rikka has only six months left to live.

Koizumi launched the manga in Shogakukan's Sho-Comi magazine in December 2015, and ended it in 2016. Shogakukan published one compiled book volume for the manga.

M&C! previously published Koizumi's Tears of Love - I Didn't Mean for It to Happen- and First Time of Love and Broken Heart manga in August and September 2016, respectively. The company also published Koizumi's The Star on Which We Vow Our Love manga in May 2017, and recently published the Embrace My First Love (Hatsukoi o Dakishimeru) manga.

Source: M&C!'s website

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