Anime Reactor Announces Stellar 2004 Convention Lineup

International legends from anime and comic book arenas prepare for October's event

CHICAGO (September 13, 2004)— This year's Anime Reactor convention, taking place from October 22-24 at the Holiday Inn-O'Hare, has packed its roster with heavy-hitters from both the anime and comic book arenas. In its second year, the “Anime Reactor 2: Atomic Boogaloo” convention will unveil these guests as the flagship to its weekend-long tribute to Western and Eastern pop culture. The event's guests represent a popular cross-section of legends from the genre, providing the ultimate cultural experience for fans of both art forms. “We are pleased that we can bring such innovative anime and comic industry leaders to Anime Reactor,” said James Alsup, executive director of Anime Reactor. “Our goal is to provide fans with access to legendary leaders in the industry. Many of these guests have created some of the best anime and comic book characters, and fans will really have the opportunity to interact with them.”

Among the notable Japanese guests attending Anime Reactor will be superstar Toshihiro Kawamoto. Kawamoto is best-known for his work as character designer on “Cowboy Bebop” and “Wolf's Rain”, both of which can currently be seen on Cartoon Network. Tensai Okamura, the director of “Wolf's Rain”, “Kikaida the Animation”, and the “Stink Bomb” segment of “Memories” will also join him. Ryo Mizuno, creator of "Record of Lodoss Wars", "Legend of Crystania" and "Louie the Rune Soldier", will also be in attendance. Returning from last year will be Tetsuya Aoki, creator of the manga “Angel's Wing”, and Daisuke Kobayashi, a designer for live-action superhero shows “Power Rangers” and “Masked Rider”. Reactor 2's American guest line-up includes Steve Bennett of Studio Ironcat; Bob DeJesus from Studio Capsule; Keith Burgess, voice actor and director of fan relations at Manga Entertainment; Gus Sorola and Geoff Fink from Rooster Teeth Productions, the creators of the web animation series “Red vs. Blue”; Marvel Comics editor C.B. Cebulski; Skottie Young, penciller on “Human Torch”, “Venom”, and “Alpha Flight”; Sanford Greene, Keron Grant, and LeSean Thomas of Artxilla Studios; inker Phil Moy; video game artist Jeff Moy; and comic book writer J. Torres.

Anime Reactor, sponsored by the non-profit organization United Anime Synergy Society, was founded in 2002 to provide fans with a unique cultural opportunity to enjoy Eastern and Western pop culture. The convention strives to create the ultimate fan experience, citing key cross-influences in both anime and comic book cultures. For convention and general organization information, visit

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