AN Entertainment & Bang Zoon! to Coproduce Haré+Guu


April 27, 2005

AN Entertainment is proud to announce a full partnership with highly regarded voice-over recording studio Bang Zoom! Entertainment for the co-production of the North American version of highly anticipated Japanese anime series Haré+Guu. This will be AN Entertainment's third anime title release, and the biggest series AN Entertainment has worked with so far. Bang Zoom! Entertainment has been one of America's most prolific and respected English language dubbing studios for many years. For quite some time now, fans have eagerly clamored for an official English language version of the Haré+Guu anime. AN Entertainment and Bang Zoom! Entertainment are eager to satisfy that demand.

The staffs of AN Entertainment and Bang Zoom! Entertainment will be pooling their resources to create the best possible North American release of Haré+Guu. The experienced and highly praised Bang Zoom! Entertainment will produce the English language adaptation of Haré+Guu. AN Entertainment will apply its critically respected production talents to the localization of the original Japanese language version. AN Entertainment will supervise the production and distribution of the Haré+Guu television series across a seven volume North American DVD release.


The surreal and outlandish comedy Haré+Guu begins when a young boy's peaceful life is interrupted by his mother's adoption of an orphaned girl- a girl that's not exactly human, who has an alternate dimension of weird people and bizarre creatures living in her stomach, and whose sole purpose for existence seems to be making the young boy's life a living hell. And that's just the first episode! The Haré+Guu television series, produced by Square Enix and animated by the world famous Shin'ei Doga production studio, has been a smash hit internationally. In its native Japan, the series has spawned a pair of award winning sequel series. In America, the series has become a cult sensation among devoted anime fans.


Established in 2002 as a sister company to internationally recognized internet based anime retail company, AN Entertainment exists to bring high quality Japanese animation to English speaking viewers. Experience in the retail distribution field coupled with an extensive knowledge of Japanese animation make AN Entertainment exceptionally suited to releasing archival quality home video releases that are interesting and appealing to casual viewers, and rewarding and satisfying to devoted fans seeking first rate anime productions presented with uncompromising concern for artistic and cultural integrity.


Bang Zoom! Entertainment is one of North America's most experienced and respected talents in producing high quality English language adaptations of imported Japanese animation. Bang Zoom! has worked with major North American anime distributors including AD Vision, AN Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Central Park Media, Geneon, Media Blasters, and Tokyopop to produce English language versions of acclaimed anime such as as Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, Last Exile, Witch Hunter Robin, and Please Teacher.

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