MTAC Brings Together Fans of Anime with the Voices Behind the Creations

MTAC Press Release | 11.29.06


Nashville, TN - MTAC Guest Roster Continues to Grow!

MTAC, the anime con that calls Nashville home, is excited to announce the addition of three new great guests to its 2007 lineup!

Doug Smith, a warmly welcomed face at MTAC, is happy to be returning in 2007 to help make MTAC Prime the most exciting year in MTAC history! Doug's not only famous for his art but also for his work in the voice acting industry - including Kintaro in Goldenboy!

Tiffany Grant, also a voice from the legendary classic Goldenboy, was the first voice actor ever hired by ADV Films. Needless to say, MTAC is excited to have the voice of Asuka from NEON GENESIS EVANGELION in attendance during our year of mecha celebration!

Matt Greenfield, co-founder of ADV Films, is making his first official appearance at MTAC in 2007! With titles like Nadesico, Goldenboy, and Evangelion to his name, Matt is one of the most experienced anime producers in the industry.

To learn more about all these great guests and what they'll be doing at MTAC Prime visit our website,!

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