FUNimation® Entertainment Reveals Cast of Ouran High School Host Club at Anime Expo 2008

U.S. Production Wraps on Popular Japanese Animated Series

Los Angeles, CA, July 4, 2008 -- At a premiere event held today at Anime Expo 2008, FUNimation Entertainment announced the cast for the animated romantic comedy series Ouran High School Host Club. The all-star cast, directed by Caitlin Glass, features voice actors from the best of FUNimation Entertainment series including Full Metal Alchemist, xxxHOLiC and Negima.

Already known by anime fans, veteran actors Vic Mignogna (Full Metal Alchemist), Travis Willingham (Full Metal Alchemist), Luci Christian (Negima), Greg Ayres (Negima), J. Michael Tatum (xxxHOLiC), and Todd Haberkorn (xxxHOLiC) were introduced to the crowd in their respective roles.

J. Michael Tatum gives voice to Kyoya -- a cool character indeed. Always analyzing a situation to discern the possible benefits, most in Kyoya's circle have a fearful respect for his masterful mind. Bespectacled and brilliant, Kyoya is the Club's secret weapon that ensures success. As a Host, Kyoya is primarily loved for his cool detachment, his intelligent good looks, and his quiet, almost threatening, demeanor.

Travis Willingham brings life to Mori -- the classic tall, dark, handsome and mysterious guy. As a Host, Mori is loved for his dedication to little Honey, his mysterious vibe, and his manly skills.

Luci Christian plays the role of Honey – a very childlike senior, Honey's days are spent eating sweets, playing with plush dolls, and hanging out with Mori. As a Host, Honey is loved primarily for his cute grade school appearance, his overwhelming obsession with sweets and stuffed animals, and his rosy cheeked innocence.

Todd Haberkorn and Greg Ayres are Hikaru and Kaoru -- twins who live a life of self-imposed seclusion, building walls around their hearts and relishing their reputation as cruel and fickle manipulators. Perhaps they would see the worth in others if someone cared enough to take the time to learn to tell them apart. As Hosts, the twins are loved primarily for their tender displays of brotherly love.

Vic Mignogna is the voice behind Tamaki -- the melodramatic creator and self-proclaimed King of the Host Club. When he's not focused on himself, he's focused on pleasing the clientele - until Haruhi shows up and becomes the center of his attention. As a Host, Tamaki is primarily loved for his good looks, his over the top romanticism, and his princely demeanor.
Lastly, we are pleased to announce that Caitlin Glass has taken on the double role of Director and the voice of our heroine, Haruhi. Freshman Haruhi is on scholarship at Ouran Academy. After breaking an expensive vase that belongs to the popular Host Club, she is forced to join their ranks (disguised as a boy) in order to pay for the damages. As a Host, Haruhi is primarily loved for his (her) femininity and her big pretty eyes.

The recent additions to the cast follow previously announced cast members Christopher Sabat (voicing the role of Ritsu Kasanoda), R. Bruce Elliot (Kasanoda Sr.), Aaron Dismuke (Yasuchika "Chika" Haninozuka), Brittney Karbowski (Hinako Tsuwabuki), Jamie Marchi (Chiziru Maihara), and Cherami Leigh as Kirimi Nekozawa

“I am so excited to work on Ouran, because it is my favorite show. Working on this show is a dream come true and I'm so glad I can finally talk about it!” – Caitlin Glass

Based on the popular manga (rated as the #2 best selling Shojo Beat manga series) and produced by studio Bones, Ouran High School Host Club is a classic story about the confusion and crush-filled lives of teenagers.

FUNimation Entertainment is set to release Season One, Part One of Ouran High School Host Club on DVD on October 28, 2008.

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