Japanese Singer, Kanako Itou is Coming to Brazil in July 2009

Kanako Itou, one of the most proeminent Anime Singers of Japan will make her first Concert in Brazil at anime convention called Sana 9 in the city of Fortaleza, Northeast of Brazil, in july. In her greatest hits are FDD, opening theme of Nitro Plus anime series, Chaos Head, Kanashimi no mukou he from Visual Novel game, School Days and Tsuisou no Despair from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri for Nintendo DS.

She will share the Stage with 3 members of Jam Project, Hironobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball music singer), Masaaki Endou (Brave King Gao Gai Gar) and Hiroshi Kitadani (One Piece, We Are! opening singer)

It will be the first time, Kanako Itou comes to Brazil.

About Sana 9:

Sana is the one of the biggest japanese pop culture convention in Brazil. In 2008, more than 40.000 people came to the event. Organized by FCNB (Japanese Cultural Foundation) the convention exists since 2000 and i the last 3 years is doing japanese artists concerts with more than 15000 people.

In 2008 edition, Nobuo Yamada (Saint Seiya), Kouji Wada (Digimon) and Yumi Matsuzawa (Saint Seiya - Hades) did the event special Concert. In October 2008, the japanese magazine Seiyuu Grand Prix (for animesingers ans Seiyuu fans) made an article about the convention.

Kanako Itou official Website (in japanese): http://www.kanataro.com/
Sana 9 (brazilian convention website): http://www.portalsana.com.br
Kanako s info: http://www.portalsana.com.br/kanako-ito-4%C2%AA-atracao-internacional-do-sana-9/

Do you want to come to Brazil and watch the concert? For more information: [email protected]

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