A Revolution Is Coming

Voice Actors, Anime themed Events, Cosplayers, Sights and Sounds abound in Vancouver!

Vancouver, BC (August 2 nd , 2012) – Anime Revolution (AR) is a brand new convention dedicated to showcasing the very best of Japanese Animation, industry related content, and of course, having fun. “We want to reach out to the young and the young at heart who so wholeheartedly enjoy Japanese culture, and of course, the beautiful and timeless stories that come from the Japanese anime industry,” says Jeremy Androsoff, Director of Programming for AR, “there is a child inside all of us, just looking for that place to indulge our fun loving side.”

The inaugural convention, which takes place Friday August 17 th , 2012 through Sunday August 19 th , 2012 at the Canada Place section of the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, promises to merge the contemporary charm of a smaller scale anime convention, with a larger scale “comic style” convention. Associated with the convention is the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel downtown, which is within a quick walking distance for many out of town attendees who will converge on this district for what promises to be an exciting weekend.

Anime Revolution brings anime fans events like the Masquerade Ball, Cosplay Contest, Anime Revolution Idol, Guest Q&A panels, autograph sessions, and even a photo booth! The Walk Off, a popular event once held at Anime Evolution, will be resurrected, and we'll also have a Swimsuit contest, several Improv shows put on by the 404's, two concerts, a parody show, and of course, many, many panels put on by several attendees!

“One of the biggest attractions of our convention this year is the Sailor Moon 20 th Anniversary Celebration Panel, which will bring 6 of the English voice actors together again for a reunion. We have Terri Hawkes (Sailor Moon), Vincent Corazza (Tuxedo Kamen), Sugar Lyn Beard (Sailor Chibi Moon), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) and Ron Rubin (Artemis),” says Androsoff. “We will also be welcoming Nakata Jouji all the way from Japan. He's a Japanese voice actor who is known for quite a few popular animes Hellsing, The Count of Monte Cristo, One Piece, Fate/Stay Night,” adds Katina Stachura. (Assistant Director of Programming for AR)

 Sarah Edmondson – Known from the anime “Transformers Cybertron”
 Kristie Marsden – Voice Actress for “Death Note”, “The Girl Who Leapt through Time”, and more
 Matthew Erickson – Voice Actor for Dragon Ball GT, Nana, and Gundam Seed Destiny
 Industry Guests – FUNimation and Aniplex of America
 Web Comic Artists – Sam Logan “Sam & Fuzzy” and Angela Melick “Wasted Talent”
 Internet Personalities – Doug Walker (That Guy With The Glasses/The Nostalgia Critic) and Noah Antwiler (The Spoony One)
 American Cosplay star – Jessica Nigri
 Canadian Cosplay Groups – Fighting Dreamers Productions & The Kamloops Anime Club (Pure Insanity Enterprises)
 Improv Group - The 404's & Mark Nguyen
 Irulanne – Canadian JPop Singer

“Without the support of the fan community, it would be impossible for us to put this convention on,” laments Androsoff, “This shows what anime fandom is all about, and we want to thank absolutely everyone involved from the staff, to our guests of honour, to our real guests of honour, which of course are all of our attendees! Without the people who come to the conventions, we would be nothing, and we are striving and working so hard to put on a great show for everyone!”

 Celebrity Autographs, Photo Ops, and Q&A's
The Sailor Moon 20 th Anniversary Celebration Panel
 Artist Alley and Vendors Exhibition Hall Open Friday through Sunday!
 Cosplay Contest, Anime Idol and many more contests
Workshops, Seminars, Contests
 Masquerade Ball and Dance
 Saturday Maid Cafe
 Charity Auction Benefiting the BC Children's Hospital
 Anime Screenings in our Viewing Room!

WHEN: August 17 th , 2012-August 19 th , 2012 (Friday through Sunday)
WHERE: Vancouver Convention Centre; 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
MORE INFO: www.animerevolution.ca

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