Switchblade Pictures Licences Inmate 611 Pts. 1 & 2


HOUSTON, July 23, 2013— Switchblade Pictures
returns to the wild world of Japanese Women In Prison films with the girls in chains sagas HELLHOLE: INMATE 611 and HELLCAGE: INMATE 611 Pt. 2 (Joshû 611: onna-tachi no yakata and Joshû 611: onna-tachi no gyakushû.) A pair of twisted morality plays with the moral “crime does not pay… unless you're a lecherous prison guard,” both films were directed by Toshikazu Katsu, from screenplays by Takeshi Kunimi. Of more interest to genre fans, however, is the “Most Wanted” list of AV actresses and models who go directly to jail to brave the brutal gauntlet of bondage in the Big House, with both films sharing the lithesome lineup of cellblock sisters Kiuchi Akira, Nemoto Harumi , Kamon Youko, Asada Yoshimi and Mizutani Kei.

It's called the House of Evils, where beasts in human flesh prowl the corridors and the most dangerous residents aren't the luscious inmates, but the predatory guards. For the crime of assaulting her lover, Mizushima Saya has been sentenced to three years here, in the most brutal prison facility in Japan. It wasn't supposed to be a life sentence, but unless the woman now known as Inmate 611 can learn how to hold her own against both the ruthlessness of her fellow inmates and the brutal harassment of the guards, she's got little chance of walking out the doors again with both mind and body intact. Stripped and shackled, but not yet broken, an international chain gang of red hot models and actresses prepare to march into the flames of the damned in HELLHOLE: INMATE 611! And HELLCAGE: INMATE 611 PT. 2!

HELLHOLE: INMATE 611 will be released on DVD in Japanese with English subtitles on November 19th while the DVD release of HELLCAGE: INMATE 611 PT. 2 will follow on January 28th, 2014

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