Play Your Cards Right at London Comic Con


Play Your Cards Right at London Comic Con!

Collectable card games specialist Chimera is to host a Bushiroad Anime Games Area at this month's MCM London Comic, giving show visitors the chance to try their hand at three great games from Japan's Bushiroad Games - Weiß Schwarz, Chaos and Victory Spark.

Each of the games feature decks depicting a host of anime and videogame franchises, giving players the opportunity to pit their favourite characters against each other. Ever wondered who'd win in a fight between the Battle Ready Eva of Evangelion and the High School Musical Idols from Love Live!? Well, here's your chance to find out!

• Only recently released in English, Weiß Schwarz currently boasts more than 40 different anime titles in its impressive line-up, ranging from Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail to Haruhi Suzumiya and Madoka Magica.

• Chaos is a more strategic type of card game; like chess, it's easy to learn, difficult to master. Packed with gorgeous character art, Chaos features a further 30+ anime titles, including Steins;Gate, Queen's Blade, Clannad and Yuru Yuri.

• And for those who fancy a simple and quick game but still crave anime goodness, there's Victory Spark. Fun-filled and easy-to-play, Victory Spark also features over 30 anime and games titles, including Last Exile, Tales of Xillia and ./Hack.

New franchises are being added to all three games every month - Dangan Ronpa has just joined Chaos' roster, Day Break Illusion is coming to Weiß Schwarz in time for MCM London Comic Con, while November sees the English Language debut of Hatsune Miku Project Diva for Weiß Schwarz.

Though mostly in Japanese, Weiß Schwarz, Chaos and Victory Spark can be easily played by anyone without the need to understand the language. Chimera's crew of volunteers will be happy to show you how the games are played ...and there's plenty of space to continue playing with some new friends once you've picked up the basics!

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