Chris Stuckmann Publishes New Book Anime Impact with Mango Media

Popular YouTube Film Critic Pens Book Chronicling Multigenerational Impact of Anime

MIAMI, FL - April 17, 2016 - Mango Media is pleased to announce the publication of ANIME IMPACT written by wildly popular YouTuber and film critic Chris Stuckmann, which profiles the enduring appeal of anime and features several personal accounts by anime fans about the way anime has impacted their lives.

Anime holds a special place in the hearts of countless fans around the globe. Since the early days of Osamu Tezuka's ASTRO BOY to Makoto Shinkai's astounding success with YOUR NAME, anime has left an undeniable impact on our culture.

ANIME IMPACT: THE MOVIES AND SHOWS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD OF JAPANESE ANIMATION by YouTube film critic Chris Stuckmann explores the impression the medium has left on various fans with detailed discussions on television shows and movies from the 1960s all the way to the present. Learn how anime has impacted culture from authors, artists, critics, anime enthusiasts, and super fans such as John Rodriguez, Mark Crilley, Alicia Malone, Emma Fyffe, and many more. Even Ready Player One author Earnest Cline contributed something!

Each writer has detailed their personal experiences of discovery and how anime has changed their life. Many discuss the implications that anime has on our society. While many books on anime simply offer a list of “essential titles” and recommendations, ANIME IMPACT goes deeper by showcasing the many voices of anime's biggest fans. You'll find many distinct stories that only each specific writer could tell, all painting a fun and surprisingly touching portrait of the true impact of anime over multiple generations.

ABOUT CHRIS STUCKMANN: Chris Stuckmann is a filmmaker, writer and film critic. He's a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and creator of a successful YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. He's the author of The Film Buff's Bucket List as well as Anime Impact and he hopes to continue telling stories.


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Anime Impact
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