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Petit Petit Petit - Now Available for Early Access on Steam

Adorably grotesque rogue-like action game available for early release on Steam today, with an official release set for the Nintendo Switch later this year!

Tokyo - March 16, 2023 -
Japanese game developer MOSS Co., Ltd. – famous for developing the “Raiden“ series – has just released its newest creation Petit Petit Petit for early access on Steam! This exciting rogue-like survival game features disgustingly adorable immune cells and medical nanomachines that you control to fight off pathogens and protect your host from deadly diseases!
Download an early access version of the game on Steam March 16, 2023! An official full release is set for Steam and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Heavily inspired by Poncle's Vampire Survivors, Petit Petit Petit brings a grotesque-yet-fresh new face to the realm of rogue-like games. Choose from a variety of characters to play with, each with their own unique equipment and abilities that allow for an infinite number of play styles. Decimate hordes of enemies using various attack skills accompanied by fun cartoon-like onomatopoeic words!

Grossly exhilarating!
This is an action game set inside the body of an unknown creature on a faraway planet, in which the player aims to survive for a certain period of time by fighting off enemies aiming to take down the host organism.
To save the host organism from disease, manipulate immune cells and medical nanomachines to fight off pathogens that have invaded the body!

Petit Petit Petit players can look forward to:

Honing their survival strategy in action-packed single-player gameplay!
Experience the thrill of skill inflation and power-up production as you evolve your skills with power-up kits. You never know when the "slot game" will activate, increasing the level of your skills or exploding the number of skills you possess. Collect more power-up kits to take on powerful bosses!

A colorful array of manga-style characters that will make you say “Aww” and “Eww” in equal measure!
Play as adorably grotesque immune cells and nanomachines featuring unique, manga-style character designs and utilize each of their special abilities!

Power-Up Kits for even stronger skills!
When you pick up a power-up kit, skills that meet the evolution requirements will evolve into more powerful skills.
Collect more and more power-up kits to fight powerful bosses!

About Petit Petit Petit
Title: Petit Petit Petit
Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Scheduled for 2023
(Steam Early Access starting March 2023)
Cost: TBD
Producers: MOSS Co., Ltd.
©Data Art,Inc. ©MOSS Co., Ltd.

Download on Steam (early access): https://store.steampowered.com/app/2145720/Petit_Petit_Petit/
Set to be released on Nintendo Switch later in 2023!
Official website (Japanese only): https://mossjp.co.jp/archives/topics/457
Official PV: https://youtu.be/DKjaTJuyiSc

About the Developers

Data Art Inc.
Founded in 1984 and based in Tokyo, Data Art Inc. is a leading company in the field of video, and is always "thinking," "experimenting," and challenging itself with the motto of "contributing to the development of society by entertaining people and inspiring them with dreams.

MOSS Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1993 and based in Tokyo, MOSS Co., Ltd. is a video game development company that excels in planning and development for a wide range of markets, including games, pachinko/pachislot machines, and casino gaming, and provides support to maximize the potential value of the IP and titles they handle.

□MOS Corporation Official Website

MOSS Inc. Facebook

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