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Episode 6

by Theron Martin,

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With episode 6 the series again divides itself roughly equally into two parts, each featuring a substantially different experience. The one connecting theme this time is that each looks at aspects of sexuality in creatively different ways.

In the first part, a challenge of sorts from Meidri sends the boys plus the halfling Kanchal off to, of all things, a golem brothel. Stunk's musings on what golem succu-girls might be like seems quite anachronistic (how would people in this kind of setting even know about androids?), but the whole experience pretty much comes down to one point: making your ideal love interest and then screwing it. Just about everyone has probably at some point had fantasies about combining traits from various people to create a physical ideal, and the concept of “construct your succu-girl” here absolutely plays to that. The golem is even inserted with a personality of the customer's choice as well! The problem that most of the guys run into here is essentially the same one I've long had with the concept: it can be difficult to decide on what “perfect” for your tastes actually means. As a result, they get overwhelmed by the options, but Crim still puts off going with the cheaper option of using a pre-made model left by a previous customer.

That all leads to the guys doing the one thing with this establishment that they should never, ever have done: go with Kanchal's mock-up of Meidri. Fantasizing about a known person is one thing and just part of human nature, but actually creating a physical likeness juiced by the personality of your choice crosses a certain line, so I couldn't fault Meidri for being enraged by it, and beating the crap out of everyone in grand fashion, when the guilty-laden Crim spilled the beans. Yes, she was partly to blame for gleefully instigating the incident, but it was still a tasteless move.

As fanciful as the whole golem concept is, I also found it interesting for the way it either deliberately or coincidentally parallels recent real-world developments. After all, sex dolls have long been a thing and they are getting increasingly sophisticated, to the point where sex doll brothels have actually become a reality in the last couple of years; one major U.S. city even had to amend its laws to outlaw establishments which provide sex with inanimate objects to prevent one from being established there. Granted, this is a much more sophisticated use of the concept, but the similarities still exist.

The second half goes in an entirely different direction, with Crim being worn down by Dark power creatures inspiring Stunk to take the gang to the ultimate light-side sex experience: a will-o-wisp brothel. This requires quite a bit of a fantasy lore stretch, as traditional will-o-wisps don't take human form, but the point here is instead utter abuse of the censorship that this series necessitates for meeting broadcast standards. I always appreciate it when series come up with clever explanations for their censorship, and this one does it better than most: light motes naturally gather around both nipples and nether regions for both the succu-girls and the customers when will-o-wisps are involved, so one potential downside to such a brothel is that you don't ever get to see everything. That can also be a plus, however, since the potential for a will-o-wisp succu-girl to blind a patron in an enclosed space necessitates a communal sexual experience in a large common room. This results in the reviews making a more favorable impression on races accustomed to communal sex. Since Crim (being an angel) can see through all of the light, their embarrassment also earns the brothel the lowest rates from Crim so far.

The series isn't entirely done with the will-o-wisp concept when that segment ends, either. The normal closer is replaced by the Light Parade, which features representatives of all previous brothel experiences joining the core cast. It's a play-off of the visual of the review segment for the will-o-wisp brothel, and it's well-done as it continues the light mote censorship joke. It's also a sign that the series has yet to lose any of its mojo when it comes to keeping its concept lively and interesting.


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