Magical Circle Guru-Guru
Episode 11

by Amy McNulty,

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Nike and Kukuri kick off their latest adventure in a surprisingly well-paced Magical Circle Guru-Guru. Not only do our heroes find themselves caught up in another monster battle, they also become acquainted with a number of new allies and meet up with Runrun, Juju, and the Dark Magic Society president, effectively making their party larger than ever. Although this seems like a recipe for confusing storytelling, the episode unfolds at a comfortable pace (at least by Guru-Guru standards) and allows the audience to fully process each significant development before moving on to the next.

Now on friendly terms with the Gaba Thieves, Nike and Kukuri have made themselves at home with the group. In return for receiving culinary tips from Kukuri, the band's leader Sly agrees to administer combat training to Nike. Shortly after Nike and Kukuri's arrival, Miluka, the Copahl Kingdom's princess, approaches Sly to request a favor. It turns out her father has fallen ill because of the machinations of his royal chancellor, who's strongly suspected to be a monster. To make matters worse, the chancellor has taken control of everyone in the palace. In order to free them from his spell, Miluka needs the thieves to steal the Banana Moon, a stone that contains an abundance of lunar magic. Although the heroes succeed, they're immediately intercepted by the chancellor and his men, who take both Miluka and the stone. Soon after, Nike, Kukuri, and the Gaba Thieves meet up with Toma, Runrun, Juju, and the Dark Magic Society president and formulate a plan to attack the castle. Juju also informs Kukuri that she doesn't need her staff to perform Guru Guru spells—in fact, a simple broomstick will do the trick.

In easily one of the best episodes of the series so far, Magical Circle Guru-Guru sets up a new story arc without overloading the audience with content. Even though many of the new players are fairly one-dimensional, they receive a lot more development than previous guest characters. Sly's gruff demeanor helps make him an effective foil for the energetic kids, and Runrun's potential crush on him may provide some laugh-worthy material in the future. Toma's new friend Repier functions as a good tsukkomi character whose reactions to the group's zaniness produce some solid laughs. Miluka is another fun addition to the show's roster. She exhibits many typical RPG princess characteristics, but her naiveté is played for laughs without her wide-eyed innocence ever becoming grating. Additionally, although he has some funny moments, the chancellor has thus far been a by-the-books Guru-Guru villain.

With secondary characters old and new entering the fray, Magical Circle Guru-Guru's latest arc is off to a promising start. If the show can continue striking the right balance of off-the-wall wackiness and comfortably straightforward storytelling, the gang's newest adventure should prove highly entertaining. Even though the show's usual formula is starting to get a little repetitive at this point, Magical Circle Guru-Guru is still worth watching every week.

Rating: A

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