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One Piece
Episode 1105

by Grant Jones,

How would you rate episode 1105 of
One Piece (TV 1999) ?
Community score: 4.1


Episode 1105 answers a few pressing questions while giving us a fair helping of fun character interactions of a more classic variety.

The main event with CP-0 drew to a close this week—or at least is over for the time being. Stussy taking out both Lucci and Kaku put a pin in their rampage. Meanwhile, the Seraphim were brought to a halt, if nothing else. The reveal is that Stussy has been a long-term plant for twenty years—but it being more accident than foresight is interesting. I like the idea, and the whoops-we-did-this-for-twenty-years bit is also neat. She's certainly not a new character, so the time for the payoff should have helped out here. Sadly, it's a case where she had so little screen time before that the reveal doesn't hit quite as well as it could. Nevertheless, it's a neat idea.

The Zoro and Sanji bits are the best in this early half for me. Any time these two fight and bicker takes me back to when I first got into the series—and it's a joke I always have time for. The various put-downs in this fight were a real joy too, a few new ones thrown into the usual mix of moss-heads and dumb cooks. Zoro getting a moment with Mihawk's seraphim was also oddly poignant and it was cool seeing how he has changed over the years. Now we find ourselves in some strange way seeing a much older, more experienced Zoro encountering a much younger, less experienced Mihawk. It's a nice bit of rhyming poetry and a good character beat sprinkled in with the world-ending events of the macro-plot.

Sadly, the second half didn't do a whole lot for me. Marco visits Whitebeard's hometown, the Navy shows up, and also Whitebeard's son. It's… I don't know. This is also a classic One Piece bit where a famous pirate visits a town plagued by the Navy, so it should work for me. I just don't have that much interest in Marco, and this feels like a diversion from Egghead Island where things were really heating up. C'est la vie, they can't all be winners.


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