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One Piece
Episode 1106

by Grant Jones,

How would you rate episode 1106 of
One Piece (TV 1999) ?
Community score: 4.3


Episode 1106 is a slower-paced entry with time to reflect and revisit old friends.

Despite the futuristic setting of Egghead Island, this is a very retro-feeling episode of One Piece. Most of the cast members present are throwbacks in some variety: the Straw Hat crew of course, but also the CP0 members, Kuma, Sentomaru, Big News Morgan, Vivi, Wapol—the list goes on! It's fun seeing many favorites return to the screen in some form or fashion, especially the many beloved characters we don't often get to see. Even the characters themselves feel a bit nostalgic in this episode, with Luffy and Zoro reminiscing about Water 7 and wondering how Iceberg is doing.

In recent years, one of my struggles with the series is that cast members (main and supporting) I've grown to love are sidelined by new characters on the latest island/arc. That's not to say I don't enjoy the new cast members, but it does help to check in with old friends and be reminded that they're still out there telling stories and getting into hijinks.

Is this all a long-winded way of me pushing for more Big News Morgan content? You better believe it.

There's also the beginnings of the Kuma flashback being set up here. It's a pretty gut-wrenching scene with Bonney encountering a younger version of her father and seeing him completely breaking down. Hats off to the voice actor in this scene and the directing choice to just sit on this child's anguish—it's not a comfortable or short scene, and if a scene like this doesn't land there's the risk that it saps the momentum of what's happening. But I think it works well and does a good job setting up what we know is going to be a gut-punch of a flashback.

Also, this episode has Robin smiling and people protecting her. Ergo, it is a top-tier entry based on very scientific metrics (my bias).


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