One Piece
Episode 966

by Grant Jones,

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Roger and Whitebeard continue their battle, which is as much a true challenge as it is an excuse to wrestle with old friends. Their crews join in as well, and a huge brawl breaks out across the island. The titanic conflict continues for three more days, and on the fourth the fighting draws to a close and the two pirate crews come together to break bread and rest.

Roger and Whitebeard sit down to have portentous discussions. Chief among these talks is Oden and his knowledge of Wano and its writing. Oden not only joins in, but is mesmerized by Roger, who further fuels Oden's desire to explore the world. After much negotiation, Oden joins Roger's crew and along with his family sets sail for the next leg of his adventures. Dog Storm and Cat Viper stow away on the vessel as well.

Eventually, they arrive at Mock Town to pick up supplies. Oden steals food to cook for the crew, and after a brief tussle with the locals they head back to Roger's ship. There Oden prepares a grand feast for everyone, and imparts to them the joyful taste of oden. There is more dancing and revelry as the episode draws to a close.

I feel like I'm saying the same thing week after week, but that's because Wano is long and Wano is good.

The Toei team delivers exuberant animation once again, befitting the likes of Roger and Whitebeard. Most exciting I think is seeing characters like Rayleigh and Marco rendered with painstaking love and care in their gorgeously smooth fight sequences. The water and blood droplets hovering in mid-air during some of those slow-motion portions added a lot of pop and vibrancy to the bigger hits. Oden getting hit by the grenade and swaggering from the smoke was another standout sequence, with his bravado and body language pitch-perfect.

Add in the really tender moments like Rayleigh and Roger fawning over Momo and Hiyori, plus baby Shanks and baby Buggy getting into hijinks, and honestly what's not to love? You should be watching One Piece.


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