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Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (TV) Not really good I saw this mainly for the sake of nostalgia and curiosity, and found that it holds up better than I expected. That said, I had low expectations. On the one hand, the protagonists are a bit bland and not that well-developed, and there's still quite a few implausible bits due to the show being in the Super Robot genre. On the other hand, I give the show some credit for having antagonists that aren't one-dimensional villains who are just e-e-e-villl. I didn't finish this mainly because a chance to get the third part of the DVD collection for a non-insane price slipped through my fingers.
Assassination Classroom (TV) Decent Not a bad show, and I had some fun watching most of what I saw of it, but it didn't grab me enough for me to see it all the way through.
Chaika - The Coffin Princess (TV) So-so
Dino Mech Gaiking (TV 1/1976) I've seen one episode of this way back when I was a kid. Not sure this would hold up at all on a rewatch.
Garo: Crimson Moon (TV) So-so This show was disappointing and vastly inferior to "Garo: The Animation".
Genshiken 2 (TV) Decent I don't think this is quite as good as the first season of Genshiken, and it does drag in parts.
Hellsing Ultimate (OAV) Decent For some reason, I liked this better than I liked the corresponding manga content, even though the problematic gleeful gore is about the same as it was in the manga. Maybe I'm getting desensitized? o_0
Master Keaton (TV) Decent At times this can get a bit dull.
Mazinger Z (TV) I saw this as a kid when it was shown as "Tranzor Z." I doubt that it would hold up that well if I were to see it again.
Space Brothers (TV) Good I'm not sure if I'll finish this or not. While it's not a bad show, it didn't personally grab me (perhaps because it isn't weird enough, I guess).