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10 Dance (manga) Very good I love the art and most of the story, but I do wish the plot was a bit more dynamic. I want to see the main characters interact outside of the dance studio. I like the slow burn romance so far.
3x3 Eyes (manga) Excellent I like the characters, story and art (especially all the yummy gore). Yakumo's many deaths amuse me and I'm really looking forward to finishing reading this series.
Afro Samurai (manga) Decent I love the art, that's about it. ^^;
After School Nightmare (manga)
Ai Yori Aoshi (manga) Decent Hmm, wasn't so impressed by this though I can't cite why. Maybe it's becasue Aoi cried far too much and their relationship hasn't advanced very much?
Akuma no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil (manga) Decent Hmm, not really sure what to think of this one so far. There were way too many characters introduced in the first volume and I'd really prefer Haru stop referring to herself in the third person. That's a pet peeve of mine I see too often in manga nowadays. It doesn't make Haru more endearing, but come off as a complete idiot. I guess further volumes will prove whether it's a good series or not...
Alice in the Country of Hearts: White Rabbit and Some Afternoon Tea (manga) Good I've always thought Peter was rather overbearing and they're trying really hard to make his faults into pluses. It works half the time, the rest of the time, I just want Alice to pick someone else. I did love the scenes of Alice's past and how conflicted she was about her life before Wonderland.
(The) Ancient Magus' Bride (manga) Masterpiece God, I love this manga. So much work has gone into the world building and characters that they feel like they could easily step out of the manga with little trouble. The art can be really beautiful. I am all for Chise and Elias' relationship, really hope they get together in the end because they're adorable. <3
Anonymous Noise (manga) So-so I find the story a bit confusing. It probably doesn't help that I only read a small sample and didn't get the whole background of the main character.
Arata: The Legend (manga) Good Hmm, I'm not really sure what to think of this one. I preferred the Arata from the fantasy world over Hinohara whose whining and self-pity parties get on my last nerve. So the fact most of volume 1 was focused on him was painful and annoying. I'm willing to read more but please, please focus on the fantasy Arata instead of Hinohara.
(The) Art of Loving (manga) Excellent Yes, give in to the sexual beast inside you, recieve exactly what it desires no matter what you have to do to get it. In short, I loved this manga, with as evil and manipulative as Yukata was. I look forward to the conclusion.
Attack on Titan (manga) So-so So I read the first two volumes and while it is interesting at times, it's supremely over-hyped. I don't think it deserves all the praise it gets. I don't see how the story is still ongoing for more 16 volumes, it should be over by now if you can turn people into Titan Shifters with one injection. Humanity seems kind of dumb in this universe...
Baccano! (light novel)
Banana Fish (manga) Excellent Love between a Japanese boy and an American one...eh, that's not the story?! What was I reading then? :p Seriously, this is damn good manga, and I will pick up the rest..eventually.
Battle Royale (manga) Good Death and violence will run amuck in this so of course I'll read this, if only to laugh at those who die. *evil grin*
Beast of the Tower (manga) Good Werewolf/peasant yaoi, interesting at times but also too emo at times.
Berserk (manga) Masterpiece Unlike the anime which had to be condensed and hacked to little pieces, this is the whole uncensored story of Guts and what a story it is, spanning 27 volumes already. While it's hard reading it at times (how much suffering can one person go through?), it's absolutely wonderful manga.
Big Hero 6 (manga)
Black Butler (manga) Masterpiece The art is excellent, and I love Sebastian. At the turn of a hat, he can switch from being a serial killer to dance instructor and that makes for a really entertaining manga. I'd love to read past volume two. ^_^
Black Clover (manga) So-so Hmm, I don't think it's the worst shounen manga, but it is very generic and by the numbers. Only a few elements of the story are interesting, the rest is disposable.
Black God (manga) Decent Not really sure if I like it, though it could always get better.
Black Jack (manga) Very good I read this is Italian a while back and to tell the truth, I don't remember much of the story only that it was kind of weird.
Blade of the Immortal (manga) Masterpiece I love the art (I had to say that first), so when you combine the absurdly detailed images with kick ass fights and in depth characters, a happy Hikaru am I. I do wish they'd go into Manji's immortality a bit more but considering I'm reading the series out of order, I guess it's to be expected...
Blame! (manga) Decent Is vague a genre of manga? Because I honestly can't tell what's going on in this, there were only seven lines in the first chapter so...can someone explain?
Bleach (manga) Good I love everything from the beginning to the near end of the Soul Society arc, the rest of the story (up to chapter 210) is getting a bit too predictable for my tastes (of course they wouldn't kill off the important characters).
Blood Alone (manga) Good This one surprised me, since I ended up liking the characters straight off and enjoyed the story. I do wish they would reveal how the two main characters would meet though...I want the next volume already! ;_;
Blood Lad (manga) Excellent I actually really like this series. It's tongue-in-cheek enough yet still has enough drama that I'm curious where the story will go in future volumes. Otaku vampires for the win!
Blood Sucker: Legend of "Zipangu" (manga)
Blue Exorcist (manga) Excellent I love this manga, it's fast paced, and really interesting. Go demons! ^_^
Border (manga Kazuma Kodaka) Very good I wish Kodaka had put Yamato's origin story at the start of the first volume. A lot of things would have had more meaning that way. Very good characterization and art (even if I couldn't tell two people apart because they looked so alike in the first chapter ^^;). I look forward to reading the pasts of the other three members of the team.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (manga) Decent Not really sure "Naruto" needed a sequel, much less one that focuses on his son. I'm much more interested in seeing how the adult Naruto does his job as Hokage.
Bronze: Zetsuai since 1989 (manga) Excellent The melodrama continues and boy, does it get bloody at times. o.0 I shouldn't find this series interesting but it's really unpredictable at times...
Bungo Stray Dogs (manga)
Burn the Witch (manga) Decent I should love this series because I like the art and the premise, but the characters and the worldbuilding...oof, it's bad. I can't tell if it's because Kubo hasn't done a series in a while or if he wasn't expecting his one-shot to lead to more. In any case, further volumes will dictate if I keep reading the series.
By the Sword (manga) Good Hmm, well, I like some of the characters but the storyline reminds me a bit too much of Samurai Deeper Kyo (nevermind it's not the main character himself searching for real body); I am interested in reading more though.
Case Closed (manga) Excellent Just like the anime, in small doses it's okay but I'd never spring for a huge pile of the manga at once...
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword (manhwa) Good I actually sort of liked this series. I only had trouble telling two people apart, and though I did think the plot meandered randomly, I liked the conflict from both sides. I really liked the demon aspect, and wish it had been focused on more. ^_^
Citrus (manga)
Clan of the Nakagamis (manga) Good Ah, silly stuff but damn amusing. The rich boy's family entertains me so well, what with their stalking and so forth, plus the quiet jokes in some scenes are great. If I had to complain about something, it's the fact the art isn't really that consistent...
Coyote (BL manga) Excellent So it's basically "Romeo and Juliet" with werewolves and werewolf hunters. Still, I adore the main couple and the art is fucking fantastic. Such good smut. I wish the third volume would come out soon, I needs me more wolf smut now.
Crayon Shinchan (manga) Decent The art isn't good, but a few jokes did make me laugh in the first volume. Not sure I'd read more unless it was for free.
Crescent Moon (manga)
Crimson Hero (manga) Very good I read four volumes in succession. If that doesn't tell you I liked it, nothing will. I don't know what it is, but sports manga is always fascinating. Volleyball has proven to be no exception. My one and only complaint is the girls cry a lot. Probably two times in each volume of the series. Regardless, I'll finish up what I have left of the series pretty fast.
Crimson Spell (manga) Excellent Damn pretty art for this, which is no surprise considering it's Yamane Ayano. The story's pretty good, with lots of scenes where the demon within Val comes out, and the "priest" dude has to supress it (with smut ^_^). I want to read more...
Cromartie High School (manga) Excellent Just as amusing as the anime, even more so because there's some stories that never got animated. ^_^
Cute Devil (manga, Hiro Madarame)
D.Gray-man (manga) Excellent While it was a tad confusing at first, I ended up really liking this series, since it's wordy, has crazy characters, and looks to get more and more interesting as more volumes come out. Glad I picked it up really.
D.N.Angel (manga) Excellent This is so much better than the anime, some of the storylines are damn good, and the art..! *sighs contently* The actual relationship with Krad and Dark is complicated too. I need to finish reading this. *pouts*
DAWN ~Tsumetai Te (manga) Excellent Boy gets bitten by zombie-like creature, will become said zombie-like creature in future, has to fight zombie-like creatures until he changes. ^_^ Rather dark, but damn amusing.
Dead Mount Death Play (manga) Good Oooh, very interesting. Following the POV of the bad guy is novel and I'd love to read more of it.
Devils' Line (manga)
Dog X Cat (manga)
Don't Be Cruel (manga) Very good Hmm, this can be really good at times but the first few volumes were trying to read, to say the least. The way the relationship starts reads of non-con and Nemu is so stupid that I wanted to slap him several times. I get they're teenagers, I really do, yet a teenager can be smart. Seriously. Now that Maya and Nemu have grown up a bit, the story is more interesting. I'm hoping they avoid most soap opera drama from now on but I won't hold my breath. At least the art is so goddamn pretty.
Dorohedoro (manga) Decent It's very original, I'll give the it that. But the first few volumes are really confusing as the world building is sloppy and the characters barely given any personality. From volume three onward, the plot kicks in and you get a sense of classes, races, and exactly how magic works for sorcerers. I'm still not exactly fond of the series yet I'll admit it can get incredibly riveting in certain moments of the story.
Double Call (manga) Decent Hmm, too many couples, not enough smut.
Dragon Ball Super (manga) So-so It's okay. Not really anything special as far as I'm concerned.
Dragon Knights (manga) Excellent Loved reading this, I need to go back and reread a lot of it though as I can't recall the story or many of the characters.
Dragon Quest Monsters+ (manga) So-so Well, it wasn't terrible, but I spent the majority of time reading the first volume confused as hell. Having never played any "Dragon Quest" games, I'm sure a lot slipped past my notice. It's more kiddish than I'd like but I can't hate it overall.
Drifters (manga)
Drug & Drop (manga)
Durarara!! (light novel)
Eat-Man (manga) Very good Offbeat sci-fi stories about a man who can eat anything and use it as a weapon. Much better stories than you'd think.
Embracing Love (manga) Decent I hate Nitta Youka's art style, but dammit it to all hell, Iwaki and Katou are growing on me! -_-; It's my worst nightmare, but hey, as long as the main couple screws like bunnies, I suppose I'll keep reading...grudgingly.
Eyeshield 21 (manga) Excellent Is there no manga I will not read? Probably not. :p I'm amused as all hell at the character Hiruma's antics, and my lack of interest in football aside, I have a feeling I'll really enjoy reading the rest of this. I so didn't need another series to read but well, that's life. ^^;
Final Fantasy Type-0 (manga)
Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger (manga) Excellent So good. As a casual FF fan, I recognize a lot of the references and the art is fantastic. Really looking forward to reading more of it. ^_^
Finder (manga) Very good Asami-san, I love you for continuing to rape Takaba, will you continue to repeat your actions for me in further volumes, please? Even if Fei Long's taken away your play toy, you've just to steal it back and rape will be possible. *evil smirk* The ending sucks, what the hell, Asami? Your hard edge disappeared, and I loved it so! ;_; Sigh, talk about disappointed.
Flower of Life (manga) Excellent As sad as it sounds, I knew what the crazy otaku was talking about most of the time. ^^;; I know it's got some yaoi vibes, but this manga is more about slices of life in general than yaoi based. Still, I really liked reading it, and I look forward to the next volume. ^_^
From Up Above (manga) Excellent Really amusing characters, great art, and compelling storyline. I wish the second volume was out already since this first volume ended on a cliffhanger and while I doubt any harm comes to the raijuu, it would have been nice to see some kind of conclusion. Also, more development in the area of the main characters' relationship, it's very obvious the raijuu cared more than he said.
Fruits Basket (manga) Masterpiece Truly excellent manga, with an engrossing story and art, but the angst kills me at times. What would solve everyone's problems is killing Akito...yes, kill Akito. *begins hypnotizing those reading*
Fruits Basket Another (manga)
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) Masterpiece Damn, once it left the path of the anime, there are twists galore, and it makes reading this really amusing (if somewhat scary since I can't predict anything o.0). But it's all good in my opinion, and I'll keep reading. ^_^
Fushigi Yūgi: Byakko Senki (manga) Good Hmm, not sure what to make of this one. Suzu going into the book as a kid had a lot of promise, then of course Watase went back to formula and had her go back to the real world and grow up. It would've been infinitely more intetesting to see Suzu stay in the book and become part of that world. But we'll see if the current storyline manages to recapture my interest...
Gankutsuou (manga) So-so You knew it was coming, the anime did well in Japan, and looks to do the same here so the fact a manga adaption came out is no surprise. There's nothing remarkable about it so far but the art takes a bit of getting used to...
Gantz (manga) Excellent At first, I didn't like this, but upon reading further, I began to really enjoy the story and characters, Kurono in particular. His development as a character is really awe-inspiring; the art's also taken a shine to me as well.
GetBackers (manga) Excellent Ah, Akabane, will you ever get to ravish Ban and Ginji as you see fit? Well, as long as you strut your stuff and keeping killing at will, I'll have no complaints. ^_^
Ghost in the Shell (manga) Very good Read bits and pieces, but yet to pick up the actual manga itself...
Girlfriends (manga) So-so I'm always interested in alternative romance and yuri is no exception, but I had a hard time relating to Mari (the main character). I was never a girly girl and a lot of stuff her and her love interest they talk about bores the hell out of me. Argh, get to the smut already!
Goblin Slayer (light novel)
Goku - Midnight Eye (manga) Decent Shounen man works to suppress evil, and gets some in the process.
Golden Kamuy (manga) Decent Not bad. I'd read more.
Gravitation EX (manga) Decent I think Murakami Maki is on crack, most of this manga's story is just freakin' weird and I don't like some of character development that's occurring (least of all, Ryuichi's sudden interest in Shuichi, I just don't believe that could happen -_-).
Groupie (manga) Decent Read the first chapter long ago and was very impressed with the threesome bits, even if I absolutely hated the art. Where's the complete volume already?
GTO: The Early Years (manga) Good It takes a while to grow on you (it's basically the same thing over and over again), but halfway through the first volume, I was laughing my ass off. It's not intelligent story telling at all but the way the mangaka develops the characters is very well done and even though it's a long series, I'll get all the volumes eventually.
Gunsmith Cats (manga) Decent Wow, this was violent (men were dropping right and left, reminded me of Noir), and Rally is supposedly a bounty hunter? I'm not buying it.
Haikyu!! (manga) Very good Volleyball except with boys this time. I'd have to see more to know if it'd be worth sticking with to the end.
Harlem Beat (manga) Good Blanked out.
Hayate the Combat Butler (manga) Excellent Crazier than the anime, which I expected. ^_^ I like it a lot.
Hellsing: The Dawn (manga) Excellent Ah, Walter was damn hot when he was young, not to mention deadly. Has the same sort of atomsphere as Hellsing so it is worth reading (I just need to find the remaining chapters for this...).
Hibi Kore Koujitsu (manga) Good Read this as a very short but sweet story.
Hikaru no Go (manga) Excellent This really wants to make me learn and play Go regularly. ^^;; You'd think a manga about Go would be quite boring but it's the opposite, engrossing is the word I'd use.
Honey and Clover (manga) Very good I didn't think I would like this, but it turned out to be pretty good (funny too). My only complaint is the art is kind of iffy at times, and Haru doesn't look or act like she's 18 years old. That one guy's obsession with her strikes me as shotacon.
Honey Hunt (manga) Decent This mangaka and I have a love/hate relationship. Her guys are hot, but her girls drive me up a wall. Q-ta's name especially makes me scowl every time it's mentioned and the story is only so-so thus far.
Hyper Police (manga) Good Different from the anime but I like it, it's got a pervert-ish feel to it, though the art does take some getting used to. I wanna read more...
I Hear the Sunspot (manga)
I Hear the Sunspot: Limit (manga)
I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness (manga)
Ice Blade (manga) Very good Hot man kills things...that's really all I can remember about this.
Idol Dreams (manga) Good A much more mature title from Tanekura than I expected, which was refreshing from her usual happy-go-lucky characters. Not sure why Deguchi had to pick an idol, but I'm curious to see where it goes. What keeps rubbing me the wrong way is the romance elements, how they're introduced, developed, and resolved. Large age gaps don't bug me most of the time, but Deguchi's decisions annoy the shit out of me. Even discounting her lack of romance experience, she should know better than to seriously date a 15 year old. Especially when Deguchi has prospects in her real life. So, yeah, not loving the relationships in this series. As far as I'm concerned, Deguchi should be with Tokita, sooner rather than later.
In/Spectre (manga) Not really good There is a lot of talking in this, almost too much. I understand the source material is a novel and it really shows. I really don't like Kotoko. She's pushy and overly aggressive for my tastes so the love triangle between her, Saki, and Kuro is annoying. That said, I like the premise and backstories of Kotoko and Kuro. I can honestly say I've never come across them anywhere else. So, I'll keep reading, but I hope Kotoko grows to be a bit more bearable in further volumes. -UPDATE: After 11 volumes, no, Kotoko has not grown on me. In fact, I find her insufferable now. The "romance" between her and Kuro comes off incredibly forced/flat and I just can't understand why Kuro stays with her. She's such a know-it-all who insists on fucking with people when she doesn't have to. Kotoko makes a conscious choice to be an unpleasant person and it makes it hard to root for anything she does. I'd like the series so much more if Kotoko had a completely different personality.
Incubus (OEL manga) Masterpiece In case the rating didn't tip you off, I really enjoy reading this comic. It's quite heady at times and I really want the main couple to get together already. I think my love of this title is helped by the fact the seme is almost a carbon copy of Saitou from RK, who I adored to bits. I'm really looking forward to reading the third volume whenever it's going to come out.
Initial D (manga) Good Tokyopop should not change names. -_- I liked the manga just fine until they decided to "americanize" it thus I no longer read it.
Inuyashiki (manga) Decent Wow, really slow start to the story. Not quite sure I care about the old man's story either.
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (manga) Good I like the worldbuilding but all the romantic interests for the main character kind of annoy me. Aren't gods and goddesses beyond being love crazy? And he isn't even doing much to entice them. Might be a vain hope but I want more focus on how the world operates for everyone instead of romance hijinks.
Jiu Jiu (manga)
Junjo Romantica (manga) Masterpiece I love love love this mangaka's material, and this being the first title I was exposed to by her, there's no question I'm biased. Beyond the screwy story and great characters with flaws (all of whom I love), the art itself is exceptional. I'm really happy this is getting released stateside; good choice, Blu! ^_^
K-ON! (manga) So-so Eh, it's okay. The series doesn't do anything original or amusing, but there are definitely worse ones out there.
Kaiju Girl Caramelise (manga) Very good So goddamn cute! And what a unique premise. I'm sort of hoping the main character gets with both the girl obsessed with kaiju and the guy who simply likes her as is. No love triangles please.
Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits (manga) Very good A good story thus far with great art and interesting characters. Lots of worldbuilding, which slowed down the plot down in the beginning, but I'm really enjoying all the focus on food and the lack of romance. Exploring the various creatures and spirits has been great fun.
Kannade (manga) Excellent A pretty interesting manga title that I'd like to read more of someday. *pouts in certain companies' directions*
Kanpai! (manga) Excellent I held off on getting this series because it didn't have any shounen ai but after seeing a Eiri look-alike in one of the volumes, I couldn't resist getting it. And I'm super glad I did, so far the series is damn amusing (the main character's weapon as a monster guardian? A two-by-four ^_^).
Kare First Love (manga) Decent Blanked out.
Kase-san and... (manga) Decent I want to like this better than I do. The characters are sweet and adorable and the art is beautiful most of the time, but the story and relationship development gets stuck down in tired old tropes. Like miscommunication, jealousy, and that tiring, 'but we're both girls, can we do it together?' crap. Yamada in particular can be really dumb at times. Ugh, so torn on whether or not to keep reading this series.
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ (manga)
King of Hell (manhwa) Good Blanked out.
Kingdom Hearts (manga) Decent ...Not as bad as you'd think. *whispers* There were bishounen, thus Hikaru was happy for having downloaded the first volume. *runs away*
Kizuna - Bonds of Love (manga) Excellent One of two things that pushed me ever so deeply into The Yaoi Realm, for which I will be forever grateful. Who would have thought text translations could be so fulfilling? >:) I hear this series just went beyond vol. 10 so check back into it, I may.
Koi ga Bokura o Yurusu Hani (manga) Decent ...I can tell you exactly why this title didn't get a high rating despite it's yaoi status, and that is because when the two guys who are obviously in love with each other still insist upon having girlfriends, it makes me want to scream. Just fuck each other, why do you need women?! >_>
Koi Suru 1/4 (manga) So-so Blanked out.
Koikaze (manga) Very good I've read the first volume so far, it's good stuff, very interested in getting the rest of the chapters downloaded.
Kono Subarashi Sekai ni Bakuen o! (manga) Decent I find the series very hard to follow. I wonder if it was published as short chapters that they hastily put together in volumes, whether or not it made sense to or not. What annoys me about Megumin is on full display here as well (refusal to learn other magic, hardheaded, etc), which doesn't amuse me whatsoever. I also can't really tell Megumin from her friend often...maybe if the character designs were more distinctive. In any case, a lot of problems.
Konosuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (manga) Decent Not really too impressed with this, but it is basically an RPG harem series. If the girls were actually likable, I sure would appreciate it. Like I get it's parodying known tropes, yet none of the jokes land for me. Kazuma is definitely a laidback protagonist though, which is definitely appreciated. Shame he's surrounded by idiots. -_-;
Koori no Mamono no Monogatari (manga) Excellent *sighs contently* Absolutely stunning art, and a well thought out story makes this one of my favorites; why, oh why hasn't this been licensed yet? ;_;
Kuroko's Basketball (manga) Good I admit I am curious about the ghosting ability...
Kyo Kara Maoh! (manga) Excellent The manga version of Kyo Kara Maoh, and with the mangaka who did Shinobu Kokoro wa, the art is pretty as all hell. There's also more details story wise so it's enjoyable all around. ^_^
Lament of the Lamb (manga)
Legal Drug (manga) Very good CLAMP's offical shounen-ai manga, and I love mostly everything about it (dislikes being that Tokyopop felt the need to change the name -_-).
(The) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (manga) So-so Haven't really played many of the games so I'm rather confused on what kind of world Link inhabits and where exactly this manga fits in among the series timeline.
Liselotte & Witch's Forest (manga)
Little Darling (novel)
Love Pistols (manga)
Loveless (manga) Excellent Hadn't planned to read this initially but I was curious to see if this would make more sense than the anime, and it does on some levels. There's more of Ritsuka's thoughts, and further character interaction, but the amazing detail that went into the word fights isn't found here. In fact, it's hard to tell where the fighting units decide to battle really...
Lucky Star (manga by K Yoshimizu) Not really good Much like the anime, the main characters discuss meaningless things in daily life. Sometimes it can be interesting, but for the most part it is dull. I also don't care for the way the mangaka writes the girls. They aren't all about diets, envying other peoples' bra size, or lamenting how long sports cut into other programming. In other words, it feels like a guy who isn't in touch with women at all. All that said, I've read worse manga, and if nothing else, it's a great cure for insomnia. Ironically, I like the anime much better because there is a solid plotline it follows. ^^;
Lupin III: World's Most Wanted (manga)
Maison Ikkoku (manga) Decent To be honest, I don't really care about the romance between Kyoko and Yusaku, I focused more on the guy's friends, especially the peeping tom. Damn amusing Yotsuda is. ^_^
A Man and His Cat (manga) Very good So fucking cute. It's fluff in the best way possible and I can't not smile and chuckle while reading it. <3
Mermaid Forest (manga) Good It's okay? I really like the premise, even if there isn't much variety in the stories. Mana is a bit annoying, but not too much so. I'd read the last volume just to see how things end.
Mezase Hero! (manga) Excellent Hmm, detective partners on the verge of a relationship, where have I read this before? Oh, yeah, that's right! FAKE. :p Despite this, it's good manga, just in need of more smut. *eyes shift*
Midori's Days (manga) Very good I loved the anime and the manga is no exception.
Mirage of Blaze (manga) Good Read the first chapter, was kind of impressed, definitely want to read more. ^_^
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Last Outpost [G-Unit] (manga) Good
Monster And The Beast (manga) Very good Aw, Cavo and Liam are cute. I kind of wish there was a more substantial story revolving around them, but given the characters are amusing and the art is good, that's my only complaint. I need another volume soonish, please.
Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter (manga) Weak Yawn.
Monster Musume (manga) Good I fully admit this series is a guilty pleasure for me, much like the anime. The fan service can get pretty racy and I hate the way the mangaka draws boobs. They either strain believability or are so flat as to be non-existent. No happy medium here. That aside, I love the characters and the world they exist in. It's, for the most part, well thought out and really interesting. I just can't stand some of the volumes when the sole focus is milking bovine monster girls or lamia repeatedly trying to draw the main character into an orgy when there's an easier solution to their plight available. For sure I love Rachnera, Miia, and Lala. I also really like the MON squad as well.
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (manga) Very good Pretty amusing so far. I enjoy the short comic format. ^_^
Moriarty the Patriot (manga) Very good I wish I liked this better than I do. The writing concerning the nobles is so ham-fisted that it borders on parody at times. Moriarty himself is fine, I like the ambiguity of his goals, but I'm not really down with this version of Sherlock that's so outspoken and friendly with others. Not to mention the addition of a Cockney accent that was entirely unneeded. "Ain't" just isn't a word I'd associate with Sherlock Holmes. I'm four volumes in at this point and I hope the writing gets better in the next few volumes.
Moyasimon (manga)
MPD-Psycho (manga) Masterpiece One of my favorite manga ever, as I love the main character and the storyline that grows ever so complicated in each volume. The art's damn good as well (detailed gore aplenty).
Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf (manga)
Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles (manga) So-so Food manga is always interesting, but I do wish the characters were more likable and the story wasn't practically nonexistent. It just feels like the mangaka wanted to babble on about ramen and nothing else.
Musashi No. 9 (manga) Excellent Hmm, I'm amused by U.B.'s methods, and the fact Kou torments people by revealing she's a girl near the end of a mission (will anyone ever be able to peg her gender at the start of a chapter?).
Mushishi (manga)
My Love Mix-Up! (manga) Very good Oh, man, this was so adorable. I like the fact that bisexuality exists in this universe and no one thinks it's weird. My only misgiving is the story seemed to go back on itself in the romance department and I just want Aoki and Ida to get together already since they definitely like each other. No more misunderstandings, please!
My Monster Secret (manga) Very good Vol.1-4. The pacing is much better than the anime, and the jokes as well come off better. The premise and characters are interesting and I look forward to see how the story moves forward in future volumes.
NANA (manga) So-so My nit-picks with the anime just worsened here, because I can't stand the art (why I will never read Paradise Kiss), though I think some scenes are funnier in this...
Naruto (manga) Excellent Ninja! Who doesn't like ninja, especially young bishie-like ninja? Action, characters, and art are all damn good, and it's being released far too slowly here.
Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga) Good Pretty much follows the anime with a few exceptions, and lots more of Shinji's thoughts are included. Is it odd there's more hints of shounen ai between Touji and Shinji in this than the original anime? ^^;
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary (manga) Good I...sort of like this iteration of Eva. It's far funnier than I expected, and Shinji is a much stronger character here. Plus all those yummy shonen ai hints with Kaworu are nice. :)
Night Head Genesis (manga) Good My one and only problem with this manga is it's based on the anime, which was really great. But cutting the whole story down to three volumes doesn't really work. Some of the plot points are raised once and never mentioned, and the pacing is off. If nothing else, the art is damn pretty.
Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun (manga) So-so It's not...bad? But it's not exactly good either. It's very episodic and I wonder if later volumes can actually carry a longer story line. Here's hoping more volumes come through the library.
No Game, No Life (manga) Decent I like the premise of the story, but dear god are the two main characters insufferable. Being a NEET and an asshole shouldn't have to go hand in hand. I also can't stand how Shiro talks. For god sake's, she 11 years old, not five. -_- I mean, props for having a isekai where the characters are happy in the new world, but the way the fan service is so in your face and how the brother and sister act with each other is vaguely sickening. All that said, I'd read more, I just hope Sora and Shiro develop a bit more as characters.
NTR: Netsuzou Trap (manga)
O-Parts Hunter (manga) Decent Not a bad series, and I'd read more than I could for free, but it could be more interesting story wise. I love the split personality thing yet it needs more substance around said element.
Ogre Slayer (manga) Decent Really bland shounen title. I would have liked to have seen some violence against guys just once.
Oh My Goddess! (manga) Decent Read a volume of this way back when, and didn't really like the harem like formula.
Okane ga Nai (manga) Good I prefer the anime but the manga's not bad. Just stick with the story after the first chapter, otherwise you'll miss out on some good stuff.
Old Boy (manga)
One Piece (manga) Masterpiece 1-542. Greatest. Ever. No further comment needed.
Ookiku Furikabutte (manga) Excellent Just like the anime but better since there's stuff that didn't make it in. I don't know why this title strikes me so deeply but I have no complaints so far,I look forward to reading more of the manga.
Our Kingdom (manga) Good Love among cousins vying for the succession of their household (though they don't care about that at all, much more interested in each other, which is as it should be). I am however more interested in Shigure's situation, and seeing who gets him in the end. *evil grin*
Pandora Hearts (manga) Very good I love the story. It's mysterious, and the chains are really interesting. I'd love to read beyond the third volume. ^_^
Peace Maker (manga by N. Chrono) Excellent I love this, all the characters are crazy and despite the heavy angst some go through, the manga reads a good experience overall.
Peace Maker Kurogane (manga) Excellent The sequel, which I'm not up to date with but is equally amusing, especially in regards to Ryoma. *sighs contently* Now that is a damn hot man.
Pet Shop of Horrors (manga) So-so Tales of supernatural pets. ...Is it just me or does every one of them end badly? ^^; You'd think one of them would know how to read instructions.
Phantom Tales of the Night (manga) Good I'm torn on this one. While I love the premise (though xxxHolic did it better :p), the execution isn't great. The panels are sloppy, it's hard to tell what's going on sometimes, and not much in the way of the story has been revealed in the first four chapters. I am curious if it gets better further on...
Pilgrim Jäger (manga) Very good Okay, I admit it, I've got a thing for religious themed manga (so shoot me!). This one kept my interest (I like Alede's split personality) so I'm definitely going to see if the next few volumes are half as interesting (the art also reminds me of Naono Bohra).
Planetes (manga)
Play Boy Blues (manga) Excellent Oh man, this satisfied me on so many levels (in other words, when there wasn't plot or character interaction, there was smut and that makes Hikaru a happy girl all around). That said, I've liked Shiuko Kano's art for a while so that was very good, and the characters were pretty in depth. Nothing to complain about here.
Please Save My Earth (manga) Very good I didn't expect to like this, it's super corny at times, but I like the story. I'm curious where some characters will end up as the plot gets ever more complicated. I'd love to find the rest of the volumes...
Priest (manhwa) Masterpiece Holy fucking crap, this manhwa is damn good! The first two volumes are lax story wise but once you hit the third one, the plot kicks in and damn if it isn't one of the best stories I've ever read (it's very heavy religion wise but it's all significant to the plot). The art's also different than anything I've seen.
(The) Prince of Tennis (manga) Good I'd be a lot more interested in tennis if all players looked like the ones in this. *shallow*
Princess Princess (manga)
Princess Resurrection (manga) Good It's okay, but the battles aren't that great. Most of them are cut or completely ignored once introduced. I do like the phoenix aspect, it's something original out of so many shounen cliches.
Pumpkin Scissors (manga) Excellent Basically just like the anime except in paper form. I still really like the story and characters, and just wish the series wasn't so long. 12 volumes? Damn, man, why do I get sucked into these?
Pure Heart (manga) Good Hmm, not as fond as this one as I am the other works Fujiyama's done. Maybe because one of the characters comes off as a giant douche? I wouldn't put up with it like Tozaki does. I love the art though.
Rabbit Man, Tiger Man (manga) Very good So cute, it makes me smile just reading it.
Ral Ω Grad (manga)
Ray (manga) Good It's okay...I was amused at some parts, such as the possibility of a couple that kept switching hearts all the time, but that's about it.
Rebirth (manhwa) Decent I got the name Deshwitat from this for an RPG...that's really all I think of this (average yet again).
Red Hot Chili Samurai (manga) Decent Very formulaic. The art ranged from beautiful to crappy, and the story was a series of comedy situations infused with fighting. Then again, what do you expect from a story that was only created to obsess over peppers?
Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf (manga) Excellent I laughed a lot while reading this. The dry humor and the way some characters act are so funny. I really hope there are more than two volumes because I have a mighty need for more, dammit.
RG Veda (manga) Excellent I like it so far, the art may be a little old compared to CLAMP's present day style but the story has an epic feel to it, and I'm interested in how it progresses.
RIN-NE (manga) Decent Yeah, the tried and true formula is failing Takahashi as far as I'm concerned. Rinne is broke, and therefore greedy. Sakura reluctantly helps him out. Insert ghost here repeatedly. Sigh...
S (novel)
Saiyuki Gaiden (manga) Masterpiece God, Minekura never fails to amaze me. This manga is great, but I only wish there were more, I'm dying to find out how everything resolves.
Saiyuki Reload (manga) Excellent I've read three volumes, and enjoyed the little twists and turns the story takes at times (I admit I am curious to see if that snow mountain tale gets added into the 'Gunlock' anime though; I'm guessing not since it was so violent). Anyway, I'll definitely try to keep up since Minekura never disappoints me. ^_^
Sasaki and Miyano (manga) Excellent Ah, when will Miyano realize he's in a romance story himself? It's really fun seeing him gush over BL manga. I do hope further volumes will develop their relationship more, as it is now it's a lot of meta-humor for the moment.
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (manga) Excellent The suicidal teacher is wonderful and I'd follow him anywhere. ^_^
School-Live! (manga)
Scrapped Princess (light novel) Very good
Seikimatsu Darling (manga) Good
Shaman King (manga) Good I don't recall if I read any of this before coming up with the character Nichols but shamans are always good, even better when they fight against other shamans and bond with bishie samurai.
Sherlock (manga)
Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro (manga) Good Reminds me of "Kino's Journey" but with a Gothic vibe instead of an intellectual one. I am interested in how the mystery aspect of the story resolves.
Shugo Chara Chan! (manga) Weak This didn't need another series. Seriously, just stop.
Shuriken and Pleats (manga) Decent I wish the protagonist was more expressive, it's hard to imagine she really loved her master when nothing shows on her face. The ninja battles could be more dynamic as well.
Silent Möbius (manga) Decent
A Silent Voice (manga) So-so
Silver Diamond (manga)
Skip Beat! (manga) Excellent Kyoko annoyed in the beginning with her idol worship, now that she's turned evil, she's much more bearable. The story has also gotten really fucking good, and Kyoko's progress into show business just gets more and more entertaining. I'm thoroughly invested in the manga, and will look forward to each volume I read. ^_^
Slam Dunk (manga) Decent Blanked out.
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (manga) Excellent I really like the princess' casual attitude about murder and her one-track mind regarding sleep. The way she circumvents traditional RPG tropes is great. It's nice seeing the monsters get scared of a human for a change. I kind of want to see the Demon King fall for her eventually...
Something's Wrong With Us (manga) Decent So many soap opera elements. The art style is so damn pretty, though. If the manga had avoided any pregnancy issues, I would've liked it better. As it is, the food is the star as far as I'm concerned. I'm sort of hoping that Nao doesn't end up with Tsubaki and goes with that mentor dude who's always helping her out. He's a much healthier romantic choice.
Sorry For My Familiar (manga) Excellent I love the premise and characters. Norman makes me laugh so much. I am definitely going to get the rest of the volumes and finish the series soon. <3
Spicy But Sweet (manga)
Strawberry 100% (manga) Good This reminds me of "Yubisaki Milk Tea" for some reason, maybe it's all the panty shots and perverted thoughts that abound throughout the story? I don't know why I like it, it doesn't really have a plot per say so much as a wish fulfillment on behalf of the mangaka. How many people can you shove into love for Junpei? Let's find out! :p
(The) Summit (manhwa) Excellent I love the characters, they're so quirky yet adorable. I wish more of this had been released stateside because I laughed while reading it a lot. I'll have to see if the rest of it is available online somewhere.
(The) Sword of Shibito (manga) Decent Hmm, I like the art but the story seems to go completely in circles so it's hard to follow at times. Suppose it's a good thing I picked this up discounted, eh?
Tactics (manga) Very good I kind of wish I hadn't read this series. I loved the anime but I knew the release stateside had stopped midway through (thanks, Tokyopop -_-). Still, I was curious if it was good or not. It really is and it kills me that I won't be able to finish it anytime soon, not unless I master Japanese. Sigh, another quality manga lost in licensing hell.
Takumi-kun Series (manga) Not really good I will never understand why publishers skip the first volume of a series and expect readers to not be confused when reading the second one. I was so put off by the first chapter of the series and because of that I never warmed up to the characters or their instant love relationship. It also didn't help that the story started out as novels, which were then adapted to the manga so there's a lot of background information you're not privy to. Because of all of the above, I will never consider the series a favorite and I didn't really enjoy reading it.
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (manga) Excellent
Ten Count (manga)
A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School! (manga) Very good I really liked this manga. While the main character could grate on the nerves, I actually find him kind of adorable? The yokai that surround him amuse me and I look forward to getting to know them all.
Therapy Game (manga) Very good I didn't actually like Minato in Secret XXX, so I'm pleasantly surprised at how different he comes off once you get into his head. I adore his and Shizuma's relationship, and the fact there's a sequel exploring it further makes me really happy. I can't wait to read more. <3
Tokyo Ghoul (manga)
Tsubasa, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (manga) Excellent I'll say this first, I absolutely hate Cardcaptor Sakura but the way they've reworked everything, I don't mind the connection at all (since they're not the same characters). You can tell it's going to be a long series but with the fun of picking out characters from other series as they appear, I don't really mind (and Kurogane is hot *eyes shift*).
Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE (manga)
Twittering Birds Never Fly (manga)
(The) Tyrant Falls in Love (manga) Masterpiece Fuck yes, I love Morinaga and Souichiro, they're one of my favorite yaoi couples ever. I think it helps one doesn't consider himself gay and he's slowly being corrupted as times goes on. I'm impressed as hell DMP picked up the license and while I miss the dust cover, at least it's finally out in English.
Urusei Yatsura (manga) Decent
Vampire Knight (manga) Good I really like this more than the anime, everyone is so pretty and the story seems much more concise and interesting (more to the point in other words). True, there's still moments of exposition but they're few and far between and I can happily ignore them whenever Zero sinks his teeth into Yuki. Here's hoping there's some hope for a threesome between Zero, Kaname and Yuki.
Vampire Knight: Memories (manga)
Vampire Princess Miyu (manga) Very good
Vassalord (manga) Excellent Ah, vampires and really good fucking art make Hikaru a happy girl. I understand the basis of the story but scanlations (or an official release would be damn helpful), until then I'll keep drooling over the Japanese editions.
Voice or Noise (manga) Good Read the first chapter oh so long ago, something about a man talking to animals and a guy wanting to learn...must get the manga someday.
(The) Voynich Hotel (manga) Weak I have no idea what the story was about at all. Some journalist lives at a hotel and gets involved with one of the maids, one who may or may not be some kind of demon. *Confused noises* I don't think the simplistic art style did the manga any favors either.
(The) Water Dragon's Bride (manga) Decent Yeah, I need more than twenty pages to have an opinion on this series. It seems to have potential though...
(The) Way of the Househusband (manga) Excellent Oh my god, I giggled so much reading this. It's basically one joke over and over, but damn is it executed well. The art is great and I can't wait to read more.
Weiß Side B (manga) Decent ...There's hot guys? I'm not really too impressed with this so far (the art's a bit too soft, the story is predictable, etc).
Welcome to the Ballroom (manga)
Wild Adapter (manga) Masterpiece If you offered me the world or endless volumes of Wild Adapter, I'd chose the latter. That pretty much wraps up my feelings on this manga.
Wild Half (manga) Decent Old shounen tale about a guy who meets a dog (who is more than he seems), basically they solve incidents together and it progresses from there. Only reason I know of this manga is because it was in an old Shounen Jump magazine I have (talk about yellowed pages...).
Wolf God (manga) Good I actually really liked the story, I just wish there was more than one volume. The characters were set up nicely though the whole "I must find my brother" subplot didn't get very far.
(The) World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera (manga) Very good I'm not quite emotionally invested in this series as much as Junjo Romantica, but the story's not bad. It'll probably take a while to get used to the rocky relationship issues between Saga and Ritsu. I'm willing to stay the course though. ^_^
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (manga)
X (manga) Excellent Long, epic, and damn fucking good.
xxxHOLiC: Rei (manga) I really hope CLAMP gives Watanuki gets a happier ending in this series than the previous one.
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (manga) Good I really like the characters, the way they are completely nonplussed with kissing each other is nice. I also appreciate the lack of melodrama and the story is pretty interesting so far. Looking forward to reading more!
Yebisu Celebrities (manga) Decent Volume 1. It's not bad, but it's not great either. The romances are predictable, yet I like some of the characters anyway. It's clear it's an early title from Shinri judging by the art. Still nice looking anyway. Maybe the manga gets better as it goes along?
Yokai Rental Shop (manga) Good The art is great, but the characters are kind of...meh? They all seem one-note, but I admit I am curious about what kind of yokai the older brother is.
Yona of the Dawn (manga) So-so Not bad, but nothing special.
You will drown in Love (manga) Excellent I'm really glad I tracked this down (stupid Amazon sellers!) since it's funny, sweet, and really nice to read. Seeing things from Reiichiro's perspective was interesting, and though I think Jinnai is a little too aggressive in regards to sex (in the beginning), it's clear the two of them make a good couple. I'd really like to read the third volume now, somebody release it? Anybody? ;_;
Young Magician (manga) Good
Your & My Secret (manga) Very good It's funnier than I expected it to be, I was almost in tears at the part where Uehara got his first period. "Men, a little blood, and you turn into babies." But it seems like the two main characters fell into their new bodies really fast. Why switch back at all when it's fairly obvious each is happier as they are?
Your Lie in April (manga) Decent
Yubisaki Milk Tea (manga) Good This is an interesting manga, I like it for the way they approach certain subjects, the whole theme of male crossdressing really don't faze me (hell, I've seen it a few times in yaoi manga). I will say that this doesn't really deserve the 'mature' rating though, it's not like there's any sex per say...
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (manga) So-so So far, the excessive fan service ruins the rather unique premise for me. There's so much of it and none of it advances the plot. Considering I like the main character and Yuuna, I wish the manga was better. I really hope the fan service veers off in future volumes, but I somehow doubt it...
YuYu Hakusho (manga) Good I've only read a little, but I'm impressed so far.
Ze (manga) Excellent The first volume takes a while to get going but once you start in on the couples, this manga shines and the story digs its way into your good graces. The fourth volume made me cry at the end and the fifth is just a shocking display of art prowess (so fucking beautiful). I'm really hoping this lasts as long as Love Mode.

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5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love (manga) Good So cute. I didn't like the harem story but I loved the witch/witch hunter one. Very much a game of waiting to see who confessed first. I kind of hope there's a sequel someday.
Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade (manga) Awful Right, I loved the anime, it was funny and meaningful. This adaptation, however, is horrible. The art is full of senseless boobs, open mouths, and every joke is unfunny. I ended up skimming most of the second volume and even that was painful. The series goes down as one of the worst manga I've had the misfortune to read. Skip it to save your sanity.
Abiru Junjou (manga) So-so A lot of the story seemed sort of disjointed for the subject content and while I didn't hate reading this, I didn't particularly like it either. The art was great and what little smut was included was nice yet I'm really glad I downloaded this instead of buying the title.
Absolute Boyfriend (manga) Decent I sort of knew before I read any of this, I wouldn't like it that much. After all, I can never relate to girls who are so desperate for a boyfriend that they'd consider dating a fake one. Still, I finished it and I hated the ending, it reminded me of "Ceres" (you know, I'm going to die so go ahead and take my lover). Not the worst shojo manga ever but it got on my nerves quite a bit.
Affair (manga) Very good Various one-shots with yummy smut in them (I wasn't very fond of the yakuza stepbrothers bit but the rest was pretty good). I like this mangaka's art style. ^_^
Akira (manga) Masterpiece It's about time I read this, and all I have to say is, wow. The story is complicated as all hell, and while the art takes a while to get used to, there was nothing I didn't like about this. The movie doesn't do the manga fucking justice.
Alcohol, Shirt and Kiss (manga) Excellent All right, say what want, but I really liked this one. The characters were amusing, and while I was reminded of 'FAKE' at times, it really didn't matter. When it came to the bedroom scenes, the art was damn good, and the jokes here and there made me smile. ^_^
Alice 19th (manga) Decent If you really could use words as weapons, everyone'd be screwed (but it'd be an interesting world). Pretty good for shoujo but the romance triangle drove me insane (just tell the guy you like him when you realize you do, it's not so hard!).
Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts (manga) Good First off, I love Ace, he's adorable, but in this there was little development in any characters, and a few of the things Ace does are not what you'd call romantic. He comes off a bit of a creep in the story actually. Still, I did enjoy reading it. ^_^
Alice in the Country of Clover: Bloody Twins (manga) Excellent The best alternate take of the romances thus far. I feel vaguely creepy saying it, but the twins are hot and getting both at once would be awesome! I don't care if they stay as kids half the time...I'm an awful person. ^^;;
Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz (manga) Very good Basically, stories that explore what would have happened had Alice not fallen for Blood. I liked the twins' one the best simply because two lovers is better than one (even if they're not really adults). Does that make me a pedophile? Damn...
Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight's Knowledge (manga) Good Go for Ace. I repeat go for Ace. Yes, Alice heeded my advice. No surprise given he was mostly all she thought about, poor Elliot never stood a chance. Story was pretty simple, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I do wish Ace wouldn't try to strangle Alice in every romance he has with her though. I mean, why exactly? There has to be a better way to express his inner pathos.
Alice in the Country of Clover: March Hare (manga) Good Elliot's not my favorite, but this was still a pretty good read. Nice art as well.
Alice in the Country of Clover: Nightmare (manga) So-so I would've liked this one a lot better if the art hadn't been completely shit. What little of the story I remember was decent, just wish the package it came with had been prettier.
Alice in the Country of Clover: The Lizard Aide (manga) Good Gray doesn't get much coverage in the series so it was nice he got a turn in the limelight. I would've liked to have seen more character development between Alice and Gray, but the romance was good if short. I did hate the sizeable Crimson Empire story though, just fuck off already!
Alice in the Country of Clover: The March Hare's Revolution (manga) Good It felt like the romance happened naturally, which is definitely a point in its favor. Some nice moments with Ace as well.
Alice in the Country of Clover: Twin Lovers (manga) Decent I think I prefer the Bloody Twins GN to this. A lot of dialogue repeated itself (I love you, I love you so much, I love both of you) and you never got to see Alice interact with the twins before she fell in love. Sort of a mixed opportunity if you ask me.
Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet On My Heart (light novel) Good I haven't played the game so some references were beyond me. I did enjoy the story (simple as it was) though I've seen Alice and Blood done so many times as a couple, it's getting a bit old. I found the Jericho character really interesting, unsure if his undead status means he's running on borrowed time or some kind of zombie. I did get sick of the phrase 'suck their teeth' though, find a different tic please. I'd glad read more novels in this series anytime. ^_^
Alice in the Country of Hearts (manga) Very good The first volume was really interesting, and though not much really happened in terms of story, I'm intrigued. The only thing that gives me a little pause is the whole "everyone will fall in love with you here" bit, but despite that, it's a good read. My favorite out of all the guys is probably Blood. I'm disappointed (and slightly confused) by the ending. Is Alice's older sister dead or something? Has she no parents to worry about her? I'd be pissed if I got dragged back to a world I voluntarily left!
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Junk Box (manga) Very good Nice batch of stories, new and old. Pierce finally got a chance with Alice, which was really cute.
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Love Labyrinth of Thorns (manga) Very good Julius and Ace are two of my favorite characters in the series so I'm happy when they're predominantly featured. Great stuff. ^_^
Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit (manga) Decent Probably the worst romance thus far. Elliot didn't really get much development in the original series, and he doesn't here either. You have to wonder why Alice grows to care for him...
Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Clockmaker's Story (manga) Excellent Probably the best match for Alice thus far. I really liked how their romance developed though I did not appreciate the short story from "Crimson Empire." I don't care if it's by the same writer/artist, I'm tired of it being shoved into another series. Enough!
Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Mad Hatter's Late Night Tea Party (manga) So-so I didn't really see the point of this story. It's Blood and Alice AGAIN. Didn't they already have a romance in the original series? Why the reboot?
Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar's Game (manga) Very good This series suffers from the fact it's assumed you've played the game it's based upon, but after a while most elements are properly explained. The romance between Alice and Blood was quite well done and I loved that she became a member of the mob by her own will. I admit I never thought about Alice would losing her Outsider status, I wish I could play the games to find out if she becomes a role holder or a faceless in the end.
Alice in the Country of Joker: Nightmare Trilogy (manga) Good I wasn't too impressed with the romance at first, but it actually got very interesting halfway through. I grew fond of Nightmare in the end though I got tired of Alice's jealousy. It was beyond clear he only had eyes for her.
Alice Love Fables: Toy Box (manga) Decent I've grown to hate Crimson Empire so I skipped over that as well as the Arabian Nights short. Just not interested, thanks. I did like the Gray story, well done that. Not much else in all honesty.
Alice on Deadlines (manga) So-so You know, I don't mind fan service when it's appropriate, but this was just ridiculous. What little story was shoved into the manga wasn't even worth reading about, and the characters were all perverts. I could have gone without reading this in all honesty.
Alichino (manga) Excellent I love love the art in this, it's fucking amazing really. The fact the story's good is a plus. Plus, damn hot bishies. ^_^
All Nippon Air Line (manga) Decent I wanted to like this but every time they said 'A.N.A.L.', I couldn't help giggling helplessly. The stories were very circular and I didn't really bring myself to care a lot about the characters or their relationships with others. Rather amusing at times but utterly crappy in the end.
Alley of First Love Love (manga) Good The story and characters weren't earth shattering, but I enjoyed reading it. I especially loved the panda suit and much of the humor. ^^
Allure (manga) Decent I really hate females who try to get gay couples' way, it just grinds on my last nerve and I wonder why the mangaka thought said character would be a good idea in the first place. Anyway, beyond that annoying part, I thought it was okay, the story was kind of predictable and what not but it wasn't the worst yaoi manga I've ever read (the art was kind of pretty at least).
Alone in my King's Harem (manga) So-so My curiosity got the better of me, and while this isn't that bad, it's just not to my tastes (so many weepy uke who resembled women more than men); out of all the stories, I only liked the last one, and even that irritated me on some level. -_-
Ambiguous Relationship (manga) Good I love Minase's art, seriously beautiful style, but the short stories are a bit meh. Emotions don't ring true and it's hard to believe the declarations of love. I will drool endlessly over it though.
Amefurashi: The Rain Goddess (manga) Decent Hmm...yeah, this one wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great either. The story and characters were all sort of blase, and I have no doubt I'll promptly forget I ever read this.
Angel Sanctuary (manga) Excellent I don't like the art. *ignores complaints that she's said this before* But I like the story and characters so I'll read it...grudgingly.
Angelic Layer (manga) Good Do you know how weird it is to read a manga with so many mentions of my nickname? I felt like the manga was constantly trying to get my attention. I enjoyed the battles (though it'd have been nice if it had been real people and not just dolls), and Icchan was damn amusing. The only issue I had was some of the characters were one hit wonders, and the mother's issue was milked to the max (I guessed the situation from the very start, CLAMP, you didn't fool anyone, okay?).
Anne Freaks (manga) Masterpiece Ah, this is my kind of manga, bloody and evil as all hell but with great characterization and plot behind the violence. I'm sad to see it ended at 4 volumes but I suppose if you kept following Yuri and Anna, things would either get very bad for them or more of the same would just happen to them.
Another (manga) Good Hmm, I felt like the twist was even more obvious in this retelling. Probably because you can't change a character design without confusing readers. The bits of added humor also felt forced and wasn't really needed. The art was excellent, the best part of the manga in my opinion. So, yeah, okay, but not great.
Antique Bakery (manga) Excellent I really like the fact all of the characters are well-rounded, and have a deep background to go with it. In fact, even if there wasn't a gay character in this, I'd probably read it regardless because it's damn good manga. Read it, dammit! :p
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion (manga) Good It's all about the bishies.
Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (manga) Very good Kubota and Tokitoh before Wild Adapter (or the same characters in an alternate universe, whatever you want to believe). Minekura's a fucking tease. :p
At Full Moon (manga) Good So far, it's okay. It has the tropes from the first series in that Marlo gets kidnapped again, various people inexplicably fall in love at first sight with Marlo and/or David, etc. Upon finishing this, while Marlo and David do grow a bit closer throughout trials, I really wish that we could see them intimate, as in sleeping together, as men and not just when Marlo is transformed into a girl. Maybe if Matoh ever picks up the series again in the future? Here's hoping.
Awkward Silence (manga) Excellent I loved the silent guy (so much going on in that head and yet nothing shows up on his face at all, damn amusing stuff). Story was good though it did get a bit predictable with the silent guy's best friend showed up (the special looked interesting, wonder if there's going to be more of that?).
Azumanga Daioh (manga) Good While it does have a very random storyline (i.e. none at all), there are some elements that made me laugh. Kimura, the teacher, is always good for a giggle, and the bursts of violence were appreciated (though they had no rhyme or reason). Some of the jokes went straight over my head but that's probably the translation that didn't measure up more times than not. So not exactly horrible, but I certainly won't be reading it again anytime soon.
B. Ichi (manga) Very good The story was certainly very zany. A lot of the powers were interesting. I would have loved to have seen what would have happened if someone didn't meet a condition of their ability. The finale was a tad disappointing, but I guess it fit the theme of the story. Personally though, I would either help my friend out with their bad deeds or kill them.
Baccano! (manga) Very good The story is a little rushed and some characters are difficult to tell apart at times (all the same faces don't help), but I still love the premise and how intricate it all is. I really need to read the light novels. ^^;
Backstage Prince (manga) Very good I was excited to learn a bit about kabuki, but the mangaka didn't focus on it at all. Kind of disappointing really. I did find the main couple adorable, even if it's kind of an unhealthy relationship. So worth reading, if just once.
Bad Teacher's Equation (manga) Excellent You really have to like the characters to get into the story as Atsushi is a bit hard to take in the beginning volumes (mainly the first five as I recall), but the payoff is great though a little more smut would be nice than just the few scenes (it's Kodaka Kazuma after all, smut queen!).
Baseball Heaven (manga) Very good I forgot how much I like Mamahara's work. I read one or two of her older works via scanlation a long time ago, so it was nice to hit the mangaka up again. While the sex was pretty tame, I enjoyed the dynamic of the couple as well as the baseball action (even if it was predictable). Very worth the 8 dollars I paid for it.
Battle Angel Alita (manga) Excellent The tale of Alita's rise from junkyard to the upper levels of society, and it's great, mostly for the art and certain characters. The ending was a bit vague but compared to how it could have resolved, it's better than nothing (do not read the sequel to this, it makes no fucking sense).
Beast & Feast (manga) Decent Much as I liked the premise, the uke Kazuha fell in love super fast with seme Hyodo, which was a tad unbelievable. He also wasn't as assertive as he should have been, capitulating too easily. That said, the smut was good, and the art was amazing. Hyodo in particular was so manly and pretty. ^_^
Beasts of Abigaile (manga) So-so I want to like this manga better, but the cliche tropes make it hard to get into it. Everyone falls in love with Nina so fast and the two love interests aren't great choices. I also feel like despite the great premise, the worldbuilding around it is just lazy and lacking in many respects. In a more talented mangaka's hands, the series would be amazing. ^^; Ugh, that ending sucked. So rushed and the twist with Nina was badly done. If she's half-luga, wouldn't she at least have some of the attributes like smell and taste and not just the look of one? Instinct, my ass.
Beauty and the Beast Girl (manga) Excellent So goddamn cute! In all the best ways too. Yeah, the romance was fast and Lily should have been a little upset with Heath for her blind state, but fuck it, I ship them so hard. I wish this had been a series instead of a one-shot.
Beauty Pop (manga) So-so I really don't like the message this manga stands for. Everyone has to go through a complete makeover to even be considered pretty? Sorry, but I don't agree with that. I just like the cat out of the whole story. ^^;
Because I'm a Boy! (manga) Weak Just bad art and "stories" in general. The last part is in quotes because it was basically boys going at it for no reason repeatedly far too much. I might have liked that about the manga if the art hadn't been so ugly. *shudders* Ugh!
Behind the Scenes!! (manga) Good So, this isn't a bad manga, but it's also not particularly interesting. The premise gets old fast and while I do find some of the characters amusing, the series is too short to really get attached to any of them. My favorite arc was the team working on a haunted house. Other than that, not too much else left an impression.
Beyond My Touch (manga) Good Light shounen ai fare with good art. I enjoyed the main story the most, and wish there had been a few more chapters. I wanted to see how they would have managed sex since one of the boys was dead. What? I'm morbidly curious, all right. :p
Black Cat (manga by K. Yabuki) Very good A nice long action story with interesting characters and an involving storyline though I do think Saya's addition to the finale was a little cliche. One wonders if Creed is all there mentally, or if he's plotting his next world domination. I'd love to see a sequel to this someday, Kabuki. ^^
Blank Slate (manga) Very good I have no idea why this title was printed under the Shojo Beat label. It's a dark story about a man who will do anything to feed his own desires. I thought the amnesia part could have been handled better especially in the first volume but the story was definitely involved. It's nice to know Zen is still out there doing as he pleases. ^_^
Blood Honey (manga) Good Pretty decent story about a vampire hairdresser and a guy who loves/has to get his blood drawn out to remain a good person. Silly, but at least it made me laugh at times. Good art as well.
Blood: The Last vampire (novel) Good You know, while I enjoyed reading this, I think the author mainly wanted to show off how fucking smart he was (why else would he explain Saya's origin by dipping into the evolution theory? -_-;). I also don't believe any of those school kids could have kept up with anything that was going on knowledge wise. :p
Blood: The Last Vampire 2002 (manga) So-so You know things never bode well when a yuri mangaka draws regular manga so as you'd expect there's lot of female nudity and senseless sex, but on the other hand, I actually liked the story (it's a sequel to the anime).
Bloody Mary (manga) Decent I liked a lot of the manga's cool elements, but man does it have its share of problems in the execution. The story was quite thin and could have been covered in half the volumes. The main characters weren't that interesting and kind of grated on my nerves more often than not despite some heavy character development towards the story's end. Why, oh why, were there so many 'M' names? Three was enough and even then I got confused as to who was who. Why can't they use their birth names? It would have made things so much easier. The queerbaiting was a bit much at times with only one non-serious kiss between the leads and I guess some implications that they stayed together in the end. Still not sure if Ichiro was immortal or not. I will give the manga props for the amazing art style, even if the mangaka recycled the same face three times in a row (at least there was an explanation for that). So, overall, a flawed but entertaining manga.
Bloom Into You (manga) Decent I really can't get behind Touko's method of seduction. It feels like she's just harassing Yuu until she gives in. It's one romance I wish hadn't come to fruition. Still, it's not completely bad, I just wish the characters were a bit better all around. The story too could have used some improvement as it was quite boring at times.
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love (manga) Very good I like the horny uke, his bluntess is quite amusing. One thing Sakaragi does very well is protray realistic relationships and this title is no exception. It's nice seeing Ryomei fall in love naturally and I got warm fuzzies reading the series.
Bond(z)  (manga) Excellent Pretty good short stories and art. Then again, it's Kawai and I'm usually impressed by her anyway.
Boogiepop and Others (light novel) Excellent A really great novel that expands on the anime's plot line, and remains fascinating. I will say you really do have to pay attention to get all the nuances of the story though.
Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh (manga)
Boogiepop Dual - Losers' Circus (manga) Good I think I liked it, the first volume was okay then the second jumped around in time while "Boogiepop" was fighting the big baddie. It wasn't much of a battle, but I guess he was defeated? o.0 While I really liked the art, I didn't like the fact that apparently when you're possessed by Boogiepop, you automatically have lipstick on. It was hard to tell at times when Boogiepop had entered someone.
Boy's Next Door (manga) Masterpiece A truly dark and twisted take on yaoi that was hard not to react to...or love.
(The) Bride & the Exorcist Knight (manga) Decent I liked the story but wished it wasn't so repetitive. The formula of Anne getting into trouble, getting saved, Haru hitting on her, Anne begrudgingly accepting his affections, only to reject him later on. Yeah, I really hoped she got taken by Mephisto sooner. In all, it's not a terrible series, yet it could have been much better.
Brother (manga, Yuzuha Ougi) Excellent Step brothers in a not so pure relationship that's furthered by many many trysts, can you tell I was lapping this up like the yaoi enthusiast I am? I was also very impressed with this release, it even had the original dust cover!
Brother (manga, K. Minekura) Decent It's one of her older works so it's not the best in the world, I still liked it though.
Brothers (manga, Shou Tajima) Good Hapless shounen fun having to do with two brothers in love with their own sister, who is of course as attached to them as they are to her. Rape would have been really nice, but it was pretty amusing anyway.
Bus Gamer (manga) Excellent Ah, now that I've actually read beyond the last chapters, I understand things better! It's quite an interesting story (characters are nicely done), and I look forward to reading more...whenever that will be. *eyes shift to stare in Japan's direction*
Buso Renkin (manga) Decent It's all right, like the anime it's too mediocre for its own good and it comes off as bland most of the time. Still Papillion is present and he never fails to amuse me. Captain Bravo helps as well in the entertainment apartment. I prefer the manga over the anime even if I still see giant logic traps (which the mangaka admits in the last volume of the series). I'm mucho interested in the "Frankenstein" one-shot and would love to see a series about it.
...but, I'm your teacher (manga) Good Beyond the main story, just a collection of smutty one-shots, most of which I liked, though I really don't like the fact the any uke was delicate looking (I want real looking men in both roles ;_;).
Café Kichijouji de (manga) Good Hmm, kind of reminded me of Weiss Kreuz except instead of flowers and assassination, we had craziness set in a cafe. Favorite character is the voodoo guy, because he's damn amusing.
Caged Slave (novel) Decent I really hated the uke, he was so fast to believe the worst in any situation, it was a wonder no one in life had smacked him to hell for it. That and he's "coming to pieces" any time his seme touched him made the book a little harder to read but at least the seme was relatively flawless. So, okay book but next time I read it (if I do), I'm skipping right to the naughty bits.
(The) Cain Saga (manga) Excellent The first volume is disposable in my opinion. The rest, however, are really good. The gradual back story for Cain is handled quite well, and I zoomed through the series fast. I really liked the Red Ram arc. I'm going to have to re-read "God Child" since I now have the full story in my head. ^_^
Camera, Camera, Camera (manga) Excellent This is one of those titles where I didn't expect anything and instead found a heartwarming funny story instead. The characters were amusing, and while the story could have been a little more defined, I loved it anyway. I'm definitely looking into more of the mangaka's work. ^_^
Can't Win With You! (manga) Good While I love the art, the story is kind of hit and miss. The repeated cross-dressing and the main focus on Yuuhi and Sango really didn't interest me at all. I would have preferred a whole volume about the director and Tori than three volumes of "action" between Sango/Yuuhi and Hayate/Kanya. Maybe it tried too hard to be charming and cute? *shrugs* Not one of my favorites.
Canon (manga) Excellent I really enjoyed the story and main characters. The lone reason the series isn't rated a masterpiece though is the art (try as it might) seemed kind of bland, and some emotions didn't really register on the main players' faces. Still, a really nice vampire tale. ^_^
A Capable Man (manga) Excellent I read most of it before in scanlations but hey, I really enjoyed re-reading it. I especially loved the fetish story, it was damn funny. ^_^
Captive Hearts (manga) Decent I think the idea of a curse forcing someone into subservience offends me on some level, which is why I don't really like the manga that much. I don't really believe the main couple is as in love with each other as they claim given they didn't know each other that long before confessing said love. I'll finish it but Hino can do so much better.
Cardcaptor Sakura (manga) Good I take back all the negative things I ever said about this series. Yes, it's rather kiddy and cliche but it's oddly enjoyable reading. I'm convinced Toya and Yukito are involved in a relationship. ^_^
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow (manga) Excellent A little darker than the first part, I liked this story better even if the ending was a bit anticlimactic. Toya and Yukito's relationship was the shining point for me, and probably the main reason I ended up really liking this manga.
(The) Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice (manga) Bad Ugh. These guys are trash humans in a dumpster fire relationship and they deserve all the pain and grief they give each other. Why. The. Fuck. Is. Bisexuality. Non-existent. In. This. Universe?! It's painful how often Kyoichi insists he's straight. You're in a toxic relationship with another guy you obviously have feelings for and yet you're not gay? Fuck you, Kyoichi, fuck you. Get a damn clue already. The only reason I'll be hanging onto this series is it's censored in Japan and not here in the US so someday this manga is going to be worth a lot.
Castle of Dreams (manga) Good While I didn't mind reading this, the stories were one and the same most of the time with different characters. Also, the rate at which her girls fall in love annoys the hell out of me. Love at first sight? Ha! How about convenience? I only really loved one story out of the anthology. Ah well, it killed time, I suppose.
Cause of My Teacher (manga) Very good Short stories with really good art. I just wish the sex scenes weren't so cut and dry. In any case, I'm glad to have more from Matsumoto.
Ceres: Celestial Legend (manga) Good Hmm, I liked this series, but the ending bothers me a lot (why is Aya handed off so casually, and why does Toya look happy when he does it? -_-).
Challengers (manga) Excellent Man, this was funny manga, I really enjoyed the main couple's sometimes silly problems, but mostly, I loved the older brother Souichiro. He was damn amusing (Morinaga equally so, damn glad there's a series out for them, and it's fucking good too). Good choice, DramaQueen. ^_^
Chibi Vampire (manga by Y. Kagesaki) Decent I was sort of amused by this (all that gushing blood resembling a crime scene), but it's predictable as all hell story wise and some of their character designs look awfully familiar...
Chobits (manga) Good Hideki stumbles across Chi, and all is not what it seems. Despite the fact I'm a girl, I liked Hideki's perverted streak at times, and liked the ending (though it was somewhat expected).
Chrono Crusade (manga) Very good I almost prefer the anime, which is a shame because this manga was really great until it hit volume 7 and fell apart. The mangaka seemed to rush into the ending and I'm confused about a lot of things concerning some characters' fates. At least the anime had a concise story no matter how depressing they were in the finale.
Clamp School Detectives (manga) Decent Reading more CLAMP is good, but I'm not a huge fan of the story thus far. A lot of the characters look the same, and I have a hard time figuring out who's who at times. I wish the "mysteries" were deeper, and that the manga wasn't so connected to some of their other series (like Man of Many Faces).
CLAMP School Paranormal Investigators (novel) Decent The first and third novel were just okay, but that second one was great. Very clever story and writing. Why couldn't it have always been like that? -_-;
Classmates (manga) Good Much like the movie, the story was very paint-by-number. The only interesting aspect was the teacher with the crush on Sajo but he barely did anything to derail the couple's relationship. They fought, yet got back together quickly. The art was very simplistic and feels like a throwback to older BL manga days, which was maybe the point. It's serviceable but I wish it was better. I liked the third volume the most simply because Sajo and Hikaru finally moved beyond kissing and hand-holding. Overall, an okay series, but nothing special.
Close the Last Door (manga) Masterpiece I will freely admit the fact I am a huge mega pervert, and seeing guys go at so freely and without abandon just blames unravels me, so this manga, despite not expecting anything of it, delivered far better than I could have ever thought. I was very satisfied with how the love triangle resolved, and I think Nagai and Honda are probably my favorite yaoi couple thus far. ^_^
Clover (manga, CLAMP) Excellent Truly excellent sci-fi manga with stunning art, details and story (tragic but what can you do), plus who doesn't enjoy seeing a guy who'd keep a hand chase after the one he got it from?
Codename: Sailor V (manga) Good Funny how similar Mina is to Usagi in this series. You can sort of tell the mangaka had a formula that worked and stuck with it. Some of the crimes Sailor V stops seem pretty minor. I liked the ending (aka the last chapter) of the series the most.
(The) Color of Love (manga) Good I could see a formula but I kind of enjoyed the stories and artwork enough that it didn't bother me much. I got sick of reading "I love you" though. Quite good manga for two dollars. ^^
Confidential Confessions (manga) Very good This is going to sound bad but I'm amused by the trouble everyone finds themselves in, whether it be physical or mental. It also makes me thankful I didn't dick around with anything bad whilst in school.
Confidential Confessions: Deai (manga) Very good This kind of fell apart towards the end as I didn't believe the bad guy could have done all he was alleged to. Despite that, I liked the lightheartedness of the first volume and it was interesting seeing the girls whore themselves out in bits and pieces.
Constellations in My Palm (manga) Excellent Nice long story in this one, the only thing that really irritated me was the misunderstandings most of the character drew from each other (if only they had actually talked to each other instead of run away and brood on it). Nonetheless, beautiful art and I did care about what happened to the characters.
(The) Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese (manga) So-so So, I've read a fair share of BL manga and this one ground on my nerves for a variety of reasons. One, it was originally published in 2006 and it shows in the tired toxic tropes in the main relationship. There is no bisexuality option, it's either gay or straight. Not so progressive, right? Two, the two main characters are terrible people. One is such a doormat he sleeps with anyone who is interested in him, and the other is a gay predator who can't get over a crush he had in high school (years ago!) so he basically stalks and forcibly injects himself into his crush's life at the first opportunity. Third, the dubcon problem. Not having the ability to say no when Kyoichi is struggling with sexuality and identity issues really irritates me. I guess given how messed up each party in the relationship is they deserve each other but damn do wish the pretty art style had more substance to it in the end. I have the sequel so I guess I'll read it...not particularly looking forward to it though.
Count Cain (manga) Excellent The first volume of this series is disposable, the rest are very good. It fills in the holes of the main character's life well, and I enjoyed reading to the end. Yea for fairy tales and violence!
Cowboy Bebop (manga) Very good More tales from Spike and crew, all of which are amusing (why wouldn't they be?).
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star (manga) Weak Sloppy artwork and story telling. I was willing to give it a chance but I doubt I'll read it again anytime soon.
Crimson Cross (manga) Not really good I'm not religious so all the quotes from the bible bored me immensely. I did like the dark story, but wish it hadn't been random encounters with women at different times and places. Also, some yaoi would really have balanced out the obsession Karl and what's-his-face had with each other. "Chase you through eternity?" I think I hear denial in that phrase. :p The art was wonderful though.
Crimson Snow (manga) Excellent Nice art, beautiful short stories. More smut would have been wonderful though...
Crimson Wind (manga) Very good I liked this one much better than White Guardian, then again the prince wasn't a major part of the book. I really loved the Angel and Wesian story yet the Sei and Touri bits weren't bad either (you'd think a man of Touri's station wouldn't have to resort to drugs to get some ^^; ). Again, the art was absolutely stunning.
Croquis (manga) Decent I didn't mind reading it but I didn't really feel connected to the main couple much. Their romance seemed set from the beginning and I didn't think anything would pull them apart. I'm not much of a fan of transsexuals anyway so that did nothing for me. Not her best work.
Cruel Fairytales (manga) Not really good Hikaru didn't like this at all, bad art and story all around. It left a bad taste in my mouth. -_-
Crushing Love (manga) Decent I only really liked the last story in the collection. The rest just weren't that interesting to me. I thought the art was good though.
Cut (manga) Good Sadly, I can relate to this story more than I prefer but as a result, it's one of my favorites. The main couple and art were great, and I really enjoyed reading this.
Cute Beast (manga) Very good I enjoyed reading this, would have liked more smut but the couples were nice, and the variety of stories interesting.
Danganronpa (manga) Good Eh, the manga is fine, but it simplifies a lot of the murder mysteries and just like the video game and anime, the ending leaves a lot to be desired. Art was very good though.
Dash! (manga) Excellent I first saw this story via an animix (basically a voiced GN of the manga), but fell in love with Saitou and Akimoto as characters. Having read the whole story and the adorable extra bit at the end, I like it even more. The couple are complete opposites, yet complement each other well. The only thing keeping the manga from a masterpiece rating is the cousins story, as I couldn't really get into their romance. Don't get me wrong, it's okay and all, but it's not as strongly written as the Dash storyline. In any case, great yaoi manga! <3
(The) Day I Become a Butterfly (manga) Excellent Unlike the other title I've read from this mangaka, I absolutely loved this one (probably because I'd read some of the one-shots before), still I enjoyed the different thought processes some of the couples had when thinking about each other, straight or otherwise. The only thing that bothers me is that smut isn't protrayed all that much, and considering the good artwork, it's a crying shame.
(The) Day of Revolution (manga) Good Hmm, this was a decent story, but personally I didn't see why Kei was forced by his parents to live as a girl. It would've made for a far more interesting story if Kei had continued living as a guy while secretly being a girl (akin to Hana Kimi I guess). That or steadfastly stuck with being in a relationship with Makoto instead of going for the first weak guy encountered. So much wasted potential...
Dear Myself (manga) Very good A double amnesia story, how can that not be amusing? Well, the fact that along with the angst (Eiki Eiki can't seem to avoid it), there was silliness at times helped me like this in the end. Just a fun, 'what if' tale laced with yaoi. ^_^
Death Note (manga) Excellent If I had a notebook that granted me the ability to kill anyone I pleased, I would abuse it...to death. :p I'm just evil that way, I wouldn't care if my victims were innocent or not, they would still die if they crossed me wrongly. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have that death notebook, huh? ;) Having read through all this, I love ch. 1-60, the rest of the series is okay, but not up to the quality of the previous storyline (saying anything else will likely turn in a rant -_-).
Delivery Cupid (manga) Good
Demon City Shinjuku (manga) So-so I liked it...at first then it all collapsed in a pile of predictable cliche shonen blandness. The ending bugged the crap out of me because the sudden switch to narrative was stupid.
Demon Diary (manhwa) Very good I think it got a bit too long but damn if it was an enjoyable and amusing ride, the little shounen-ai bits while few were very nicely done.
Descendants of Darkness (manga) Excellent Ah, Muraki, will you ever be able to ravish Tsuzuki as you see fit? 11 volumes in and still, you're denied. Worry not though, I'll be cheering you on.
(The) Desert Prince (manga) Excellent
Desire (manga) Excellent "Did you know when I look at you, I get turned on?" If the main character had been thinking, he'd have known how everything would turn out. His navite aside, I liked the story, dark as it was.
Diabolo (manga) Bad Where to start? The story was interesting but everything contained within it came off super flat and dull. We get demons, but they don't look any different from human beings. We're told about this darkness that'll take over the world yet the execution of said "epic" fight was terrible. I could never tell what was going on. Very frustrating manga as it had some good ideas scrambled in the crapiness.
Disgaea (manga) Excellent Damn amusing manga, I laughed a lot more than I was expecting. I kind of want to play the video game it was based on now, it's got to be just as funny. I loved the giant penguins. ^_^
DNA Doesn't Tell Us (manga) Decent The good? The art and overall story concept are really interesting. I particularly enjoyed the wild class and wished the story had spent more times exploring those characters. I did think the rabbit/wolf couple was really cute. The bad? All of the above seems to be an excuse for the girls to lose their clothes multiple times. I also wished the cast got to explore the world outside of the school and village because the plot seemed to crap out halfway through. In all? Not bad, but definitely could have been a deeper better series.
Don't Be Cruel: Akira Takanashi's Story (manga) Very good
Don't Blame Me (manga) Excellent One of my favorite Yamada Yugi titles, it does have its moments of seriousness but for the most part, it's all comedy and you do end up cheering for the main couple throughout. Having even read it twice, I still find stuff I love about it. Definitely recommended, like all of Yamada's stuff to be honest.
Don't Rush Love (manga) Good I'm glad I read this after "Meeting You" as it's a quasi-sequel. While I feel Morino fell in love far too fast, the chapters afterwards were very good, especially the ones that delved into Kusama's family. I wanted an actual story with the uncle and twin rather than more of Morino and Kusama's relationship. Maybe in another title from the mangaka?
Don't Say Anymore Darling (manga) Good Wow, beyond the first story, this one had some very depressing/sad bits. I really had to wonder at times if the mangaka was purposely trying to ruin the characters' lives just for the hell of it. It was a change from her usual stuff and while I liked some of it, I prefer her lighthearted stuff. At least that way I know there'll be happy ending. The only story I really disliked was the old professor's tale, I didn't see the point.
Dorobō to Keiji (manga) Very good A sweet shouneni-ai manga but predictable, as one can only resist another's attentions for so long.
Double Trouble (manga) So-so I was expecting more from this. My annoyance is mainly due to the fact that the story is unfinished. There's no resolution to the love triangle, and the side story was just a waste of pages (even if it did deliver more smut than the main story). Ugh!
Dragon Ball (manga) Very good I forgot how much I enjoyed Toriyama's material. I read through this pretty fast once I had all the volumes and really enjoyed seeing Goku's evolution. Seeing how the gang ended up together was also fun. The bad thing is now I want to read "Dragon Ball Z"...^^;
Dry Heat (manga) Good Out of the all the Yamada material I've read thus far, I think this one is the weakest. The characters seemed really one-dimensional, and the story circular. How did Isaku even fall in love with Hiko? I don't see how it's possible.
Duetto (manga) Decent I expected more from the story than there was. The main couple was already established from the get go so I had no idea how the two got together at all. Their agonizing over each other was just irritating and the chapters were way too short. About the only story I liked was the father and son, and even then, it wasn't too interesting. Bah.
Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders (manga) So-so The second volume was better than the first, but even then the story wasn't too impressive. The cliche formula about killed any enjoyment of the manga for me.
Durarara!! (manga) Very good A truncated version of the light novels. It's good for what it is since the art is really pretty. Just a shame it's so short.
Durarara!! Saika Arc (manga) Very good I love Shizuo, so an entire arc focusing on him always makes me happy. Seeing him wale on so many people at once was perfection.
Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc (manga) Good Probably my least favorite arc in the series, but that's mostly down to the fact I don't really like the main trio very much. Especially not Kida and his assistance on being melodramatic.
Earthian (manga) So-so When I can't tell characters apart, I start to get cranky. My mood gets even worse when the story keeps stalling, and ends abruptly with little to no explanation as to how and why. There's no character development, and even the yaoi element is downplayed so far, it's hard to see it at times. I'm really disappointed with this title. The books are beautiful, but as far as I'm concerned, the story and art is disposable. I don't know if I'll keep this in my collection or not.
Éclair Blanche (manga) Very good There were only a few stories I didn't like, the rest were great and there was a good variety of themes they covered. Very fluffy and worth reading. I'll have to get the third volume in the series too. ^^
Éclair Bleue (manga) Very good Hmm, I don't think it was as good as the second in the series, though I still enjoyed most of the stories. My favorite was probably the ex-house wife asking the high school kid to come get her in a few years' time. There's apparently a fourth volume and I'd love to read it.
Éclair Orange (manga) Excellent Yep, another yuri anthology. Really cure stories overall.
Éclair Rouge (manga) Very good I liked the majority of the stories, only a few annoyed me towards the end. Yay femslash!
Éclair: A Girls' Love Anthology That Resonates in Your Heart (manga) Very good As far as I recall, I did like these short stories. Some kissing scenes were quite detailed. I'm all for more yuri manga released stateside. :)
Eerie Queerie! (manga) Excellent A really cute shounen ai title that is quite funny, amusing all around.
El-Hazard (manga) Good An okay adaption of the anime, Jinnai will always remain my favorite character out of the cast though. I love his megalomaniac personality. I really want to re-watch the OAV now though, dammit.
Electric Hands (manga) Excellent One of my favorites with great art and funny characters. I particularly like the story with the guy who's stare is enough to paralyze another (names escape me at the moment). All the author comments were interesting. I'm a little sad the stories were so short though.
Empty Heart (manga) Excellent Hmm, good smut, very good smut. Minase's art was great as always though really, the whole story could have been resolved a whole lot sooner if people didn't run off and finished a damn conversation instead. *rolls eyes*
Erased (manga) Very good The art could be better, but the story was still as good as I remember. Reading the first volume was enough to get me to binge-watch the LA series on Netflix to see how it all ended so I'd say the manga was pretty damn good. I like that it gives more detail about the killer's motives and POV, though I will never be a fan of the coma and amnesia tropes the story utilizes. Still, it's really well-written and sucks me in every time no matter what the format of the story is.
(La) Esperança (manga) Very good Well, okay, after reading it all, they do a good job of developing the story (it's a tad soap-opera-ish by the end but it could have been worst). Really, the only thing that bothered me about this manga was that the main couple does nothing but kiss, they don't wax poetic about being homosexuals and how that would offend God's eye despite the fact they attend a religious school...wait, why am I complaining? So, good manga, too light for me but worth the few hours it took to get to through it.
Eternity (manhwa) Good It's hard to comment on this without saying something about the rather abrupt ending and the odd Jojo character that was introduced in the first volume (I really never liked him). But for what it's worth, I enjoyed the characters and random humorous parts so it was worth reading (the art was also damn pretty at times).
L'Etoile Solitaire (manga) So-so Technically, there's nothing wrong with this title, but I've read a ton of yaoi manga, and this is so cliche and super sweet that it's off putting. The art was okay yet the characters had no depth at all. How can I get into the drama surrounding their relationship if I don't believe they have feelings for each other? Pass.
Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly (manga) Masterpiece Dammit, Yoneda, your writing is so damn good! I loved the romance between Deguchi and Onoda. Unlike Shinma, Deguchi didn't struggle very much to accept a straight man as a lover. Such pretty art and endearing characters. <3
Everlasting Love (manga) Good Cutes stories, sometimes cartoonish art, an okay amount of stories. I expected more of the stalker story but for light yaoi, it was fine.
Excel Saga (manga) Excellent This is even better than the anime mainly because it goes into more detail, there's more character development and there's hints of an ongoing plot at times. Gasp! Great manga.
FAKE (manga) Excellent Ah, Dee, can, will I be able to lure you from Ryo? No? Well, as long as you keep raping him, I'll be happy. Matoh Sanami's most well-known manga and with good reason, it's damn good.
Fake Fur (manga) Good I'm impressed this manga didn't go the usual route, but at the same time, the way the story was handled sort of bothered me. It seemed very vague at times when it came to couples. Plus, I would've liked to see how Yamashita met his new beau...
Fall in love like a comic! (manga) So-so Bleh...
Fallen Moon (manga) So-so I love the art but the stories aren't really that good. I have a hard time following some of them, and I don't think it's because I'm sick. They're just confusing with names being thrown around, and angels and demons, and what not. So, yeah, probably not even worth the two dollars I spent on it.
False Memories (manga) Very good While I enjoyed the story, the way the characters avoided unraveling their past misunderstandings annoyed me a bit. It was fairly obvious they still cared about each other and I just wanted them to get together already. The other couple, Saeki and the college student, was of far more interest to me. Saeki was apparently bi the whole time and he never even knew. :p
Family Complex (manga) Good While some of the family's problems were pretty funny, the story wasn't that great. They're pretty, okay, I get that. Why do I care again? Fuyuki was the most amusing, and the 4-comic strips towards the end made me laugh. Other than that, I could easily pass on reading this again.
(The) First Stage of Love (manga) Decent The character design(s) didn't change a lot between stories, which confused me at times. I think I only liked one story out of the lot, so you can surmise the whole manga was pretty "eh."
Flame of Recca (manga) Masterpiece Awesome, just fucking awesome. Great characters, fights, and the ending was perfect. Exactly what I wanted to see. Now I just want to see the rest of the manga adapted into an anime. Please?
FLCL (manga) Good The art was simplistic but I enjoyed reading this, mainly to see what was left out of the anime, plus it had a different ending. ^^
(The) Flower of Deep Sleep (manga) Very good While I had to make an effort to understand the whole story (I blame lack of sleep more than anything), I really enjoyed the art and characters. I actually wish the series had been one more volume just so the plot could have been expanded and more details added. In any case, I'm glad the couple I wanted got together and I wouldn't mind reading more of this mangaka's work.
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (manga) Good It was okay. I enjoyed learning about the different cooking techniques and seeing all the yummy food, but the series was very formulaic, and that ending was, uh, something. 36 volumes were way too long for the story and I rather wish the mangaka team had cut the series in half so there weren't so many crappy repeat arcs. So, yeah, not my favorite shounen series, but not the worst either.
A Foreign Love Affair (manga) Very good This isn't my favorite Yamane work since the story seems sort of wonky (way too crack-ish) but it was amusing reading through it all. The drama CD is actually better since the seiyuu they picked to play the characters were very talented.
Freefall Romance (manga) Masterpiece I've read this one about six times so it should stand to reason I like it a lot. I just really like the main couple and the artwork is so pretty. Much better than the original manga this one-shot came from.
Full Metal Panic! (manga) Good Ah, it's like FMP and FMF shoved together, and I quite enjoy the different take on some solutions. Sagara Sousuke can come "protect" me anytime. :p
Full Metal Panic: Overload! (manga) Very good I've always loved Sousuke's lack of common sense and this series is full of him going over the top and making a general nuisance of himself. It's great and makes me laugh. ^_^
Full Moon O Sagashite (manga) Good This series grew on me towards the second volume in but I hardly thought Mitsuki was as compelling a main character as the mangaka made her out to be. Since when are dreams more important than your own life? Takuto was my favorite character and I'm rather happy as to his fate in the end, but as far as I'm concerned, the series is too wishy-washy to ever really get on my list of favorites.
Fushigi Yûgi (manga) Good The Neverending Story on crack and cotton candy, with a ton of bishies added to keep readers' interest. If you don't think that's a apt description, too bad. Despite the predictable romance and length of the series, an enjoyable story all around.
Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden (manga) Excellent Takiko's side of the FY legend, and with a slightly more mature attitude than Miaka, it's a bit more enjoyable. I also love the Limdo character, what I wouldn't give to be able to switch between being a guy and girl (think of how you could mess with peoples' heads!).
Gaba Kawa (manga) Very good I would've preferred Rara been more demonic, but that's just my evil side coming to the forte. :p Still, I liked the general story even if the ending was kind of melodramatic.
Gakuen Heaven (manga by You Higuri) So-so You'd think I'd learn by now to stay away from mangaka whose work I don't like, but I never do. -_-; Take this case, a story about a school whose initials are BL (not so subtle there), you'd assume it's a parody of all those yaoi stories where school boys get together but no...it takes itself seriously (a really bad move). Freakin' waste of paper, in my opinion.
GALS! (manga) Decent I wasn't a real big fan of the anime, so it was pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't like the original source material. The only upside to reading it (as far as I can see) is that Aya and Sayo don't talk in the third person. I really couldn't care about the rest.
Garden Dreams (manga) Very good Damn, more sad stories. I really felt for the count especially after his second wife died so suddenly, didn't really care for the whole bard subplot but it did serve a purpose in the end. As always, real pretty art and good characterization, just what I've come to expect from Yoshinaga.
Garden Sky (manga) Good Again, seemed like the mangaka only had one set of character designs to draw from. I really liked the first story, but the second one left a lot to be desired. It read like an RPG journey that never finished. -_-;
Generation Witch (manga) Good Very cute. I liked the variety of characters and stories. However, it was really hard to tell some people apart and I'm a little confused on how exactly The Grand High Witch saved the town in the end. Was it some kind of time loop, or something else entirely? Ah, well, it's not a bad manga in the end, but probably not one I'd reread anytime soon.
Genshiken (manga) Very good I love how manipulative these otaku people are, and wonder if I have that same ability as well (*ponders for a while*), anyway, I can pretty much follow most of the terms and references and thus enjoy this.
A Gentleman's Kiss (manga) Good With the main couple already established, it was a little disappointing to know the rest of the manga was just going to be a number of obstacles they would have to overcome in order to be together. Still, despite that, I did like it, but there were a number of characters who were just there to muck the works and little else.
(The) Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (manga) Good While I enjoyed reading this (this is probably my favorite out of Tanemura's material), I think the story and love triangles were overly complicated. It was hard to keep track of who loved who at times. The one thing that I didn't like was that everyone had a dark past and regularly got depressed yet bounces back from said depression damn quickly. If I were one of those characters, I'd have probably killed myself from the angst of it all. The ending was kind of iffy because while the couple I wanted got together, it didn't seem very final. -_-;
Gerard & Jacques (manga) Excellent Ah, I love this series, not only was the seme delightfully perverted but he knew exactly when to push his uke and when not to. I liked the fact it was set near the French Revolution too...the art's not exactly my norm but it was pretty anyway. ^^
(The) Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún (manga) Very good Very intriguing. I love the art, it's so soft and pretty. <3 The latter volumes of the series explain much of the mystery and I am quite curious where the story will go in further chapters. Re: the ending. It was okay, I mean, I'm happy they ended up together but there's a lot of questions about their future. Maybe the volume of short stories will explain more.
A Girl on the Shore (manga) Awful Yeah, I really could have done without the scat fetish scene. The other sex scenes didn't bug me so much, but the story and characters were so damn boring. Despite the main couple liking each other, they didn't even end up together. Overall, I didn't even really get the point of the manga. Sex is meaningless? Depression can be overcome? Asexuality is good? Meh, whatever. I'll likely forget about this manga in a few days anyway.
Glass Sky (manga) Excellent A bunch of one-shots, most of which amused me (there was a nice variety). None of Yamada Yugi's work has ever disappointed me and this one is no exception. So happy DMP is releasing most of her stuff.
Go For It Again, Nakamura! (manga) Good So cute. Poor Nakamura just can't catch a break. Maybe he'll succeed one of these days.
Go For It, Nakamura! (manga) Very good More fluffy romance than any actual yaoi material. Still, I enjoyed the retro feel to the story and kind of wished there had been more of the manga.
God of Dogs (manga) Good This is a sequel to "Charisma," which was never published in the U.S. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Ishihara has plenty of other one-shot titles they could have put out. In any case, the story is okay, but nothing too spectacular. It was nice seeing an update on El Gato. I just wonder if the manga has another volume to it since the story wasn't really resolved at all.
Godchild (manga) Good I should like it better than I do given the amount of violence and murder in this, but for some reason, while I liked reading it, it didn't really satisfy me. The stories were all over the place until the last two volumes. I particularly enjoyed Riff's development as the series went on. Maybe I would have connected better to the characters had I read the previous "Count Cain" series?
Golden Cain (manga) So-so Story wasn't very impressive and the uke got on my last nerve (crying way too much). Then again, I don't really like the mangaka of this to begin with...
Gorgeous Carat (manga) Not really good This is yaoi? Really? Because I didn't really catch any overtones at all. There's one kiss between (I guess?) the main couple, and that was to save their life so it really doesn't count as man smut. The story was disjointed, and I got tired of Florian getting kidnapped before being rescued. I'll stay far away from You Hirigi from now on. I don't like her stuff at all.
Gorgeous Carat Galaxy (manga) Decent Ugh, more of the same crap that bugged me in the original series. It's slightly better because the hints about Florian and Ray's relationship are made more clear, but if they're sleeping together, it's clear the mangaka doesn't want to show it. The story was...okay? It was quite convoluted towards the end. Florian should become a professional kidnap victim if even a little girl can steal him so easily. >_>
Gravel Kingdom (manga) Excellent A great fantasy tale, though some of the characters oddly resemble those from Angel Sanctuary (same artist but shouldn't she be able to draw a variety of characters, not reuse them?)
Gravitation (manga) Excellent Classic yaoi (or heavily layered shounen ai) manga, the character development is something to behold, as well as the humor. ^_^
Great Place High School (manga) Decent The manga may say it's yaoi, but there's not much in it. There's little 4 panel strips, and they make up the bulk of the book. Even the mangaka says the two characters that would make a good couple won't get together because of their personalities. I'd probably read this again, but not anytime soon.
GTO (manga) Excellent A teacher in Japan can get away with anything! What...that's not true? *sobs* Onizuka is far too amusing to be restrained. Take that, fiend! *kills any resistance that appears*
Gunparade March (manga) Very good Instead of kicking and screaming about not wanting to pilot a mecha, the fact there's a could-be-evil kid who does so willingly according to his own agenda is refreshing. Good art (though the action was hard to follow at times) and characters, and a plat ending, excellent shounen.
Hana-Kimi (manga) Excellent I've gotta hand it to the mangaka, once she stopped relying on the usual shoujo cliches, the story turned great, characters were developed just right, and the ending I actually liked (the art style got a lot better towards the end too...though the lines around the eyes just reminded me of old men- sorry, Sano ^^;).
Hands Off! (manga) Excellent I was surprised by how much I liked this given the formula it seemed to follow. The last few volumes were very dark and that was vaguely depressing. The ending was a tad anticlimactic and I felt sorry for Kotarou's fate, no matter how happy he seemed. The art was kind of iffy at first but it quickly grew on me. Probably not one of my favorites but it was definitely worth reading.
Hands Off: Don't Call Us Angels (manga) Good Clearly, Udou and At-chan's relationship hasn't changed all that much through the years. The only thing that bugged me was Yari's association with the mysterious man in the car was never explained (one assumes it's the bad side of a psychic organization), and At-chan's sudden power switch. Isn't that something that's ingrained from birth? I don't think even contact from another psychic would change the basis of your power like that...
Happiness Recommended (manga) Excellent I didn't expect to like this one so much. It was funny, and though it was hard to keep track of the brothers (so many), I enjoyed the main couple. I would have loved to have seen some smut but I was pretty happy with all the hugging and kissing. I'd gladly read more from this mangaka. ^_^
Happy Hustle High (manga) Excellent I loved this manga, it had a great protagonist, was really funny, and had a pretty good story. Color me impressed many times over. I have a feeling Takada will join the likes of Bisco Hatori in the category of my favorite shoujo mangaka. ^_^
Happy Mania (manga) Bad The main character in this drives me nuts, how can one person be so flighty and stupid? -_- I really wonder how this manga was published in the first place, the story was retarded as well as the characters. I wished them all a fiery death by the time I read the last volume and will never lay a hand on this series again.
Hate to Love You (manga) Decent Hmm, this was okay.The art is very pretty, but I did wish that the ukes would stop crying and man up already. Kind of bland story wise and the last one shot was basically a stalker/rape plot that went nowhere. Glad I got this free. ^^
Hatsune Miku: Acute (manga) Bad I know next to nothing about this virtual idol so I was pretty lost while reading this. The story wasn't great as the turn to 'I love him' to 'I must kill him' was so unnatural. The art was okay though.
Heat Guy J (manga) Good Most of the stories are those I've seen in the anime but it has one thing the anime didn't: chibi. They're so cute! ^_^ Also, as it was a shounen manga, there was fan service but considerably less than the usual amount.
(The) Heiress and the Chauffeur (manga) Good The art was great and while I liked the main couple well enough, the story wasn't that good. It took too long for the main girl to admit she liked her servant and the climax seemed super convenient. The constant recap got tiresome too. Still, I really enjoyed reading it.
Hellsing (manga) Excellent Read in its entirely, the story and characters are really well done. The art takes a couple of volumes to mature but by the last volume, it's damn impressive. More than a few deaths made me sad but it's basically a war manga so not everyone can live. My one and only complaint is some threads of the story weren't explained all that well (Alucard's "disappearance"), and it took Dark Horse so fucking long to publish a ten volume series.
Here is Greenwood (manga) Excellent I like it, it's just as good as the anime (which after reading through the rest of the series, I wish hadn't been so short). My only gripe is that I would have liked to have seen the boys graduate, not random reader' requests in the last volume. Still, despite that, a most amusing series.
Hero Heel (manga) Bad I really like this mangaka's art (I always will), but as for the story...I found it hard to believe Minami could fall in love at first sight so fast and with a guy who has such a bad temperament. After reading through the rest of the manga, I really would have preferred Minami stayed with Katagiri, it would have made for a healthier relationship. The last few pages of the series made me cringe. Bad, bad manga. I might get rid of you soon. -_-
Hey, Sensei? (manga) Decent Student meets teacher, student falls in love with teacher, teacher falls in love with student, etc. Is it any surprise they eventually get together?
Hide and Seek (manga) Excellent This is definitely the most mature couple I've seen in yaoi manga. Pretty damn refreshing even if the smut fell to the wayside after a while because of family issues. I liked it very much, and hope Sakaragi does something similar in another title in the future.
(The) High School Life of a Fudanshi (manga) Very good Okay, I take it back, Gucchi is definitely my spirit animal, not Tanaka-kun. So much of what he thinks or says is exactly what I saw back when I first got into the hobby, but because I am a girl, it wasn't as taboo for me. I swear I'm going to take pictures of some quotes and use it in conversation over the Internet because they are perfect and funny as hell. At only 5 volumes, it was over too soon. I wanted more!
Honey Baby (manga) Decent Eh, it was okay. I only really read it for the art and that was great.
Honey Colored Pancakes (manga) Very good I love the art. It's all soft lines, but the men actually look like men. The stories are on the sweet side with little sex in them. Pretty alluring stuff though so no complaints from me. Good manga. ^_^
Hot Gimmick (manga) Decent Hatsumi is a doormat, and what better way to suppress her even more than to shove a pushy boyfriend her way? Ryoki, for all his harsh words, is actually good for her in his own way (seeing as he's in love with her so much), but as hot as Ryoki was, I was rooting for Shinogu, her brother. I'm pissed off he become a monk in the end (he couldn't just let time pass and fall in love with someone else?); the alternate ending novel didn't really help considering how badly it was written. "Oh, I got you a ring, wear it when you feel like it." -_-;
Hotarubi no Mori e (manga) So-so Little known title I read that neither impressed me or disgusted me.
House of Five Leaves (manga) Good The art style didnn't bother me too much, it's incredibly distinctive and stands out. I just wish the story had been more dynamic as it was very slow paced at times. Four volumes would have covered the plot fine. Still, I loved Masa's character development and the tight family unit Yaichi had unwittingly built for himself. Even got a bit teary eyed at the ending.
How to Capture a Martini (manga) So-so Hibino cried way too much for someone his age. I've heard Shinobu's excuse numerous times, so his "reasons" were just stupid. Also, this is a manga about a bar and yet only martinis were made? Bartender spoiled me. ^_^ So, in all, the art was good, the story not so much. Good thing I got it discounted.
How to Seduce a Vampire (manga) Decent While the art was good, the stories weren't cohesive, and made little sense. I really doubt I'll read this again anytime soon.
Hungry For You - Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night (manga) Excellent I really enjoyed the characters. They're very much against the usual horror type and I liked going with them on their semi-silly adventures. I also liked the main couple. My one complaint was that all the faces look alike so it's hard to tell whose who at times. So, after finishing the series, the final villain was a bit lackluster and I really wanted Shizue and Yasuko to officially become an item. The notion Shizue doesn't want to become a vampire and will grow old and die eventually is sad. Still, it was nice to see the mangaka herself ships them. ^_^
Hybrid Child (manga) Excellent Sad, sad, sad but craftly so excellently, I have few complaints. If anything, it was a bit lacking on the usual humor that's found in this mangaka's work (or maybe I'm too used to Jujou Romantica?); oh well.
I Can't Stop Loving You (manga) Excellent I love the stalking/horny uke in this series, it was a really nice change from the usually aggressive seme you see in a lot of yaoi stories. Damn amusing really.
I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up (manga) Very good This was a really sweet story. I would've loved for it to go on to show a physical side to the relationship, but I'll take what I can get.
I'll Be Your Slave (manga) Decent Yeah, this one was amusing at first but it reached a point where I started to get sick of the seme's foolishness and the uke's overall attitude. A pretty face does not grant everything you desire and could want, as this manga seems to want you to believe. Regardless, it had some pretty art even if most of the characters were intolerable.
I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone (manga) Very good Smutty as all hell and that makes Hikaru a happy person all around, never mind the story revolving around said smut. :p Not that it was bad per say (I enjoyed seeing the uke try and figure out his feelings) but you knew how it was going to end up. ^_^
I've Moved Next Door to You (manga) Excellent I was really surprised by this title. The threesome aspect was really well done, and the story had unexpected depth. Granted, I thought the first chapter was rough, I had a hard time figuring out who was talking at times. By the end the characters had grown on me, and I really loved it overall. I can definitely see myself reading the manga again because it was damn impressive.
I.O.N (manga) Decent I think this is the weakest of the mangaka's work, it felt very disjointed and I thought the story was predictable as all hell. I also don't get the whole substance that amplifies psychic power, because if Ion was psychic in the first place, how is a piece of material going to help? Blah.
Ichigenme... The First Class is Civil Law (manga) Excellent As I recall, I liked this one. Lots of smut between the main couple...
Il Gatto Sul G (manga) Excellent I enjoy reading this, it's quite screwed (I don't think a split personality works like that) and the characters have no idea what they're doing half the time but it's amusing (I like Riya's two personalities, now I just wonder which one will get who he wants? :p). Double deflowering? Bring it on. ^_^
Imadoki! Nowadays (manga) So-so I mainly liked this because of the main character's refuse-to-let-circumstances-destroy-my-good-mood personality but after a while, even that character became cliche. And yes, I realize I am extremely picky when it comes to shoujo.
Immoral Darkness (novel) So-so I really hated the characters, they were all very inconsistent in their actions and I didn't give a crap about them throughout the whole novel. At least it read well...
In the Walnut (manga) Very good Not bad, kind of formulaic, but the couple seemed very comfortable with each other. No unreasonable fights, which was refreshing. ^_^
Innocent Bird (manga) So-so I'll admit the art is really pretty, but the story and characters annoyed the crap out of me. God this, God that, it was like the mangaka's religious preferences went wild and escaped. Considering the main cast, I shouldn't have been surprised, but it was hard keeping on till the end. This one will be shoved to the back of the bookcase or sold off eventually.
Intense Rain (manga) Very good It's not the most interesting story around, but I like it. I've read this title probably 3 times in all (twice in scanlation form). I'd love to too more of Fuwa's work state side. ^^
Inuyasha (manga) Good It's a good series but it had the same problem as the anime (way *way* too long). The ending was surprisingly well done, but 56 volumes to kill one villain? You could have made a third of it (25 or so volumes), and the story would have been just as good. Ah well, I don't regret reading it, but I probably won't re-read it for quite a while.
Invisible Love (manga) Good I like Hojoh's artwork, it's simple and you sometimes get the feeling she uses paper cutouts for the characters' expressions, but it's very easy to enjoy the images she presents. Out of all the stories, I liked the first one the most, the rest were either too predictable or I didn't care for the way some of the characters acted. Also, there were two characters who looked practically like twins so it was hard telling them apart.
Island (manhwa) Masterpiece Pan, take me! ...You didn't read that, you hear? *lowers knife from your throat* Right, being the first Korean manhwa I ever read, I wasn't sure what to expect but damn was I impressed. Excellent art, story, characters, everything was wonderful.
Isle of Forbidden Love (manga) Very good Nice romance between a time agent and someone of the past, loved how it melded into modern day. ^_^
Jackass! (manga) Very good This is the strangest BL premise I've run across. I did find thr story and characters pretty interesting regardless, though I did feel like a chapter at the beginning explaining exactly how the main couple met would have been nice. As it is, the romance develops super fast. Another improvement for me would have been cutting out the best friend's romance as well since it only padded pages out. Make no mistake, I really liked it in the end, and I'm curious how the mangaka's other titles are.
Jazz (manga) Bad Even in the end, this manga remained really annoying. It included all the cliches you could shake a stick at, and the characters never emotionally matured a bit. It's a sick sad relationship the couple is in, and it's really unhealthy. I was annoyed at the "happy ending." I'm just glad to have it out of my reading pile. Bleh.
Jing: King of Bandits (manga 1995-98) Very good Unusual shounen dealing with a thief who steals very odd loot, ranging from someone's heart to stealing time (varied doesn't even begin to describe it). It also helps Jing himself counts a bishie.
Jing: King of Bandits - Twilight Tales (manga 1999-2005) Excellent For some reason, this mangaka's art style changed (or maybe evolved is a better word) but it's not a bad change, and it's nice to see Jing back in action.
(The) Judged (manga) Excellent Ah, I love this mangaka's art, her characters almost seem too real for black and white images. Not to mention I really love the unique stories in her manga. This one in particular as the character development seemed very real.
Just Around the Corner (manga) Decent Nothing really objectionable, but it was hard to maintain interest when I've already read the story several times before. The only thing that kept tripping me out was that some of the characters looked really similar to some from "Afuresou na Pool" and "Love Mode." Probably not manga I'll be re-reading anytime soon yet it's not really bad at all.
Just My Luck (manga) Excellent I like the variety of stores in this, the robot one gets me right where it counts (though for the life of my, I couldn't tell you why). Yeah, sure, it's a little soft in the smut department (by that, I mean not many details are shown), but it's not like I think about sex all day, every day (...much).
Just!! (manga) Good Shounen-ai that never goes anywhere. *pouts*
Jyūshin Enbu - Hero Tales (manga) Good Not sure why I don't like this better. The art is good as is the story, but I just can't get into it. Maybe because it's basically a shounen version of "Fushigi Yuugi." The ending was okay yet I would have loved to see the ending of the fight. Why did Taitou wander off for seven years? Dramatic effect?
Ka Shin Fu (manga) Good I think this might be my favorite Tateno work. The story, while it did meander a bit, was good and I loved seeing Shuu and Yuuichi's relationship evolve as they aged. That last chapter was nice...the other couple? Meh.
Kaine (manga) Good What would you do if you woke up in another body? Me, I would've spent all that rock star's money, brother or not. :p
Kamikaze Girls (manga) Decent I liked this better than I thought I would though I think Momoko and Ichigo should just get together already and stop going after guys they can't have. What? Don't look at me like that. I didn't really like the last story in the GN (the pinky princess crap), as it was predictable and I hated the heroine's pushy matter. Isn't that guy doing a minor? o.0
Kannazuki no Miko: Destiny of Shrine Maiden (manga) Decent While I don't really like the story, I enjoy seeing Chikane plot behind her friend's back. I mean, raping her so she won't be a target for the bad guys? Very sneaky. The ending was kind of nice though Himeko's sudden turnaround regarding her feelings was surprising...
Kare Kano (manga) Very good Seen the anime? Good. Then you don't need to read this. :p
Katakoi Paradise (manga) Excellent Unlike the anime based on this, this manga is quite good and can be touching (the seme's story of his brother just about undid me). It reaches an inevitable conclusion but it's fun reading it (and yes, I read this in Japanese; yea me).
Kedamono Damono (manga) Very good I really enjoyed this one. I guess I'm a sucker for characters that can switch between boy and girl at the drop of a hat. It makes for rather unusual romance. I did get tired of one line throughout the series, but considering how oddball the story is, I was able to ignore it. Great shojo. ^_^
Kenka Bancho Otome: Love's Battle Royale (manga) Good It's too bad the story was based on a game because if it hadn't, some actual progress could have been made between Hinako and the love interests. As it was, everyone existed in some sort of crush status quo without ever saying anything. I mean, I liked the characters, it's nice seeing a strong female protagonist, but I wanted to see one kiss at least. The art was really good as well.
Kill Me, Kiss Me (manhwa) Excellent I really really liked the first volume of this then the story changed drastically and I somewhat lost interest, but I finished reading it at least.
Kimi Shiruya - Dost Thou Know? (manga) Masterpiece There's no way I can comment on this without showing some bias (been a fan of this mangaka for a few years now), so I won't bother and just say, this is another of Ishihara Satoru's greats.
(The) King of Debt (manga) Decent Okay yaoi, but nothing special. I would have liked a bit more character development before the couples jumped into bed together.
Kino's Journey - The Beautiful World (manga Iruka Shiomiya) Very good Pretty good. Nice art, even if I've seen the stories before in the novel and anime series.
Kiss All The Boys (manga) Good I'm not happy with how the couples got split off. I personally think Momoyama would have been a better choice than Tamaki but then I think Momoyama was my favorite character...the sad parts got to me more than I thought they would. So, while I'd read this again, I'm not satisfied in how the story played out.
Kiss Him, Not Me (manga) Very good While I really liked this series, I can't really get behind how it portrays fat people. Anyone with a heavyset body is drawn ugly with their faces all smashed together and the unrealistic weight loss back and forth on Kae's part (with no consequences) was seriously annoying. I also hated the whole 'Kae is kidnapped and almost forced to get married/Mutsumi is injured and falls into a coma so Kae can realize who she really loves' part of the story. Just fucking terrible. So with all the negatives aside, I greatly enjoyed Kae's fujoshi antics and her love interests were always amusing. I'm glad Kae ended up with the most logical choice, though I would have liked to have seen her pick Shima just because their interests lined up very well. So, yeah, bit a flawed series, but there's enough good stuff in it that I can (mostly) forgive any of my hang-ups with the execution and premise.
Kissing (manga) Good Hmm, yes, while this was not one of my favorites, I did enjoy reading it (by the end, I really dug the art). Not bad for a one-shot.
Kodocha - Sana's Stage (manga) Good You know, I think this series suffered from it's long length (not that it wasn't amusing, but by the fifth or six crisis that happens to Akito and Sana, you start to get a bit tired of the all the drama/tramatic pasts). I really liked the characters though (Akito especially- that cheetah thing was great).
Kokoro Connect (manga) So-so This manga was way too talky and overly dramatic. People had a habit of thinking things were way bigger deals than they were most of the time. "I have too many sides," "I don't like men touching me," "I only want to please other people." Everyone has hang-ups like that, you are not special snowflakes. It's a shame the story fell to pieces, becoming a romantic drama because the body-switching concept could have been really interesting.
Komomo Confiserie (manga) Good I admire that Natsu still was kind of a jerk in the final volume, and that him and Komomo weren't officially a couple. It implies they both have some growing to do before they enter a relationship. Some of the desserts looked so tasty. What I didn't enjoy was the parents' meddling, other than that a good series.
Last Portrait (manga) Excellent I really liked this one, the story and the art were just great. I'm really looking forward to reading some of this mangaka's material whenever DramaQueen deigns to release it. ^^
Laugh Under the Sun (manga) Excellent Good characters, nice story, great smut. Yamada Yugi knows her stuff and never fails to impress (at least me).
(The) Legend of Chun Hyang (manga) Decent The only thing I like about is the art, the rest of it I just didn't care for. Too predictable and bland if you ask me.
Let Dai (manhwa) Excellent Having finally read all of it, I'm still of a mind that it's among the best manwha ever. Sure, it had some weird moments (in dialogue and other scenes) but in all, I really enjoyed the story and characters (all of them had depth, even if I didn't particularly like them). I liked the ending, it's obvious Jaehee and Dai ended up together despite all the crap people and life threw at them. The way it should be if you ask me. ^_^
Level-C (manga) Weak I don't mind the anime really, but the manga just doesn't agree with me (maybe it's the bland story...or the art?).
Liberty Liberty! (manga) Excellent Really good story and characters. One of Takanaga's best. ^_^
Lies & Kisses (manga) Excellent It was the lies more than the kisses I didn't like in this, but considering it's among the best yaoi I've read, I really shouldn't complain. I've got a weakness for Minase's artwork so I really enjoyed reading this, as the characters had depth and the story was halfway amusing (though is it wrong to think there's nothing wrong with brotherly incest?).
Liquor & Cigarettes (manga) Very good I loved the art! So damn good. The story, on the other hand, eh...could have been better. It sort of felt like the uke was being slowly coerced into a relationship, even if he eventually returned what's-his-face's feelings. Plus, I think "Close the Last Door" did the story better. :p
Little Butterfly (manga) Very good Hmm, I liked this, even if one character's angst did annoy the crap out of me. I've grown used to the art style via other scanlations by this mangaka so I enjoyed oogling the art. ^_^
Living for Tomorrow (manga) Very good I really liked it, but I wish the main couple had been a little smarter. Oono spent a lot of time thinking when he really didn't need to. I do think the story was damn amusing (yea for dry humping!), so that's why the manga is still rated pretty high. Not to mention, the art was great.
Lost Boys (manga) Good Young man gets kidnapped by Peter Pan, starts falling for Peter Pan...can you guess where this is going? ^^; Predictable as it was (I read the first three chapters), the art's good, and Captain Hook and his pirates are damn hot.
(The) Loudest Whisper: Uwasa no Futari (manga) Very good I love the art, and I liked the story (had a lot of funny parts). The second volume was better than the first though.
Love Bus Stop (manga) Good Sweet stories (loved the fantasizing guy in the first story) that were a little predictable, but strangely I enjoyed them. Art was half pretty/generic and I get the feeling that I should have disliked the manga but the stories and characters were just too cute, even if you didn't get to see much action in the bedroom.
Love Circumstances (manga) Very good The main couple wasn't that interesting to me. It didn't help the manga was part two in a series so it was like stepping into a story half-finished (why didn't 801 release the first part? o.0). However, I loved the one-shots. They had great characters and humor within the narrative. ^_^
Love Hina (manga) Very good Ah, such a funny and manic manga, a bit on the long side but protrays romance pretty well, Mutsumi was my favorite, just for her oddball personality.
Love Hurts (manga) Very good Tanaka's art is beautiful, but each of the stories were a bit of a mixed bag. It's printed as a yaoi manga yet there really isn't much man on man loving. It's all kisses and confessions. I want my hardcore smut!
Love in Limbo (manga) Excellent Oh, god, as soon as Calen pressed his forehead against Boots', I instantly fell in love with this manga. The setting is unique and while fast, I really did feel like the romance between Makoto and Calen was realistic and well-done. Yeah, I did predict the ending but I was so pleased to see the pair remain together that I really didn't care. I'll definitely be reading this again soon (and writing fanfic about it probably). <3
Love is Like a Hurricane (manga) Excellent An expectionally smutty yaoi manga. I love the characters and odd story lines they get into at times. The only thing that is a bit of a drawback for me is the main focus on Azuma and Mizuki. More stories involving the other couples would have been great.
Love Mode (manga) Masterpiece Takamiya and Izumi are my favorite admist all the couples present in this manga, a wonderfully drawn and written manga at that. I was sad to see it end, but mustn't all good things?
Love on the Other Side: A Nagabe Short Story Collection (manga) Very good I really enjoyed the variety in this anthology. I'm all for inhuman/human relationships. In particular, I loved "Those Without Eyes,' it gave me so many warm fuzzies at the end. It's just a nice look into a different world. <3
Love Recipe (manga) Good I should like this series better but I think my main problem is it throws a lot at you at once, and character development gets left behind. It's a cute story, the art very pretty most of the time.
Love Share (manga, Aoi Kujyou) So-so About the only thing this series had going for it was that the main couple reversed positions every once in a while. The rest? *shrugs* The chapters were so short, it was hard to keep track of the ongoing story. Also, many of the character designs seemed to be reused so I had a hard time discerning who was who sometimes.
Love Skit (manga) Good I sort of wished Aoto would have ended up in a threesome with Masayuki and Takashi. It certainly would have made the main romance more interesting. I was more into Oonuki and Yu's relationship, that was adorable.
Love Stage!! (manga) Good I've always loved Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou's material so having both on one title is a dream come true. While I enjoy the story and characters, the fact the plot relies on sexual assault so much is kind of grating. It comes from nearly all quarters and the fact no one is reported for it is unbelievable. There are better ways to progress a relationship without one of the parties almost getting raped or molested. Seriously. All that said, I still enjoyed reading it, even if I was rolling my eyes a lot. I do think the anime is a much better adaptation because it's shorter and not prone to the manga's tropey problems.
Love+Alpha (manga) Very good It's not high literature by any means, but I really love the concept behind the manga. Any type of threesome is usually right up my alley so adding a ghost to the mix was fine with me. Nice sex scenes if a tad veiled at times. I was quite amused at Katsuki's brother man crush on Yuuya, too bad he couldn't get in on the action too. ^^;
Loveholic (manga) Very good I've got to give it to Kawai Toko, she has a habit of getting me to care about the characters without even realizing it (and the story always hits home in some way, though admittedly 'Cut' was closer). I've got no qualms with the art, though the chin sometimes irritate me a little, I'm interested in seeing more even if the story seemed sort of completed with the first volume...
Lover's Flat (manga) Excellent This was good, very entertaining. I'd read the first chapter more than a few years ago so getting to read it all was great. No complaints really (other than the fact the art kind of changes midway through the manga).
Lovers in the Night (manga) Very good Butler man amuses me so, I don't really care for the aristocrat son but together they're fine. Some parts of the story seemed very well done.
Lupin III (manga) Excellent I'm amused as hell by this, mostly for the puns, violence and random sex. Plus, despite the art being so-so, the storylines make up for it. The only thing that irritates me is some plots are never fully developed (they just get left behind in one-shot dust).
Lycanthrope Leo (manga) Excellent Yea, one of the few manga about shapeshifters and while it's violent as all hell (that's a good thing, trust me), I quite liked it. I want more, give Hikaru more! ;_;
Mad Love Chase (manga) Excellent Ha, I really loved this story even if most of it relied on comedic situations. The art was fucking excellent. I just wish it wasn't published as a shoujo manga because the "friendship" between Taiki and Kujou was begging for some resolution and all I saw were hopeful looks and smiles. I wanted smut. *sniffs* A bit outlandish in all at times, but definitely worth reading.
Madara (manga) Good By the guys who made 'MPD Psycho' thus I liked it (read all of one volume so far), it's interesting how human parts on a cybernetic body would be considered a weakness. Why fight so hard to get them back? :p
Magic Knight Rayearth (manga) Excellent Anyone remember Mixx Magazine? I was subscribed to that oh so long ago, and this was one of the titles that ran in it, thus where I came across it. It's good manga though, not afraid of skirting around a serious storyline within a RPG parody.
Magic Knight Rayearth II (manga) Masterpiece Compared to the anime, I prefer this version better, for the ending and the short but concise matter in which everything was resolved (it didn't drag on like the anime did).
Maiden Rose (manga) Very good There's some rough sex in this series. Not that I'm complaining, but if I'd been in Taki's position, I would've said something about my feelings much sooner. The war element could have probably been cut for all the good it did. Still, the art was beautiful, and the story was at least good.
Mail (manga) Good I'm always down for horror stories, but this series has a definite formula that rarely changes. I'd like to see what happens when Akiba fails to exorcise a ghost. His job is a bit too easy for my tastes.
(The) Man I Picked Up (manga) Decent I like the art style so long as the uke doesn't look like a little kid. When it's two burly men ravishing each other, I dig the stories a lot more. There was some really amusing couples in this and I'm glad I read it. ^^
Man of Many Faces (manga) So-so The romance (if you could call it that) strikes me as wrong, and really unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. Akira's uncle drove me up a wall with all his anecdotes, and his mothers (which one gave birth?) just seemed selfish. The lack of a father was not explained, which makes no sense given Akira's father was alive and well. I just can't enjoy a story that seems so slapped together, and if the series weren't hard to find, I'd sell it off in a heart beat.
(The) Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes (novel) Masterpiece I love these novels, I've read them about four times through and the story never fails to entertain me (plus the sex scenes are hot). I'm probably overly fond of the main couple but I enjoy their conflicting personalities and the way they're pushed together by other characters. ^_^
Man's Best Friend (manga) Excellent Ah, this is crack as its best. There's nothing quite like dog on human loving but the mangaka pulls it off oh so well. I really love the Ken and Kasumi stories in this, they're sweet as all hell. ^_^
Manic Love (manga) Very good It’s pretty rare in yaoi manga to see a man who will play both roles, uke and seme at the switch of a hat. The story was decent as well, though mainly I just looked forward to Mizuguchi and Haruji pouncing on each other after a lengthy absence apart. Better than the prequel 'Fake Fur' in any case.
Manly Appetites: Minegishi Loves Otsu (manga) Very good This is so cute. I do wish Otsu would stop putting himself down because of his weight, though. It's beyond clear Minegishi doesn't give a shit about it and just wants Otsu to be happy. The reactions of his coworkers to their 'flirting' are pretty funny. ^^ -After reading the last volume, I'm a little disappointed with the rushed ending. It felt like the author just ran out of steam and gave up. Might have to do a fix-it fanfic for it eventually.
MÄR (manga) Decent
Marmalade Boy (manga) Good Yes, it's shoujo, and yes, I actually liked it. But I blame it on the amusing characters (even if they're prone to making a huge deal out of such little incidents).
Mars (manga) Decent You have to try really hard when it comes to shoujo to impress me, and sadly, this didn't do the trick, as I could pretty much predict how things were going to end.
Mars: Horse with no Name (manga) Good The prequel, and a bit better actually.
Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone (manga) Good Different couples but it's mostly the same, I preferred the second couple to the first because of the uke's pouty attitude. He amused me a lot in the way he yelled at children for no good reason. I mostly read this for the smut though (also because the first one in this series impressed me).
Meeting You (manga) Good A bit rough, but it was the first mangaka's title so I can forgive the mistakes. I felt the first story went on too long, preferring the other two shorts after it because they were concise. Just too bad the mischievous uke Senken wasn't given more pages, I loved him. So at the very least, a good read. :)
Melted Love (manga) Excellent I liked this one, it had a variety of stories and I particularly enjoyed the tattoo artist and the hotel employee ones (really struck me as romantic and/or amusing). The art was half great/half horrible at times but still, this title really did impress me.
Menkui! (manga by S. Tanaka) Excellent This is your typical shounen ai relationship (there's no smut *sobs*), but the characters were well done, and despite some unreal events that occurred, I liked this a lot. ^^
Merman in My Tub (manga) Very good As odd as it sounds, I'm learning a lot about Japanese culture from a bath manga than most other series. In any case, it is such a cute series. I love the silent shark and snail. More often than not, I end up laughing and smiling a lot while reading this.
MeruPuri - The Marchen Prince (manga) Excellent Rape Aram now, I demand it! So it's predictable and far too sweet (if you think hard about the main romance, it's also sort of wrong) but the bishounen satisfy me on many levels (I actually like the story up until the fourth volume, that was just romantic mush in my opinion). A good shoujo series really. ^_^
Midare Somenishi (manga) Masterpiece Samurai raping samurai, how much better could it get? Brutual seme samurai raping a strong-willed swordsman! Truly excellent smut.
Midnight Stranger (manga) Excellent I will never dislike any of Bohra's material so it goes without saying that I loved this series. Non-human characters are always interesting, and Roi was utterly adorable (even in monster form). Two volumes wasn't enough for me. :p
Millenium Darling 2006 (manga) So-so Seeing as I've only read a little bit of the manga before this title, it was immensely confusing with all the different couples. The kids especially annoyed the crap out of me (where did they get them? Did they steal/adopt them? Why does a gay couple need a kid?). I spent most of the time reading this (10 minutes max) shaking my head and reading the stupid relationship chart. Blah, not even worth 2 dollars if you ask me.
Millennium Prime Minister (manga) So-so This manga was a mess. People had weird proportions sometimes, made impulsive and selfish decisions at the drop of a hat, and the story wasn't strong enough to fill four volumes. I hated Sai the most out of the whole cast. A 19-year-old acting like a fucking child is ridiculous. The forced BL plotline just didn't work for me and could have been cut for all the good it did. The art, character designs in particular, could have been much better since Minori looked like a guy and not a girl, especially by the end. Yeah, I just didn't like it at all.
Millennium Snow (manga) Good Not as good as Host Club, but I was amused by Toya and Chiyuki, even if it the potential between them is somewhat predictable (Satsuki annoys me for some reason, which is odd considering he's almost a carbon copy of Tamaki). An interesting series if anything else. ----Going back to read the last two volumes that complete the series wasn’t bad, but it's clear Bisco had a hard time drawing things to a close after ten years of leaving the series alone. The finale was just okay, I would've preferred Toya took Chiyuki when she was still in full health. Small nitpick, though, considering how damn pretty the art for volume 3 and 4 were. In all, not bad shojo, but there are definitely better series out there.
Mint de Kiss Me (manga) Good I liked the title story, wish it had been longer (I loved the fact that teacher turned out to be gay ^_^). Gensei Ka was freakin' dark for shoujo (but alas, very predictable). Furimuke Romance...*shrugs* Nothing much to say, I would've left the two guys together :p.
Misaki de Bus o Orita Hito (manga) Good Just one story in a batch of manga I downloaded, and while it was good, why is it in here? It was 20 pages long max. ^^;
Missing Piece (manga) Very good Made by the same mangaka whom is known for 'Hana Kimi', this was amusing overall though a bit short on some details of the story (did what's her face have powers after all?).
Missing Road (manga) Not really good I admire the ambition in the story but the execution was very rushed and the characterization super shallow. Like the romance was lackluster, which is a shame because the art was amazing.
Mistress Fortune (manga) Good I didn't hate this, and actually got some enjoyment out of it even if the story wasn't that impressive. The only that bugged me was Tiara's supposedly huge boobs. If she had size DD, they would have taken up most of chest and been hanging unnaturally off of her figure. Clearly, the mangaka didn't want to draw that so it just looks like she's got size B or something. This is a strange thing to nitpick on. *laughs*
Mixed Vegetables (manga) Very good I like cooking, and the even extends to manga about food. It makes me hungry most of the time reading about it. I wasn't too impressed with the first volume, but the series leveled from the second volume. It's pretty good. Just hope the ending isn't too abrupt.
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (manga) Not really good Beyond the art, this manga is completely disposable. It's just a parade of scantily clad women who want to see Miyuki's panties/strip her. Why CLAMP, why?
Mizu no Kioku (manga) Excellent Wonderful artwork, interesting stories, damn funny at times. I've re-read this one more than a few times so it's definitely one of my favorites. Nice job, Yaya-sensei, for a first work, it's really good. ^_^
Mobile Fighter G Gundam (manga) So-so
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (manga) Excellent The art was pretty/ugly off and on, which drove me a little nuts, but mostly reading this made me want to watch the anime again. Some of the more satisfying parts of the story weren't present, but I really did enjoy reading the manga. ^_^
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (manga by M. Takayama) Decent I would have liked this a lot better if I could tell the characters apart. As it was, I had a hard time following the story since I was wondering, "wait, who is that again?" more than "oh, that's interesting." I think the anime would be better since it would be in color. The story was just okay, nothing too fascinating.
Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny (manga) So-so The story really bothered me, as did the characters. In fact, the only good thing about this was the art.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (manga) Masterpiece
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Glory of the Losers (manga) Very good I will fully admit I'm looking at this series through nostalgia goggles. I'm honestly surprised how much of the story I remember from the anime and spin-off manga series. Glad I do because this manga is kind of a mess in terms of execution. Hardly anyone gets character development and some events are glazed over so fast. It's more like a bullet-point presentation of "Gundam Wing" than anything else. Newcomers to the story would be better off watching the anime. ^^;
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists (manga) Very good
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Blind Target (manga) Very good
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (manga) Very good
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero (manga) Very good
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Ground Zero (manga) Very good
Monster Musume: I ♥ Monster Girls (manga) Decent It's okay. Some of the shorts seem out of character, or the art is horrid. What was a little annoying was seeing the same ideas redone from the source material. Overall, it's not bad, but I'd probably never read it again.
(The) Moon and the Sandals (manga) Very good Hmm, I liked the first volume but the second kind of irritated me. I'm not sure why, it just grated on nerve how mushy some characters were and the short chapters that never seemed to go anywhere. Well, never mind, I've pinpointed what I didn't like anyway. ^^;;
Mr. Mini Mart (manga) Very good The main couple was adorable. The melodrama was a bit over the top at times and it would have been nice if Tamai if had been a bit character development. Like is he bi or did he turn gay over time? Anyway, the art was pretty good. I'd like to see more of Junko's BL titles brought over stateside.
My Brother’s Husband (manga) Excellent While I really enjoyed the story, I feel like the message was a bit heavy-handed at times. I get that it's addressing serious issues about life in Japan, but all the judgy side characters got tiring. I also wanted Mike to have some negative attributes, he came off as so perfect it was almost cringe-worthy sometimes. All that said, the main characters were well-developed and heartwarming, and I did cry a little at the end when Mike had to leave. I would love to see a sequel. ^^
My Girlfriend is a T-Rex (manga) Good I really did not expect to like this series, but the first volume was really funny. After that, the joke got a bit old. I did enjoy the mover dinosaur a lot though (her name escapes me). Considering the story, the lack of fan service was kind of refreshing.
My Love Story!! (manga) Masterpiece Ah, it was so good! Damn fucking sweet and heartwarming just like the anime. I really enjoyed Sunakawa's lack of interest in dating and his really sweet friendship with Takeo. 13 volumes was a perfect length for the series and I'm so happy I finally got to read it all. I'll definitely hit it up again in the future if I'm feeling down about anything. ^_^
My Only King (manga) Bad I will never like Hoshino's art style. All her characters have the same body type, overly girly features, and huge lips. The stories themselves are retarded, and I had a hard time even finishing the manga. Bleh!
Mysterious Love (manga) Excellent I love the main character's family: "We've known you were going to turn gay eventually, we've learned to accept it. Go have fun with your beau, son! ^_^" I would've have liked actual smut shown but I was happy enough with the story and characters, as well as the art.
Naked Jewels Corporation (manga) Very good Silly, smutty fun that amused me oh so well.
Necratoholic (manga) Good Vampires are hot, especially ones that are infatuated with their hunter (who, is in turn, in love with their prey). I really liked the dynamic between the main couple and the way it ended made me smile. I just wish the art had been a little more consistent (as it looked both beautiful and cartoon-ish at times). I could have done without the whole S & M queen element but I soon got used to it.
Negiho (manga) Awful Just retarded. Whoever thought it was worth making was crazy. I will erase it from my mind in a few hours.
Negima! Magister Negi Magi (manga) Very good Child wizard works as a teacher and tries to keep his secret safe, but fails miserably at times. While I enjoy reading this, I'm getting irritated that it seems everyone in Negi's class is supernatural. -_- So, in the end, I feel like the story went out far too long, and the ending wasn't really satisfactory. Also, I'm confused on why Negi seems to have aged. Didn't all the dark magic he did make him immortal? Or did that get thrown out of the window for being too negative? Whatever.
Negima!? neo (manga) Not really good This series didn't need another manga, least of all a reboot. The art is based off the original mangaka, which doesn't work sometimes successfully. The condensed story was fine for the first first volumes and then the story got retarded. The ending was abrupt and really unsatisfactory. -_-; I wish it had just been a one off volume about Negi's past, which would have been far more interesting than the crap I had to read about.
Neji (manga) Decent Better than average fare, emphasis on average.
Neo Parasyte m (manga) Very good For the most part, a really enjoyable anthology. I particularly enjoyed the one about the parasyte that married a woman who knew what he was and had a normal life in the end.
Neo-Parasyte f (manga) Very good Oddly enough, the stories by female authors were just kind of "meh" most of the time. I really liked the one about the parasyte that took over half a girl's brain and eventually took over when the girl couldn't take reality anymore. Dark, but sweet.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse (manga) Good Well, this didn't really have much of an resolution, did it? I think I got the overall story but the overly complication explanations were a serious determint at times. In a way, I think there was still too much "Eva" in the spin-off, which didn't give the AU a chance to go off and do its own thing. I will say the art was fucking pretty, it's a shame the manga turned out to be so mediocre in the end.
New Beginnings (manga) Good I've read this story a lot of times but I think this was the first realistic one that really delved into the thinking process of the party who'd been confessed to. It was oddly refreshing having no sex in the manga at all (which makes sense considering the main couple had just started out at the end of the story). Definitely worth reading.
New Vampire Miyu (manga) Decent I've got nothing against the art but it's damn hard trying to figure out what the hell is going on at times (especially in fights). Story was all right, nothing too special, really the only thing I liked was Larva and he was on the enemies' team for half the manga. :p
Night of the Beasts (manga) Good While I liked the story and characters, some of the details in the premise didn't really make much sense if you put a lot of thought into it. Aria was a bit too weepy for my tastes, but she's dealt with a lot so I guess it's understandable. Some of the fights were hard to follow at times. Despite those complaints, I really enjoyed the series anyway. The art got really good in the last few volumes. Still, it's definitely a guilty pleasure.
NightS (manga) Masterpiece This book sucked me in and never let go. The writing was exceptional, no BL cliches to be seen anywhere, which was super refreshing. In particular, the romance between Seki and Takami felt very real and compelling. The school boy tale too turned the predictable into something new and different. The first story was just okay, not as good as the others though. Oh, Yoneda, I think I'm in love with you...
No One Loves Me (manga) Excellent Ah, Yugi, I love your work. This was a really long story, and I appreciated much of it. No complaints. ^^
No Touching At All (manga) Excellent While I think that Shima should chill out some on his personal issues, I really liked seeing him open up to Togawa and where their relationship ultimately ended up. At times touching, compelling, and just a bit irritating, it felt like a geniue romance. I loved it. Well done, Yoneda. ^_^
No. 6 (manga) Decent Hmm, just like the anime, I find some aspects of the story kind of clunky. I mean, killer bees, advanced aging and so forth, it's kind of just thrust in your face. I also find Shion unbelievably accepting of his circumstances. It's great he doesn't freak out but it's also unrealistic. Rat, on the other hand, I find adorable. He tries to be hard, yet there's a sweetheart underneath all the tough talk. UPDATE: In the end, this manga is a mess. It's pretty to look at, but all the individual parts just don't add up to a cohesive whole. For as much as the story teases the Rat/Shion romance, nothing comes of it. They kiss twice, then Rat fucks off to the forest, stating Shion could never be happy there. Uh, why? Why not give him a chance to be you? For supposedly loving one another, they sure don't want to give being together a chance. The less said about the killer bee queen thing, the better. That came out of nowhere. To be completely honest, the singing bit that gave Rat so much importance in the plot doesn't work in manga. It really didn't work in the anime either. I have no idea if the subplot is better executed in the original light novels, but I've been burned twice and I don't want to give it another chance to disappoint me. Ugh. I'd hoped the manga would be better than the anime, yet it's clear the original source material just isn't that good in the end. Kind of surprised it even got an anime and manga at this point.
Not Enough Time (manga) Excellent I was surprised how much I enjoyed it given not many of the stories weren't that original. I particularly loved the art and would like to read more from the same mangaka.
Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy! (manga) So-so Hmm, yeah, I couldn't really get into this, being far more interested in the mangaka's private life than the food and restaurant reviews. I mean, the woman draws gay sex for a living, that should have been the focus instead. Humorous bits about working in the industry would've been so much better.
Not Ready!? Sensei (manga) Excellent I love Kagura-sensei, I really do. But mostly I like the fact this yaoi manga revolves around actual yaoi mangaka (a bit of twist, to say the least). ^_^
Not So Bad (manhwa) Masterpiece Ah, I loved this. There was so much mental processing of the main character that I felt he was almost a real person, it was just too bad it took him so long to snag Gain. Regardless, it's quite possible the best manhwa I've read to date (except for Priest).
Oishii Study (manga) Not really good I didn't really give a fuck about any of the characters nor the story (what little there was of it). Some of the twists were predictable, and the main couple forced. Not Watase's best in my opinion.
(The) One I Love (manga) Not really good I don't knock love (really, otherwise why would I even touch the romance book genre?), but the little essays and stories seemed to indicate CLAMP thought they knew everything about the female race. Me? I don't pretty myself up to impress anyone, I don't glow when I'm in love, and I certainly don't freak out about doubts. You can take your generalizations and shove it, CLAMP. -_-
Only the Ring Finger Knows (manga) Masterpiece A very sweet (and probably) realistic view on how a relationship between two guys would work, if a bit over-romanticized. Doesn't stop me from fawning over it like the fan girl I am. ^^;;
Ordinary Crush (manga) Very good I like the art but that's about it so far. Couples get together a little too fast and some of the character development seems quite unbelievable but what do you expect from a manga where the main gimmick is that 90% of the students are bi or gay? I hope the brother getting added into the mix makes it better...
Orphen (manga, Hajime Sawada) Good The fact it doesn't have an ending is irritating. I was curious as to where the story was going, and despite some of the comedy that didn't exactly work, it was nice reading it. How they got two seasons of anime out of a six volume series is beyond me.
Othello (manga by Toui Hasumi) Not really good I thought it had a good premise but the execution left a lot to be desired, also why was the cover so pretty but the inside art only half good? The twin they focused on was whiny and I didn't think his relationship with that one guy was that great, I much preferred the one-shot stories after the main story finished.
Otogizoushi (manga) Good I didn't expect to like this, but then Takatoki appeared and well, my interest in the story went up significantly. I'm guessing this is a prequel to the anime, and so it stands alone in regards to the story. I'm not exactly happy with how things ended but it was only logical (I guess).
Our Dreams At Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare (manga) So-so As much as I enjoyed the idea of LGBT+ people having somewhere to go, I did not like how it was executed. Everything was very hamfisted and overdramatized, and none of the characters grew on me. It was also kind of unrealistic in certain scenes. I could never tell if it was whimsy or not. The main romance between the main character and his crush never felt right to me given how bigoted he was. I very much doubt this will stay in my manga collection long. It just wasn't to my taste.
Our Everlasting (manga) Good I liked it, it's not the most entertaining story but it's better than a lot of other stuff out there. Plus the art is pretty.
Our Kingdom - Arabian Nights (manga) Decent I've never particularly liked Raoul so reading a whole story featuring him wasn't really my idea of a good time. There's little to no story, and the ending seemed force (i.e. it's not possible for someone to develop feelings that fast or travel from continent to continent within a day). It'll stay in my collection to keep the series complete, but I won't be rereading it anytime soon.
Ouran High School Host Club (manga) Masterpiece My favorite shoujo title ever, and with great characters and completely random story lines, how can you not love this? The art's pretty damn good too. I loved the ending, it was full on crazy, and that's exactly what I wanted to see from the last volume. This series will always make me happy. ^_^
Outlaw Star (manga) Decent I picked up the first volume of this, and as I didn't know Japanese then, I could only follow the pictures but it looked good (there was violence and a lot of nudity ^_^).
Pajama de Ojama (manga) Very good This was damn amusing. I'd love to take tours of guys' bedrooms by wearing different pajamas. Too bad it doesn't happen in real life, you could make a fortune taking indecent pictures and blackmailing people. *evil smirk*
Paradise Kiss (manga) Decent Caroline drove me insane. Seriously, I think I gagged whenever she "moped" over George and her life. The romance angles were okay, but I didn't really see the appeal of Miwako or George for that matter. I just liked the fact he was bi, and that was it really. So, no, not my favorite manga (as if there was ever any doubt).
(The) Paradise on the Hill (manga) Decent Hmm, it was okay. The two main characters kind of annoyed me though since I really doubted how deep their love was. You're told they spent a lot of time together, but I didn't get a sense of the characters' personalities or anything. Some of the art was quite good at least.
Parasyte (manga) Masterpiece I'm not usually one for sci-fi but Shin's story was truly fascinating and layered, as repeated reads help draw more conclusions about the overall story. Thank you, Tokyopop.
Party (manga) Weak Really boring couple and story. If I could have fallen asleep while reading it, I would have. The art was also not to my taste. I brought it, read it, and sold it in a two week period. That should tell you something.
Passion (manga) Decent I don't know why I don't like this manga better. You'd think after reading all four volumes of it, I'd enjoy some part of it beyond the art. But Shima and Hikaru just don't interest me much. I found the addition of romantic rivals forced and the doubts Hikaru has a lot just plain silly. While I'm glad I finished the series, I doubt I'll keep the manga in my collection long...
Passionate Theory (manga) Decent While the idea of someone using math and applying it to daily life and people is interesting, I don't think it was executed that well. Whatever passion people showed was very subdued and I found myself wondering whether or not they really were in love. But I didn't entirely hate it so that's something.
Pathos (manga) Decent It's no secret I love vampires but these particular vampires have such annoying personality traits, even smut can't make me like them better. I do love Sadahiro's artwork and that's the only reason I'd read this again. - Upon reading it again, I still dislike the characters very much. Ugh.
Perfect Blue: Awaken from a Dream (novel) Good This guy's obsession with writing about idols and their stalkers is rather annoying. I wanted to read more than 'I love her so much, I'll kill her, then myself' over and over. That said, I thought the last story with the rabbit and actually smart competent idol was well-done.
Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis (novel) Decent I think the movie was better in all honesty. The novel dragged on and the ending fight was ridiculous. Someone halfway skins themselves, I really doubt willpower is going to carry them that far. They'd go into shock and die quickly. Not a bad read, but a lot of the chaff (day to day idol stuff) could have cut for better pacing.
Pet On Duty (manga) Good
Phantom Dream (manga) Good I wanted to like it, I really did, but the story and characters just weren't impressive. The ending in particular is just too bittersweet for me, and far too corny. I could read it again, but I'd have to let enough time pass so I could forget most of the disappointments from it.
Phantom Thief Jeanne (manga) Good I really didn't like this at first (reminded far too much of D.N.Angel), but Chiaki fell into my good graces (due to his constant leaching and hitting on women, too bad he's stopped doing that in favor of pursuing Maron). I still prefer D.N.Angel to this one, but it's certainly not bad and while I do consider it a little wishy-washy, it's an okay read.
Picnic (manga) Excellent Another good manga by Yamada Yugi, it was nice reading it in English instead of the original Japanese. Good smut, nice couples, there is nothing to complain about really. ^_^
Planet Ladder (manga) Decent I liked this series in the beginning, the mystery and all struck me as well done but the last few volumes just rubbed me the wrong way (not to mention, I would have liked to see the ending through instead of just cutting to the happy results). If only a little more thought had been put into it...
Pleasure Dome (manga) Weak All the stories were basically the same. S & M with some semblance of "romance" thrown in. I'm not even going to go into the art. Bleh, glad I got this free.
Priceless Honey (manga) Very good Been a while since I read any of Kano's stuff, I love how sexy the smut is even if some of the stories around said smut were a bit boring. Definitely a theme with all the older brothers' friends that appeared. I really loved the one with the guy using his sister has an excuse to get close to his loved one. Clever. ^_^
Punch! (manga) Very good I like it but I really hate the main character's fiance. What a nutrom. :p Here's hoping he gets his ass handed to him by Kazuki. ^^
RA-I (manga) Excellent I haven't read any Matoh manga for a while, so it was really nice reading this. Great characters with good stories attached to them. Now I can understand their appearance in the "FAKE" manga much better.
RahXephon (manga) Decent Weird take on the anime if you ask me. I wasn't entirely sure why Reika had to be added to the manga at all most of the time. The ending makes me shakes my head, because if I'm following the logic right, Ayato/Reika's spirits invaded Haruka and Itsuki? That's being reborn? Pretty loose definition. It wasn't all bad, the Mu storyline was pretty interesting.
Ranma ½ (manga) So-so I should have liked this better but it's extremely cliche at times and while I found some aspects (and characters damn amusing), it's very formulaic and gets tiring reading it after a while. Having to read all 36 volumes back to back certainly didn't make the manga any better. If the story could have been condensed to oh, about ten volumes, I'd probably like it. As it is, the series is just too long, and the ending wasn't even a proper close to the manga. Thanks, but no thanks, Rumiko Takahashi.
Rasetsu (manga) Excellent I really liked this series. It was impressive for a sequel. Kuryu's exit made me a little teary eyed. Definitely one of the best shoujo manga out there. ^_^
Read or Die (manga) Decent I loved the anime, but I'm really glad they didn't take the paper element so far in it, because hearing "may the paper be with you" rings creepy for me (like it's some weird religion only those who have sold their soul for books can enter). I'm not altogether fond of the story (some of it is very sloppy and nonsensical), but there is some good in this manga, it's just hard to find at times.
Recipe (manga) Excellent While I wasn't very fond on the first story, I loved the bits with the uncle and his nephew. ^_^ This is probably the most explicit of Shimizu's material so far (still good manga though).
Red (manga, Sanae Rokuya) Very good I don't remember all the details about the story but I really liked it.
Remote (manga) Masterpiece I found the story fascinating, the murders are well planned and I was rooting for the clown during the first volume. Ayaki was at first very irritating but she quickly grew a backbone, which appeased me. I really loved the ending with Himuro and Ayaki on the verge of a relationship. Great manga in all.
Renai Hōteishiki (manga) Excellent A sequel of sorts to 'Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki', featuring the younger generation, and it's amusing but not quite as epic as the original series was (I'm not a fan of school kids, and it was terribly obvious who was going to end up with who).
Restart (manga) Excellent I really love Hidaka's material, the art is great, the characters usually "real" and the stories interesting enough to keep my attention. This was no exception and while I would have liked a little more page count to the "Overlap" short, I thought this manga was perfect. ^_^
Restaurant to Another World (manga) Very good Ah, it's so good. It gives me all the warm fuzzies and makes me hungry at the same time. Some of the characters are so damn cute. Really looking to reading the light novels too.
Revolutionary Girl Utena (manga) Very good Amusing really, though I'm a bit confused at the continuity of the manga (the last volume was a side story set when?). Regardless, the main story is quite interesting and worth reading.
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena (manga) Good Both different and the same as the movie, so it was an interesting read (there was a bit more yuri than I expected but it was a nice change from the usual yaoi/shoujo).
Rin! (manga) Masterpiece With Yukine's wonderful art, and with a strong story supporting it, this is a marvelous manga whose characters have depth and their reasoning behind actions is anything but whimsical. I love it. *glomps title*
Rising Storm (manga) Excellent Danna-sama is a man after my own heart, he sees something he wants and by god, he'll get it or suffer the consquences. The other two stories were alright, though one was a little dark for my tastes (would you fall in love with a man who plotted to hurt you three times?).
Rosario + Vampire (manga) Very good I really didn't like the first few volumes (laden with fan service as they were), but the story took a great turn, and I loved the rest of the series. I expect the second season to be just as good. ^_^
Rosario + Vampire Season II (manga) Excellent Continuing the quality from the latter half of the first season, this manga was really good. I liked the fights, and the journey Tsukune was undergoing as the story progressed. The ending was great and I appreciated the happy ending for all the characters. I'd love to see a prequel or even a sequel to the series someday.
Rose Hip Rose (manga) Good Wow, Kasumi underwent a total personality change, didn't she? I don't remember her being quite so extreme in the first series. It seems like the story line repeated again a lot (terrorist, explosion, etc) and I don't really understand why Shohei was introduced given he did absolutely nothing. So, in all, not bad manga, but not something I'd read again anytime soon.
Rose Hip Zero (manga) Good While I don't mind reading this, the story hasn't moved very far even in two volumes. The way the story progresses is sometimes a little confusing, confronting Alice members at the end of one chapter and then going off and doing something else in the next. You're telling me the main duo had the Alice members right there and just let them walk off? That's just bad police work.
Ruff Love (manga) Good I didn't expect to like it but it was good and oddly funny at times. The art was not to my taste but it certainly was enough to satisfy considering others' styles.
Rurouni Kenshin (manga) Excellent Having seen all of the anime and read all the manga, I like the manga better only because there is little to no filler in it. The story, art, and characters are all top notch and the fights are exciting as well, I have a problem with the ending (that whole dead Kaoru thing) but otherwise, it's great manga (probably one of the best shounen titles).
Rust Blaster (manga) Very good Wow, this was so slashy. I wish the world the characters inhabited had been explained further because as far as I could tell, when events lined up right, invaders came from another world...and yet one person was able to go into said world and take care of the threat? That's quite convenient and a bit unrealistic. Still, it had an interesting story, and it's great to see other material from Toboso released stateside. I'd be up for a crossover with Black Butler! ^_^
S.A (manga) Excellent At first, I really didn't like this series, then I finally read past the first volume and it got a lot better. Now, I find it funny, at times touching, and an all around good manga. The characters have definitely grown on me, as well as the story. ^_^
Saber Marionette J (manga) Decent The breasts of any female character drove me up a wall. They look like deformed balloons. The story itself wasn't bad, but there's one "what the fuck?" issue I have. The planet started out with 7 men yet there's variety among the masses of people who populate the planet. How is that possible? There should be 7 men many times over. Ah well, not the worst, but not the best manga I've read.
Sailor Men (manga) Good Compared to the other two works I've read from Sakira, this one was definitely a step-up. It's still man smut at its core, but she did much better developing the characters and stories in the various one-shots. I could have done without the watersports stuff in the last short. Still, a great improvement overall.
Sailor Moon (manga) Masterpiece The best (and classic) shojo manga you'll ever read. The series holds a place in my heart because it's what got me into anime/manga hobby. Hell, I used to watch the SM anime when I was home sick from school. Thank you for reprinting it, Kodansha!
Saiyuki (manga, K. Minekura) Excellent Ni Jianyi is now my favorite character ever in this series, both because of how amusing the man is, but mostly because he's evil and crazy. ^_^ But really, this series is really good because it's nearly all story (not half full of filler like the anime was). Thank you, Minekura.
Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura (manga) Decent Okay, so I liked the setting and art, but the story itself could have used some work. The sudden shift from "I'm getting married, and he really likes me!" to "I'm a monster, and he hates me!" was really random, and the protagonist's habit of bursting into tears annoyed me. I just wanted to smack her most of the time. -_-; The ending is nothing special, and I did not appreciate the god pushing.
Sakuran (manga) Bad Ugh, the main character drove me nuts. Always crying and screaming, then trying so hard to be cool about everything. Not one of my favorites.
Sakuratetsu Taiwahen (manga) Good I only read this one because there was a One Piece reference in it but the story was pretty good and it was kind of funny. I'll have to re-read it one of these days. ^_^
Salad Days (manga) Good Cute little tales of love, shounen style. Oddly refreshing from the usual shoujo crap.
Same Cell Organism (manga) So-so Do we really have to think so hard about love? I expected fluff and instead got a ton of complex thinking patterns, though on some level I enjoyed it but it's not my favorite by far.
Same Difference (manga) So-so I was expecting a seme vs. seme fight and instead it was a rushed love story that didn't really sit right with me. The main couple needed much more character development for me to believe they actually liked each other. Still, the other pairing in the manga was quite amusing. I was totally rooting for a threesome.
Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun (manga) Excellent I admire the story. Instead of just jumping into it, the mangaka took the time to develop the couple's relationship so by the end, it felt quite natural and real. I think they shiver a bit too often, but the art gets the job done, and can look quite pretty at times.
Samurai Deeper Kyo (manga) Excellent While I have problems with the anime, the manga kicks ass, not to mention it has more story and violence (always good, that). Art is also mentionable.
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School (manga) Decent *struggles to remember names* Well, anyway, I really liked the fights in this, and the story wasn't too bad, it just sort of fell to pieces after a while though.
Sand Land (manga) Good Nice story and art with fighting thrown in here and there. I enjoyed reading it even if the ending was predictable.
Sankarea: Undying Love (manga) Very good This manga has a basic love story at its core but without the usual shoujo trappings. I love the zombie element because it's not done very often, and certainly not used as a love interest. The story took a very dark turn halfway through, and I loved it even if I think Furuya's survival was unrealistic. Makes me curious how their relationship will evolve if both Rea and Furuya are essentially immortal.
Scarlet (manga) Excellent So. Good. The first story caught me off-guard in a good way, and I loved the couple in the second story (Harumi and Toki <3). The third story was okay, but nothing special. The art was amazingly detailed and I'm bummed there's not much out by the mangaka here in the US. I want more, dammit!
Scrapped Princess (manga, Go Yabuki) So-so Urgh, I like the art but the story just goes around in circles and nothing progresses. -_-; I have to wonder if the anime or novels are better...
Sebiro no Housekeeper (manga) Excellent Screw the housekeeper, and give me smut! Oh, you did? *gives doggie treats* Good seme, good. ^_^ Typical Kodaka material, of which I appreciate.
Secrecy of the Shivering Night (manga) Good I love the art, it's so beautiful at times. But the writing is a bit on the weak side. Only the characters in the second story got character development, the rest just sort of fell into their respective relationships for little to no reason. Meh overall.
Secret XXX (manga) Good It was okay. I liked the art and premise. The characters were fun, though the romance was quite predictable.
Selfish Love (manga) Good I'm all for a pushy seme, but how many times can a person say no in one shot? For that matter, why did every one of the uke in this series have such a problem saying yes to someone's attenions? Also didn't appreciate the failed attempt to make the characters seem like college students (most yaoi manga is set in high schools, deal with it already).
Sensitive Pornograph (manga) Very good This is one case where the manga is much better than the anime, most of the stories are really sweet and the art's not too shabby itself.
Sensual Phrase (manga) So-so Anything the mangaka could possibly think of to throw in the path of Sakuya and Aine's relationship happened. The story wasn't that great as a result. Aine annoyed the hell out of me, and I was ever so happy once I'd finished reading this series. 18 volumes is just too many for a story that could have been a one-shot.
Sequence (manga) Excellent Ah, I so wish this series had been continued, it's a crying shame we won't be able to find out Titi's secrets. I really liked the story and characters...
Sessa Takuma! (manga) Decent The prequel to 'Kizuna' and it's rather cute, but not all that impressive.
Seven Days: Friday-Sunday (manga) Decent Eh, as wholesome as the finale was, I was annoyed the main pairing couldn't just admit they wanted to extend their relationship last a week once they realized they liked each other. Still, I've read worse yaoi manga.
Seven Days: Monday-Thursday (manga) Decent A novel idea for a story and well done as far as I'm concerned. The art was so pretty, I spent a bit of time admiring it as I read. But why the hell is the second and final volume so fucking expensive though?! Christ...
Shards of Affection (manga) So-so I was confused for 3/4 of this manga. The sword people in particular made me scratch my head more than once. Probably the worst I've read from Duo Brand, which is surprising, but everyone has bad days (and manga).
She and Her Cat (manga) So-so Meh.
Shinobu Kokoro - Hidden Heart (manga) Excellent Really amazing art in this, as well as smut (with ninja!). It was charming and pleasing to the eye. ^_^
Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales (manga) Decent I usually love CLAMP stuff but while the art was damn pretty, the stories were kind of bland (not to mention, predictable). Plus, I expected a bit more of a twist with that Inuki bit, grr!
Short-Tempered Melancholic (manga) Decent Her earlier material, and it shows in the predictable stories and characters. That, and I'm convinced each of the girls she draws are all the same, which isn't the bad thing but reading her stuff back to back is never a good idea. My favorite story was probably the one about the pen pal...
Shout Out Loud! (manga) Masterpiece There's little smut in the first volumes, and despite the sometimes boring story having to do with father and son, I really like the characters. It's mature yaoi, and the fact it has to do with the BL industry itself is a plus in my opinion. There *are* no flaws in this. ^_^
Shugo Chara! (manga) Decent Here's my main problem with this series (and it extends to the anime): the characters and story are childish, and while I loved certain parts of it (Ikuto, X Eggs), it's really cliche and predictable. The ending was good though I wish Ikuto and Amu would have kissed seriously.
Shy Intentions (manga) Good Not much to say about this one, the couple fell in love a little too easily. The art was pretty nice at least.
(The) Sky Over My Spectacles (manga) Good While I enjoyed reading this, I think I was expecting a bit more than the usual 'the couple meets, falls in love, screws like happy little bunnies, happily ever after.' I mean, it was good but it read like a lot I've laid eyes on before, still I did like the art and the character designs were top notch. Good stuff.
Skyscrapers of Oz (manga) Very good A one-shot yaoi manga that managed to stand on it's own two legs, and then some (the only beef I have with this is the uke, why are they so weak looking, fragile I dare say?)
Slayers Special (manga) So-so Didn't much care for it, so not commenting.
Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story (manga) Weak Didn't much care for it, so not commenting.
Sleeping With Money (novel) So-so I didn't really like the characters and the way the sex was written was crude. It was billed as a comedy but I didn't find anything amusing. I guess Hachi was supposed to be the comic foil but something tells me he'd have worked better in manga format. In all, I won't read this again but at least I can strike it from my reading pile.
Sleepless Nights (manga) Good The art is very pretty, but I had a hard time telling characters apart sometimes. A little more variation in the designs would have been nice. The stories themselves were fine, more on the sweet side than the hardcore spectrum. Nothing spectacular here, but good to read once.
Smuggler (manga) Excellent *whistles* If you don't like shounen, you'll hate this one. I, myself, was impressed was it, as Kuita sinks further into the underworld, he finds he may be able to do what he wishes in the first place.
Solfege (manga) Excellent I really enjoyed this story, even if I think some of the characters set themselves up for tragedy purposely. Still, the music bits touched me, and a few parts almost made me cry (I also really liked the character designs, both were hot despite their ages ^^;). A little more smut would have been good but you can't have everything.
Songs to Make You Smile (manga) Excellent Some of Takaya's early work with a few new shorts thrown in, all of which I really liked. The last story especially was damn funny. Totally worth reading if you ask me.
Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta (manga) Very good Pretty art as usual but I really don't care for the title story (the aristocrat just grinds on my last nerve with his needy/irritating personality). I thought the student council and politician stories were great, very sweet and funny all at once and that's the main reason I read this book.
Sorcerer Hunters (manga) Not really good Yeah...I really didn't like this in the end. The story fell apart in the first few volumes and all the exposition afterward drove me up a wall. Despite promises for a dark turn, the fan service and humor won out in the end, and then it was only repeating the same thing over and over. Ridiculous.
Soul Eater (manga) Excellent Just as funny and great as the anime. In fact, it surprises me how well the anime was adapted from this. I can't wait to read more. ^_^
Soul Eater Not! (manga) Excellent Just as good as the main series, but more on the funny side. I love reading it. ^_^
Spell (manga) Good Some of the story bugged me in this but it wasn't so bad I had to stop reading. Excellent artwork as always, mainly the reason I picked this one up to begin with.
Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (manga) Very good Fear the Blade Children! Anyway, I'm amused at how jerked around Ayumu is in this, though how long can they keep the story under wraps? - Yeah, not really happy with how the story ended. Ayumu did nothing, he made no decisions, and even when he was dying, he wouldn't tell anyone anything. That pissed me off more than anything. After all the murder mysteries and mysterious plot, the last few volumes were disappointing. The whole god/devil thing made absolutely no sense. So, in all, a very analytical series, but frustrating as well.
Spirited Away (ani manga) Good Have you watched the movie? Yeah? No reason to read this then.
Spring Fever (manga) Excellent I love Yamada's work, all her characters seem so real and the stories something you could possibly see in real life (unlike a lot of the yaoi manga out nowadays). That being said, of course I loved this (not that I hadn't read it before but seeing it in English made me so happy), even if it's not my favorite work of hers. The story at the end got to me more than the first one.
St. Lunatic High School (manga) Very good Interesting story, reminded me of a Gothic version of Ouran. I quite enjoyed the romance and comedy in the end and I'm sad this series only had two volumes. I could have easily read more of it.
Star (manga) Good Maybe it was just the translation but I got lost when it came to the main couple's relationship issues. I was impressed as hell that the story had a strong female character who wasn't a bitch, and actually respected the men. The art was better than the cover indicated, and some of it was beautiful even if the faces were a bit plain.
Stay Close to Me (manga) Excellent
Stigma (manga) Masterpiece I love how unique this story is, and the fact the manga is entirely in color (pretty rare).
A Strange and Mystifying Story (manga) Very good All right, I finally finished reading this series. While I love Aki and Setsu as a couple, the focus on them pretty much ends after volume two. I don't mind what's-his-face and the old director (they're adorable), but I never warmed up to the male bride and the fox spirit. Their romance was far too disjointed and unbalanced, though it got better towards the end. I also found it hard to believe that the fox spirit would still be a virgin at 60-something. I guess, in all, while I adore the premise and some of the characters, the series was all over the place in terms of successful execution, which did annoy me a bit at times. At least the art was consistently great throughout. This is one of the few series where I feel like I could write a much better version. ^^;
Strawberry Panic! (manga) Bad Wow, the mangaka sure knows how to make yuri boring. There is absolutely no character development, and the story (what little there is) is just stupid. The most irritating thing about this manga is the fact that each and every (religious!) school has a whole student body of lesbians. You'd think this would be an issue for the nuns, and preachers that teach at that school. Instead, there's a contest on which couple can be the most loving towards each other! What the fuck?
Stray Cat (manga) Good It was okay. There was nothing too inventive in the short stories, and some got together a bit too quickly for my tastes. However, it is the mangaka's first work, so I'll cut them a bit of a break.
Suki: A Like Story (manga) Decent I don't hate it but I don't like it either. The protagonist got on my nerves with her naivety, and constant "I love this, I love that, I love everything!" attitude. No wonder she lived by herself, who would want to be with her 24/7? -_-; Having read all of this, I only really enjoyed the story when Hina was being tortured. That should say something about my feelings about the overall manga.
Sunflower (manga) Good I don't think this will ever be in my favorites. Not only is there very little smut, it took too long for the main couple to get together (and even then, I don't think a pair of tickets equals love). I had no interest in the goings-on of the student council, and while the president's story was interesting, it wasn't enough to redeem the series as a whole. I love the art though...
Sweet Revolution (manga) Excellent I don't think the stories in this were as good as some of the other stuff Honami Yukine's drawn, but I didn't hate any of them (if anything, the art was worth it itself).
Sword Art Online: Aincrad (manga) Not really good After hearing so much about this series, I thought it would be much better than it was. I find Kirito and Asuna don't really have much personality, the romance was super rushed, and the adopted daughter bit contrived. I also wasn't very fond of the art. I really hope the anime or novels are better.
Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance (manga) Good I still have problems with Kirito's characterization (or lack thereof) and the sister/cousin's love for her brother/cousin is really cringy. The fan service for her (seriously she's 12 and wouldn't have such well-developed boobs) was off-putting as well. But I really like the new game setting and art. It's great.
Sword of the Dark Ones (manga) Very good Hmm, this was surprisingly brainy for all the action that went on (and no, not sexual action, more's the pity). I liked the fights and Leroy amused me, though in the last fight he got a little preachy (humans are better, blah blah blah, give me freaks anyday). Go Devil form!
Takane & Hana (manga) Very good While I enjoy reading this, the characters are a bit too headstrong for my tastes. I get that Takane and Hana are supposed to irritate the shit out of each other, but some of the stuff they do is kind of iffy. I'd get pissed off if it happened to me. Still, I am interested in seeing how they eventually soften each other up over time. -Overall, a fun series, the ending was very fitting. <3
Tale of A White Night (manga) Good Short little Japanese tales. The only problem I had was the mangaka's characters didn't change much from story to story so I had a hard time figuring out who was the main character each time. Still, I brought it cheap, and some of the tales were good.
Tale of the Waning Moon (manga) So-so What a weird premise. Ryuka wishes for true love and is raped by a moon god, then cursed to pursue said god until he grows to fall in love with the moon god. On this journey, Ryuka is assaulted by a veritable pantheon of gay guys. It all feels kind of icky, though I adore the art style. I really hoped the story got better, yet it only marginally did. Never much cared for Aldin and Ral's relationship and I still feel like Ryuka should have been given more of a choice in his romantic prospects. His "romance" with Ixto really never took off, even with the cliche happy ending. I just don't know what to think of this series. It's not terrible, but it's also not compelling either. Worth skipping all told.
Tea for Two (manga) Excellent I love the couple in this manga, they're sweet and funny and seem to be quite happy with each other, even with all the crap they go through in establishing their relationship. I really like the art and no title from this mangaka has really disappointed me yet (Nee, Sensei was close but it wasn't as horrible as some other yaoi titles I've read).
Tekkonkinkreet (manga) Decent I liked the violence and the overall story but the art kind of irks me.
Tenjo Tenge (manga) Weak Just like the anime, I liked the fights but the story wasn't there. It fell to pieces, and towards the last five volumes, I skimmed the art, and ignored the shambles of the "plot." It's eye candy, and little else.
TenRyu: The Dragon Cycle (manga) Very good Anything that has dragons in it usually makes Hikaru happy, doubly so when the main plot revolves around them. I like the characters and plot well enough, though it is sort of hard to tell the different dragons apart, element based or not.
Testarotho (manga) Weak Frustrating this one was, I kept waiting for the story to improve and it never really did. I disliked a good majority of the characters (especially Capria, so useless). I never quite believed that Leonedus was blind, he was far too aware of his surroundings for my tastes. In short, I never warmed up to this manga and probably never will.
That Wolf-Boy is Mine! (manga) Good The tagline said "Fruits Basket," but it was much more like "Pom Poko" in that it was animals using spiritual power to take human form. I was never super impressed with the art as many of the characters had the same faces and didn't make too many expressions. The romance seemed a bit fast-paced, and I was never that fond of Yu. I much preferred Rin and really wish Komugi had chosen him as a love interest instead. But destiny and all that. -_-; I did like that Komugi developed a backbone and become outspoken in her beliefs. Kudos there, love me a strong female character.
Thirsty for Love (manga) Very good I love threesomes. No shame in that statement at all, particularly if the threesome involves three guys. I just wish the story had been a little bit better surrounding said guys. I really didn't give a crap about Yuka, I just wanted them to stay together (did they? They never said, fucking vague statements). Still, I loved the art so it wasn't hard getting through the manga.
Three Wolves Mountain (manga) Masterpiece One of my favorites as I adore the main couple and really enjoyed the family dynamics. Come out in English sooner, dammit!
Time Killers - Kazue Kato Short Story Collection (manga) Very good A mixed bag of stories, but there are a few really good ones. The last is the best, and I can totally see how it was a prototype for Blue Exorcist.
Time Lag (manga) Excellent Hmm, interesting story and characters; by the same people who did 'Only the Ring Finger Knows' so all around, I liked it. ^^
Time Stranger Kyoko (manga) Good Oddly enough, despite the rush at the end, I really liked the story. The idea of a time warrior just interests, I suppose. The last half of the strangers was introduced so quickly as to be cardboard in the end though the extra short comics at the end helped to at least solidify some of their personalities. About the only idea that wasn't quite developed enough was the idea of the half-human/plant/fish people. Except for one instance, I only saw one being that didn't look wholly human.
Tokyo Babylon (manga) Masterpiece I'm really glad I knew spoilers beforehand because this would have killed me with the angst alone. It's just so...tragic but it's damn good as well. Despite what Seishiro did, I still love him as a character, especially since he made Subaru grow up very fast. In all, It makes what happened in X all the more sadder...
Tokyo Boys & Girls (manga) So-so I did not like the art at all. It was even a bit hard at times to figure out who was who, some of the characters looked so alike. I don't have much to say about the story, I didn't hate it but I certainly didn't like it either. It seemed like the mangaka couldn't be arsed to decide who the main character was going to end up with, even with her declarations of love. Kind of a cop-out if you ask me.
Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart (manga) Good I wanted to like this one better but the story was a little confusing, especially the ending. I assume serial killer and his victim got together in the afterlife? Meh, if they didn't, that's how I chose to interpret it. :p
Tough Love Baby (manga) Decent I thought this was okay but the art got on my nerves a bit. Nothing too special despite being from Kano.
Train☆Train (manga) Very good This is such a silly manga, but I have to admit it has made me laugh quite hard at times. The author promised a fourth volume yet I think it never came into being so I'm calling the series complete. Pretty good fun really.
Trash (manga, Sanami Matoh) Good A completely random storyline but with the split-personality character, it was amusing. Too bad it's a one-shot manga, I would've like to have read more.
Trigun (manga) Excellent It's definitely better than the TV series (though said anime will always be one of my favorites). The characters, story, and art is more complex in the manga and after reading the final volume, it ended perfectly. I have little complaints regarding the manga except perhaps some of the battles are hard to follow at times. Excellent job, Nightow. ^_^
Trigun: Multiple Bullets (manga) Decent It was okay. Mainly was an anthology with different mangaka adding their stories set in Nightow's universe. Most of them weren't that great sadly. Even the one by Nightow himself was just okay as the page count was too low to really do that story justice.
Truly Kindly (manga) Good I liked the first story and most of the other ones included in this, Yoshinaga's material usually never fails to impress me.
Tsubasa: Those With Wings (manga) Good The first volume wasn't that great, but the story developed pretty well from there. By the sixth volume and last volume, I was invested in the characters and plot. The ending was a bit weird. If the story started in fantasy and ended in sci-fi, it can't really be labeled as either. The romance wasn't the strongest as well. Still, it was pretty good for an early work.
Ultra Maniac (manga) Good Witchy best friend screws up her spells, turning a middle school into chaos at times. The magic bits kind of fell to the wayside near the last few volumes, but given its shoujo origins, I really couldn't expect the story to turn out differently. At least it was short.
Under Grand Hotel (manga) Very good Lots and lots of smut, I totally wouldn't mind being a guard in that prison. ^^;
Until the Full Moon (manga) Good Man turned female during a full moon finds love with playboy best friend, people try to get in the way, the end. :p Upon rereading this, the fact Marlo won't let David near him romantically when he's a guy most of the time bugs me. Like they're going to be married, you're telling me they'll only fool around when Marlo's a woman, which is three days a month? Ridiculous. Here's hoping the sequel fixes that issue.
Uzumaki (manga) Not really good I can honestly say this is one of the most fucked manga I have ever read. If I'd had any sense, I'd have stopped reading it but I'm not one to leave things unfinished (if I can help it). The last volume was kind of boring and I didn't understand the ending or the little short right after the main story. Was it connected at all? I don't want to see another spiral for a while. -_-;
Vampire Game (manga) Good The beginning was great, but towards the middle, the quality of storytelling went down significantly. The end sucks to be honest. I've a feeling the mangaka had to cobble together the last few volumes, and it felt very rushed. I'm a bit disappointed in all.
Vampire's Portrait (manga) Decent I love the artwork, but the story is a bit out of left field. It's supposed to be romantic (it is published under a yaoi imprint after all) yet there's very little BL content or character development. Lou is hardly introduced before the big baddie appears, and we're thrust into the plot without much warning. I find it hard to believe Sein would fall for Lou rather than Adam. The guy's been feeding you for nearly two decades, and you go for the weak wimpy artist instead? Ugh.
Venus Versus Virus (manga) Excellent I really like this series. The art and story is pretty damn good. I'll definitely read more. ^_^
Video Girl Ai (manga) Decent I was pleasantly surprised by the first volume then once I was able to read further, not happy with how soap opera-ish the story was becoming, probably won't read any further until the story shapes up.
(La) Vie en Rose (manga) Decent The art was really pretty but the stories and character designs...not so much. Not to say I didn't enjoy reading it, but it had some problems. The first story at least was interesting.
Virtuoso di Amore (manga) Not really good I've browsed this in Japanese, and while I think some of the art is pretty, I absolutely hated the randomness of the story (what little there was). I really have no interest in reading it in English, DramaQueen production or not.
Voice Over! Seiyu Academy (manga) Decent Pretty good story and characters even if the story will probably come off better in anime form due to the seiyuu element. I can only imagine so many different voices in my head after all. The main romance and ending were quite disappointing, everything resolved way too easy (especially all the parental relationships).
Wagamama Kitchen (manga) Good The first couple in this collection really made me uncomfortable. I don't care how old he supposedly is, the uke looked exactly like a young kid (as in under ten years old). However, the second story with Kumaki and his beau was great! I wish it had been longer (and I'd actually seen when they truly did it). Not bad, but I have a hard time forgiving the mangaka for that blatant piece of shotacon. *shudders*
Wanted (manga) Good Out of all the shoujo mangaka, Matsuri Hino is my favorite, and I expected this title to be better than it was. Sure, the characters grew on me but they felt very generic in the beginning (that twist was no surprise to me; predictability, how I hate you). The art was amazing as usual, I think my main beef with the manga was Skulls' name, that's not a name to me personally and I rolled my eyes each time Arto used it to refer to the pirate captain. The side story itself was okay, ended very abruptly but it could have been worst.
Wanted! - Oda Eiichiro Tanpenshu (manga) Excellent Oda Eiichiro can never do in wrong in my book, he's the great god that brought One Piece in this world so all the stories in this were fun and amusing (really liked the gunslinger and dragon one). Now when the hell is this going to get released stateside? >_<
WARU (manga by Y. Hashida) Good It's too bad the manga couldn't have been about the seme's father because he was so fucking amusing. Maybe if Bohra Naono had done the story? In any case, I didn't really dig the main couple though the dialogue and such were funny. Art was passable yet it could have used a bit more polish. Not bad in all.
Weiß: An Assassin and White Shaman (manga) Excellent As many shounen-ai moments as the anime had, this proved to be much better, as Schuldig clearly had a thing for Aya and would stop at nothing to mess with his head (Nekojita's stories are right on). Excellent stuff, of course (especially the nummy art).
Welcome to the Chemistry Lab (manga) Good I've browsed this in Japanese and it's basically just a group of one-shots that revolve around a school. Smutty goodness comes in the form of various couples and their troubles as they go about life. Really nice stuff.
Welcome to the Chemistry Lab, continued (manga) Good More of the same but it's all good and I'm really curious about the next volume in the series. I love this mangaka's artwork, so pretty.
Welcome to the Chemistry Lab, future (manga) Good The conclusion to the rest of the story? No idea but the art is beautiful as usual and the smut was nice.
Whenever Our Eyes Meet... (manga) So-so Hmm, yeah, I'm all for working ladies finding romance, but most of the stories weren't that good. The art was bad in a few sections as well. For popcorn fare (i.e. not having to use my brain much), it wasn't bad, yet it could have been much better.
Where Has Love Gone? (manga) Decent I wanted to like this more, but the plot wasn't that strong. Nor were the main couple. The uke falls in love with the seme super fast, I guess because he was amazing in bed? I wish they would have had a little more personality and their relationship wasn't so forced.
White Guardian (manga) Decent As much as I love DUO BRAND's art, I wish the story had been just a little better. The prince irritates me and seems to take rape like someone's swatted him on the head (I'd be a lot more upset than he is after getting attacked like that; not that there's anything wrong with rape, but jeez, the guy's a prince, doesn't he have a bodyguard to protect him from that kind of shit?).
Wild Boyfriend (manga) So-so I'm not above shameless porn at times, but I really do need some coherence and character development before the characters start fucking each other. Some of the 'stories' were also full of questionable themes like non-con rape and drugging people to do it, which kind of icked me out at times. The sex scenes were also very repetitive and full of copious bodily fluids. So, yeah, not my favorite manga.
Wild Butterfly (manga) Decent Only one story in this manga was yaoi, the rest were either bromance or random one shots. None of them really stood out for me unfortunately. One of them involved a cursed Japanese emperor with lots of literature/haiku references, and I got sick of reading the translator's notes. Still, for two dollars, the art was pleasing, so that was worth it at least.
Wild Honey (manga) Very good Werewolves! <3 Very sappy ones who apparently have sex while sleepwalking but werewolves nonetheless. The art and characters were nice, though the story was predictable. I still liked it a lot.
Wild Ones (manga) Good Yakuza always amuse me for some reason, but I really think this series could have benefited from being cut in half. 5 volumes would have told the story just fine. So while I enjoyed reading this, it could have been better and less formulaic.
Wild Rock (manga) Excellent Me Tarzen, you male Jane, we must run away together and make love many times to appease yaoi fans. Tashima Kasuza's art is beautiful, and the drama CD based off of this was damn good. ^_^
Wish (manga) Good Cute CLAMP title, though the fact Tokyopop felt the need to replace 'he' with she was a bit annoying. It's shounen-ai, everyone knows that! Jeez...
Witchblade Takeru (manga) Decent A Japanese Witchblade wielder, sounds cool, right? Yeah...not so much. Lots of S & M with demons thrown in for some random reason. The demonic aspect had promise before it was horribly squashed by the American military's introduction (why?). The ending was anticlimactic, and left me glaring at the last page. Ugh.
(The) Wize Wize Beasts of the Wizarding Wizdoms (manga) Good It's so cute! >_< While I wish some of the couples had gone further to show off their unique anatomy (like the fact snakes have two penises), I really enjoyed reading this. It's nothing terribly impressive, but it gave me the warm fuzzies and that's all that matters. ^_^
Wolf's Rain (manga) Good A choppy manga with nummy artwork that tries to cover all the anime's bases but fails anyway.
Words of Devotion (manga) Very good Oddly, while I found the LA version boring, I like the manga. I'm fucking impressed that Konno writes female characters so well. Usually, girls are straight out bitches in yaoi manga. The romance between the main couple was very interesting, but a few events didn't fit the linear storyline so I did have to really focus as I read the series sometimes. I'd definitely read it again, and I might rewatch the LA film...
World's End (manga) Good I don't know if I'd really call it a sequel (I mean, yeah it did continue from where it left off but in a really weird order). I have no idea where the second couple is from so I was sort of lost when it came to them (besides, guys can't get married in Japan, right? Or have I missed something somewhere?). Daigo is really fucked up, I wouldn't be able to deal with his neediness. More power to you, Hirofumi. -_-;
X-Day (manga by S Mizushiro) Very good Let's blow up the school! *much cheering is heard from Hikaru* ...What? I enjoyed reading this, plus the art was really good.
xxxHOLiC (manga) Excellent I really enjoyed reading this, both for the pretty art, and the continuing story. Up to volume 15 that is. After that particular volume, the plot gets far too depressing for me. I hated the ending, who cares if Wakanuki can leave the shop at will? All his friends are dead, and he'll never meet Yuko again! God, that's awful. So, thanks, CLAMP, for the gloomy ending. -_-
Yahiko no Sakabato (manga) Very good A short look into Yahiko's future, which was okay. Could have been better though.
Yakuza in Love (manga) Very good I liked this one over "Kiss All the Boys" in the end because while it's a little confusing at times and the couples already seemed established, it was solid storytelling until the very end. I particularly enjoyed the alternate ending, which had me grinning ear to ear.
Yellow (manga) Decent Pretty art, though I did predict where the story went, last volume left something to be desired (but not mushy declarations of love, there were plenty of those, unfortunately). Still, it was a pleasant enough series.
Yokai's Hunger (manga) Excellent I'm not usually happy with Kitty Media's releases but this one was quite well done. Of course I loved the art and story (it's Naono Bohra after all), and my only complaint is a lot of the characters had numerous complicated names. Hopefully this title is the first of many to be released stateside by Bohra...please? ;_;
Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Blood Hound - DX (manga) Very good This bit of black and white was pretty good, then again it had vampires so how can it be bad?
You & Harujion (manga) Excellent I really liked the art style but after first reading it, I wasn't really impressed until I reread it a second time, whereupon all the subtle nuances in the story made themselves known and I was pleasantly stunned. I very much like it in all now.
You & Me, Etc. (manga) Very good Typical romance with so-so characters. I didn't mind reading it, but it's not anything special.
You will fall in Love (manga) Very good I don't get why all these love triangles can't just jump into bed together and become a threesome, it would solve all their problems in the shortest amount of time. Still, as much as I wanted to see Reichirou, Haru and Tsukasa do the nasty together, the story was quite intuitive and touched me somehow in the telling of it (it helped we followed Haru the whole time, him discovering his feelings seemed quite real). Good job, Takanaga-sensei. ^_^
Your Honest Deceit (manga) Very good Ah, this one amused me so. The uke seemed quite sneaky and perverted, yet he never got to do any of his inner fantasies. That would've made my day really. Still, it's a good story and I did enjoy reading it (some parts I've seen before, in better ways but hey, I can only be so picky).
Your story I've known (manga) Good I don't know what it is, but I just didn't like this title that much. The art was beautiful, and the story was slightly compelling yet the dialogue feels off. I had a hard time figuring out who said what, and who was topping who during sex.
Yume Kira Dream Shoppe (manga) So-so A "xxxHolic" copy that didn't have the guts to fully embrace the series' concept. If the price is supposed to be something dear to the person wishing, shouldn't there be some unhappy endings in the manga? Really annoying.
Yurara (manga) Excellent I wish the art were a little better other than that, it was an amusing, very interesting story. I loved the ghost and the romance angle that developed from it. Really good shoujo. ^_^
Yuri Life (manga) Good I don't think the short comic format does the various characters any favors. Most couples I barely knew beyond their personality type, that yandere one was quite worrying, but I absolutely loved the shinigami who developed a crush on their prey. That was fucking adorable. Otherwise, kind of boring stories, yet at least the manga was in full color, even if the art wasn't that great.
Zetsuai 1989 (manga) Very good Oh, the angst! The drama, the torture of it all! Being in love with a straight soccer player is so hard, but threatening to love him to death should weave a bond that will never break. Or will it?
Zombie Powder (manga) Very good Quite an interesting manga, one that stops far too soon. I was actually wanting to learn about Gamma's backstory (tidbits don't help, dammit!), as well as the rest of the characters' fates (Smith especially).
Zombie-Loan (manga) Very good It had a great start, and interesting middle, but the ending just wasn't up to snuff. It went off in all directions, and everyone basically reverted to the old plot (maybe since it's their destiny?). My one big pet peeve in this manga is Shito. He was born a zombie, so why does he have to take a loan out to keep living? So, it's a good story, but got muddled at times.

Will not finish Rating Comment
Aqua Knight (manga) So-so Oh, boy finds mermaid, get wishes. Woo-freakin'-hoo! Is it no surprise I didn't like this?
Astro Boy (manga) So-so Nothing special.
Attack on Titan: No Regrets (manga) So-so
Baby & Me (manga) Weak Sometimes whilst downloading scanlations, you inadvertently realize you've just picked up something you would never touch with a stick, this title is one of them.
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order (manga) Weak I liked the original manga, and I respected how it ended, but what the hell's this crap? How could the story continue?
Black Knight (manga) Weak I love the art, the story on the other hand goes nowhere as far as I can tell. Even further volumes don't expand the plot, and frankly I have a really hard time following the plot (because it's so freakin' confusing) and the myriad of characters who populate it. Seriously, I have no idea who most of the characters are when they mention them. I officially give up on this manga.
Casino Lily (manga) So-so Read the first chapter some time ago, wasn't too impressed, and I'm not interested in reading more.
Claymore (manga) So-so Somehow, this is worst than the anime...it comes off as more bland for some reason. The art also bothers me some, not sure why, it's just everyone looks sort of deformed except for females.
Crimson Empire: Circumstances to Serve a Noble (manga) Bad I hate having stories shoved in my face over and over, and this one is a repeat offender due to the Alice (in whatever fucking country) manga titles. It's bland as hell and quite annoying. Stay away from me already! *growls*
Dead Man (manga) So-so Hmm, not sure how to feel about this, it's amusing how far the vampire tortures people but I'm really sure what it has to do with a storyline per say...
Doubt!! (manga by K. Izumi) Not really good
Dr. Slump (manga) Weak
Dragon Half (manga) Decent
Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral (manga) So-so
Fish in the Trap (manga) Weak I am utterly confused at the storyline in this. I get the main couple, but how can the seme be both a high school student and an C.E.O. at the same time? And what is with everyone kidnapping the uke?
Foxy Lady (manga) So-so Way too busy and manic manga. The story doesn't even seem to be present most of the time, and it's just characters going wild in between shots of ears and tails. Unless it comes through the library or I find it dirt cheap, I don't think I'm going to finish collecting this series.
From Eroica with Love (manga) Awful
Gate Keepers (manga) Not really good
Gin Tama (manga) Bad How could a manga that deals with aliens and samurai be so bad? I just don't understand. I read most of the first volume before total boredom made me skim the rest of the volume. Volume 2-4 weren't read so much as looked at and scowled upon. I will not be reading more of this series. I'd rather had my eyes gouged out.
.hack//Legend of the Twilight (manga) Not really good I'm not a big fan of this series, but seeing as this was only three volumes, I thought I'd give it a shot. Unfortunately, it's not that good. It's mostly kid-oriented action, and all of the story takes place in The World with little explanation for the actual story. I won't be finishing this, I have better things to do with my time.
Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time (manga) Weak Ugh, this one made absolutely no sense to me. The art and placement of panels made it really hard to figure out what the hell was going on. I ended up skimming the first volume, which tells you a lot about how much I cared about the story (what little there is of it). I'm not interested in reading the rest of the volumes. -_-
HEN (manga) Not really good Girl with big boobs can get whatever she wants...except another girl.
I.N.V.U. (manhwa) Weak
Kaze Hikaru (manga Taeko Watanabe) So-so
Kekkaishi (manga) Bad
Lagoon Engine (manga) So-so Typical shounen manga. *yawns* Next?
Laid-Back Camp (manga) Not really good I feel like if I was actually into camping, I'd find this series more interesting. As it is, I found it really boring. The intense focus on the different types of tents, food, camping fees, etc, just turned me off. So, yeah, I don't see myself reading more of it in the future.
Let's Dance a Waltz (manga) So-so
Leviathan (manga) So-so I've only read one volume but I'm a bit creeped out...maybe it's the fact it has a lot to do with religion and I'm not fan of that, or that one of it's characters is five people pushed into one. >_>
Lovely Sick (manga) Not really good I don't think I've ever read about such a fucked up couple (and both of them put themselves in their roles purposely!). It kind of makes me sick to read about two people who are so happy in their relationship, they don't need anyone else and force anyone who takes an interest in them out of their life pronto. I don't think I could read further volumes to be completely honest. Bleh.
Monster Collection (manga) So-so
Nadesico (manga) Awful Shallow characters, tired tropes, and bad art equal a terrible series. I don't even care that it's only four volumes, reading two back to back was bad enough. -_-
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days (manga) So-so Eva, without all the mecha and weird religious crap, but in it's place is romance a plenty. *yawn*
Nightschool: The Weirn Books (OEL manga) Weak Read volume one a while ago, and nothing really stood out as impressive. Point in fact, I don't even remember what the story was!
Papillon - Hana to Chō (manga by Miwa Ueda) Not really good Ageha annoys the shit out of me. "Wah, I'm such a loser! Oh, shout out my goal? Okay. Wait, I don't like him anymore...but I love you! Why did you do that? I thought you cared." God, I wanted to slap her so many times. I'm sick of the psycho babble from the counselor as well. I got enough of it in the mangaka's end comments. The story goes for 8 volumes? Ugh.
Pieces of a Spiral (manga) Weak A Mirage of Blaze clone done quite poorly. I really had no idea what the fuck what going on while reading the first volume, which was irritating. I have no interest in finishing the series.
Q-ko-chan (manga) Bad What was the story? Who were the characters? I couldn't really tell as the art style wasn't that good. Things happened, people talked, but damned if I could figure out the plot. Pass, please.
(The) Qwaser of Stigmata (manga) Bad If you like boobs and people suckling them, this is the manga for you. It wasn't for me.
Rave Master (manga) Weak Trying to be like 1p, and failing oh so miserably. -_-
(The) Ring (manga) Weak
Sound of My Voice (manga) Weak
Speed Grapher (manga) Bad This pisses me off so much. The anime was great, but whoever did this manga decided to go off on his own fucked up direction. It doesn't make any sense most of the time and the "action" is stupid. A damn shame considering the art is pretty.
Terraformars (manga) So-so If you're an entomologist, maybe you'd find this series fascinating. Myself, I couldn't get into it though I do find the idea of half insect/half human warriors interesting. Perhaps it was the flat execution that bored me to tears? So, probably not finishing it. Shame because the art was amazing.
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy (manga) Worst ever
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (manga) Worst ever The shounen version where everytime Hitomi uses her magical powers, her boobs grow two more cup sizes. That's manga? -_-
When a Man Loves a Man (manga) Not really good I don't like this one at all, hate the art and the story comes fucking nowhere. Blah!
Yakitate!! Japan (manga) So-so I'm not really that interested in bread. The main character is kind of annoying as well.
Yotsuba&! (manga) Bad Yeah, the story is practically nonexistent. It's about a retarded child running around being stupid. How this got beyond one chapter, I have no idea.
Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga) Weak
Zatch Bell (manga) So-so