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Anime Spotlight - High School DxD New

by Justin Sevakis,
July, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director: Tetsuya Yanagisawa
    (High School DxD, Shattered Angels)
Series Composition, Script: Takao Yoshioka
    (High School DxD, Sekirei)
Character Design: Junji Goto
    (School Days, Ikki Tosen: Xtreme Xecutor)
Animation Production


“I'm going to be the Harem King!”

The stupid and perverted Issei Hyodo, a student at Kuou Private Academy, ends up losing his life because of the powerful Sacred Gear residing in his body, but Ria Gremory, the most beautiful girl in school who he admired, revives him as a devil. But the price for that is being reborn as her devil servant!

Although horny, Issei is positive and direct, and while he's surrounded by Rias, a high-class devil and his master, as well as her beautiful kin, he decides to fight and defeat her enemies to become a high-class devil himself and fulfill his dream of building a harem! Enjoy this hot-blooded academy battle entertainment filled with hard-work and friendship!


Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard

Issei was living the happy romantic life now that his admired Rias was living under the same roof. But one day, when the members of the occult research club are gathered together going over one of Issei's albums, Kiba's expression changes after seeing one of the pictures. In the background of the photo a single sword was on display. Kiba's head was in the clouds after that, so Issei asks him to talk if something is bothering him, but Kiba only tells him, “I just remembered my reason to live.”

“To destroy the holy sword, Excalibur.”

He parts ways with Issei, and as Kiba wanders in the rain, the stray priest Freed Sellzen makes his appearance…


Issei Hyodo
VA: Yuuki Kaji

Kuoh Academy Sophmore
Rank: Pawn
Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear

He lost his life because he possesses the powerful sacred gear, “Boosted Gear”, but Rias reincarnates him as a devil and one of her kin. He's stupid and perverted, but also hot blooded and hard-working. He goes by Issei.

“I'll never forgive anyone who makes our president cry!”

Rias Gremory
VA: Yoko Hikasa

Kuoh Academy Senior
Rank: King

She's the most beautiful girl in school, and the object of Issei's admiration. She's actually a high-class demon, and heir to the powerful Gremory clan. She performs well at the academy, and serves as president of the Occult Research Club where she's gathered her kinsmen. She is Issei's master. After their battle with Riser, she's been living in Issei's house.

“Insulting my servants warrants death!”

Asia Argento
VA: Azumi Asakura

Kuoh Academy Sophomore
Rank: Bishop
Sacred Gear: Twilight Healing

A beautiful, kind young girl with a sacred gear to heal wounds. She used to be under the control of fallen angels who opposed the devils, but now she's one of Rias's kin. She loves Issei, and ever since Rias started living in Issei's house, she's grown bolder in her approaches towards him.

“I'll sleep with Issei-san too!”

Akeno Himejima
VA: Shizuka Itou

Kuoh Academy Senior
Rank: Queen

She's known as the “Lightning Priestess” and number two among Rias' kin as well as vice president of the occult research club. Together, her and Rias are known as the two great ladies of the academy, and they command incredible popularity. Normally she has a friendly personality and often says “my, oh my”, but in battle she's a sadistic queen.

“You can rely on me more, you know.”

Koneko Toujou
VA: Ayana Taketatsu

Kuoh Academy Freshman
Rank: Rook

A beautiful girl who's popular as a mascot at the academy. She doesn't show much emotion or say much, but she has a fiercely sharp tongue for Issei. Her small frame belies the incredible strength she possesses. She's always eating something.

“Sempai, if you were gone… I'd be sad.”

Yuuto Kiba
VA: Kenji Nojima

Kuoh Academy Sophomore
Rank: Knight
Sacred Gear: Sword Birth

A handsome young man with a sacred gear that allows him to create any and all kinds of demonic swords. He's handsome with a friendly personality, and all the female students love him. Issei used to be jealous of him, but as the two have fought together, they've come to respect each other. He considers himself Issei's friend.

“I… will become a sword for my comrades.”

VA: Shizuka Itou

A beautiful and skilled swordsman dispatched by the church to carry out a certain mission. Despite her calm appearance, she's actually a bit lacking in common sense due to spending her whole life raised by the church. She's a power-type fighter focused on offense, and her attacks carry incredible destructive power.

“I will bring judgment upon you with my own hands. In the name of god.”

Irina Shidou
VA: Maaya Uchida

Another beautiful girl dispatched by the church alongside Xenovia. A certain talent of hers was recognized in the past, and she learned the sword at the church. She seems to know Issei from long ago. She's a speed-type fighter focusing on tricky attacks that make use of her agility, and her swordplay is illusive.

“I shall judge your sins! Amen!”


Issei Hyodo
Yuuki Kaji
Rias Gremory
Yoko Hikasa
Asia Argento
Azumi Asakura
Akeno Himejima
Shizuka Itou
Koneko Toujou
Ayana Taketatsu
Yuuto Kiba
Kenji Nojima
Risa Taneda
Irina Shidou
Maaya Uchida
Freed Sellzen
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Aika Kiryuu
Haruka Yamazaki
Yasuaki Takumi
Takurou Nakakuni


Original Creator
Ichiei Ishibumi
Original Character Design
(Dragon Magazine Publishing
Fujimi Fantasy Bunko Publishing)
Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Series Composition
Takao Yoshioka
Character Design
Junji Goto
Chief Art Director
Junji Goto
Maki Fujii
Prop Design
Yutaka Miya
Art Director
Shigemi Ikeda
Color Design
Hitomi Ikeda
Naoto Kondo
Director of Photography
Hiroyuki Chiba
Takashi Sakurai
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Ryosuke Nakanishi
Music Production
Animation Production
High School DxD New Production Committee
Opening Theme
“Sympathy” by Larval Stage Planning

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