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Anime Spotlight - GANGSTA.

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins July 2015(JST)

Key Staff

Director: Shukou Murase
(Witch Hunter Robin, Ergo Proxy )
Series Planner: Shinichi Inotsume
(Hayate the Combat Butler, Nyan Koi!, Sket Dance )
(Samurai Champloo)


The tragic action story of those who cheat death, presented by Kohske (original story), Shukou Murase (director), and Manglobe (animation production).


Worick and Nicolas both work as "Handymen" who take on any job within the mafia-controlled city of Ergastulum, ranging from delivery to murder, from bodyguarding to searching for people. The mafia and the police both tip their hats at them, and they accepted all sorts of requests as a neutral figure that isn't affiliated with any syndicate. One day, from a request from the police, they meet a prostitute. Normal people that can only live within this closed city, and those with superhuman powers that are called the Twilights. Past and present link to one another. Duty and destiny overlap. -- When two meets one, the chaos of the city accelerates.



Worick Arcangelo
VA:Junichi Suwabe
age 35

A gigolo that entertains women, and a Handy Man alongside Nicolas. Not one of the Twilights, but has a certain power that surpasses ordinary people.

Nicolas Brown
VA:Kenjiro Tsuda
age 34

Worick's partner. Uses a Japanese katana as his weapon. Is deaf, and uses sign language and lip-reading to hold conversations. One of those that are called Twilights, and his rank is A/0.

Alex Benedetto
VA:Mamiko Noto
age 24

A prostitute that works in the forbidden zone.


Chad Adkins
VA:Tetsuo Kanao
age 56

An inspector in criminal squad 1 at the central station. Because he is friendly to the Handymen, he is treated as a strange one even within the station.

Cody Balfour
VA:Kaito Ishikawa
age 26

Chad's subordinate. Tends to be timid, and is thrown about every which way thanks to his uninhibited boss.

Theo's Clinic

Dr. Theo
VA:Satoshi Mikami
age 31

A private practitioner in Ergastulum. Skilled but foul-mouthed, and very scary when angry.

VA:Aoi Yuki
age 12

A nurse working under Theo. Attached to Nicolas.



Worick Arcangelo
Junichi Suwabe
Nicolas Brown
Kenjiro Tsuda
Alex Benedetto
Mamiko Noto


Chad Adkins
Tetsuo Kanao
Cody Balfour
Kaito Ishikawa

Theo's Clinic

Dr. Theo
Satoshi Mikami
Aoi Yuki


Original Story
Kohske (serialized in "Monthly Comic @Bunch" published by SHINCHOSHA)
Shukou Murase
Animation Director
Kouichi Hatsumi
Series Planner
Shinichi Inotsume
Character Design
Yōichi Ueda
Art Setting
Masahiro Kubota
Art Director
Masatoshi Kai (Studio KAIMU)
Color Designer
Yūko Saitō
Property Designer
Shinobu Tsuneki
Director of Photography
Yuichiro Nagata (Asahi Production)
Tomoki Nagasaka (JAYFILM)
Sound Director
Yukio Nagasaki
Opening Theme Song
Ending Theme Song
"Yoru no Kuni"
performed by Annabel
Animation Production
Manglobe Inc.

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