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by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 035 - Dethtok

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We open up this week by talking just a little eensy bit about Initial D and A Nightmare on Elm Street before getting right in to what everyone is really waiting to talk about, that whole thing with Eric Sherman and Bang Zoom. While we chat a little bit about the event itself, the fan reaction is really what got to us and a discussion of fandom becoming brutally partisan ensues, the nature of belief vs. fact and the total lack of actual information there is out there for people to make informed speculation. Then we address that little tiny Evangelion dustup we had in the forums.

Our guest this week is Merideth Mulroney, chief graphic designer at Media Blasters who's worked there for 11 years and has probably worn every possible hat the company could throw at her. We dive into Merideth's history there, how Media Blasters is doing, how anime consumption has changed and her decidedly eclectic taste in anime (not to mention the decidedly eccentric Media Blasters catalog. Eiken, anyone?). Then it's Twitter time! Fun!!

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NSFW Language Warning: Just enough swearing to get you through the day.

ANNCast Episode 35 Breakdown

00:20 Host introductions, a lil' Initial D

04:00 Zac's Krueger problem

06:00 Eric Sherman's bombshell blog

07:15 The forums fallout and the new partisan, fact-and-nuance-free nature of arguing about fansubs

22:45 Evangelion 2.22, Tiffany Grant and a dude in a costume

29:00 Merideth Mulroney introduction and her business at Media Blasters

34:10 Media Blasters' web presence (or limited amount thereof)

36:30 Apocalypse Zero!

38:20 How have things changed over the years in the anime industry and for Media Blasters?

43:45 Merideth's sales prediction record

46:40 Eiken! Everyone loves Eiken, right? (answer: no)

49:10 Is Media Blasters still producing dubs?

50:10 Media Blasters' bluray plans and live-action productions, including Death Kappa

54:45 The overall health of Media Blasters as a company

59:00 Twitter time! Merideth's favorite Gaogaigar toy, her early days in fandom, Weiss Kreuz, Berserk plushies, Invader Zim, the shift from singles to box sets and much much more!

And that's it! See you next week.

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