Adult Beveridge

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 067 - Adult Beveridge

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Hey everybody, we've got two - count 'em - TWO guests this week! Hold on to your butts!

First up is Michael Underwood, Director of Entertainment for Anime Expo and the Man In Charge of the anime music video competition this year. He's here to talk about the (apparently unexpectedly) incredibly controversial decision to include cash prizes in this year's competition, and chat about how anime music videos have changed over the years, for better and for worse. Woo!

Then along comes Chris Beveridge, anime and manga editor at (but you all know him as the honcho) and he joins us for a chat on the changing world of media collecting. Is it still worth having a massive physical library? Would life be better with just a mainframe in the basement? Are big bulky special editions stupid purchases? And could you really retire on a full legit R1 set of Sailor Moon? C'mon down!

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NSFW Language Warning: A little eensy weensy bit of cursing.

ANNCast Episode 67 Breakdown

00:20 Michael Underwood introduction and the 2011 AX AMV competition

13:00 How AMVs and the AMV competition has changed over the last decade

23:15 Chris Beveridge introduction and how things are going at Mania

29:00 The importance of physical copies when stuff goes out of print

33:00 Ever consider ditching the giant collection?

35:45 Does consuming so much media make you ambivalent toward it?

42:00 Replacing DVDs with Blurays and double-dippin'

47:00 Reading comics on the iPad

48:45 Going all-digital

56:00 DVD case hub chat! Rarest items in your collection! Stupid special edition packaging! And a little more!

And that's it! See you next time!

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