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Man... or ANSWERMAN?

Answerman: Man... or ANSWERMAN?

Well, my loyal readers, I hate to do this to you, but the Answerman is on vacation today. My noble duties answering your questions will be handled by my secretary, Tsurara. Consider this a historic moment - the first female Answerman. I'll hand over the answering to her right...

   Hey, I just finished watching Ruin Explorers and I found that the humor and the way it was drawn was similar to Slayers.
Did the same company draw and write both? Also are there any plans to do another Ruin Explorers series or movie? Thanks for your time.

No, but the manga versions were both serialized in Dragon Magazine in Japan. Ruin Explorers wasn't all that popular and it's pretty old, so I wouldn't expect a sequel anytime soon. Just because a series is similar to another one doesn't mean they're done by the same production staff; keep in mind that 90 percent of anime is just ripped off of whatever's popular at the time.

I've read hints dropped on Anime News Network that Nadesico is going to be shown on toonami. Is there any truth to this? Is it set in stone?

Thanks a lot, John

No, it's a rumor. ^^; I really, really hate it when people spread rumors like that, especially because so many rumors are totally false anyways. Besides, Nadesico isn't really suited for Cartoon Network.

I've recently begun watching Escaflowne again and I remembered just how great of a series it was. However, my brain-meats came up with a question that this new-fangled inter-net was unable to answer for me. Is there ever going to be an american release of the Escaflowne manga? I know it's not exactly a new series, but I gots ta know!


Well, anything that's even remotely popular over here seems to get picked up, so while no Escaflowne manga has been licensed yet (There are three versions - shoujo, shounen, and film manga) it's not a complete impossibility. ^^

does anyone know what the difference in quality between the first and second printing of dvds? for eaxmple: is there a difference between the digital master version of Blood: The Last Vampire that was provided in the limited edition box and the one that will come later as a single disk later this summer? please provide some insights.

No, of course not! ^^; It's a digital master, right? So there's no difference between digital masters. The print should be the same one that's on the collector's edition. If it's packaging quality you're after, though, you'll want to do the Collector's edition. It's a little more expensive but I'd bet it's worth the money! ^^

Re: Utena
1. When will they release the next part of the series?
2. How many will they release at that time?
3. Will they release a box set?

Well, Central Park Media hasn't said anything yet on when they'll release the rest of the series, but they have said that it'll be out next year sometime. They have the distribution rights up through episode 26. They might release a box set, who knows? I can't predict the future for you.

Tenshi no Tamago or Angel's Egg, whatever; I saw this on local TV a couple of years ago and from what I remember, it was pretty good. I heard it's coming to America; know anything about that.

Anchor Bay currently owns the rights to Angel's Egg and the DVD is tentatively scheduled for a December release. I'm not sure about that movie, though - not enough dialogue! ^^;


When will Saber Marionette J Again be released on DVD?

SMJ is almost completely on DVD now, R is announced already, and so is J to X. What happened to J Again?

Jorge Rodriguez

Apparently Bandai has scheduled the OVA series for release sometime this year, although details are sketchy at this point. While you're waiting for the SMJ OVA series, you could always watch Pioneer's release of Hand Maid May - it's basically the same damn show! ^^;

I read most recently about ADV Films in talks with DIC to get rights to release the first 81 episodes of Sailor Moon on DVD. If this ever does happen, will they have the edited version and a uncut verison of the episdoes subtitles on the same disc? Also will they include the missing episodes that DIC cut out?

I'm not psychic, pal. I can't read the future. Why would I know what the exact disc specifications are for a DVD release that, at this point, is purely speculation?? No more Sailor Moon questions!! >_<

Hello again! When is Nadesico the Movie: Prince of Darkness coming to the US and when is Cartoon Network showing Pilot Candidate? Thanks!

ADV hasn't said anything about the Nadesico movie yet but I imagine they'll release it once they're done with the series. ^^ Cartoon Network is planning on starting Pilot Candidate in the fall. Just be patient! ^^;

Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed doing this column in Answerman's stead; maybe I'll do it again in the future. Drop me a line to let me know what you think!

Otanoshimini!! ^^

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