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Lazy Labor Day

Answerman: Lazy Labor Day

Alright, alright. It's Labor day, I don't feel like doing a rant. Heck, I don't even want to do a new column today. But just to prove how dedicated I am, here's 10 questions.

With the first season already released as single discs whether than as a boxset, I was wondering how long it will take Media Blasters to release the last season as single discs. Even if I buy the second boxset from amazon it will cost $169.98 before a gift certificate is tacked on. At that price it is kind of steep for seven discs. The only instances I paid about that price is for Fushigi Yugi boxsets because it was never released as single discs.

Not sure when Media Blasters plans on releasing them as seperate discs, but frankly, for 160 bucks, you're getting a good deal. I'd personally swallow my pride and put out the cash; I don't think buying them seperately will save you a lot of money.

Hi Answerman.
I heard recently that companies are fighting over the rights to the English Cardcaptors, and an uncut dub may result after the fight. Is that true?
Also, (someone might have asked this already but I can't remember) has anyone picked up the rights for the two Card Captor Sakura movies?
Thanks for your help.

Not sure where you heard that first bit, but it isn't true. The first CCS movie was licensed by Nelvana. As far as I know, the second film hasn't been bought yet.

hi Answerman,

Do you know of any sites that sell first-hand licensed anime DVDs at low prices? There's a good store that sells many for $20, but that store is far away from where I live and I want something easier. Do you have any recomendations for online stores that sell anime for $20, but that don't have high shipping costs?


Sure. Try www.bestprices.com.

Hi, Answerman!

I saw the new redub of the Dragon Ball episodes airing on Toonami. The dub is really excellent. Do you think Funimation will dub beyond the planned first 28 episodes? Do you think they will eventually release the new dub of the first 13 on uncut DVDs? I only have the first 25 episodes from Hawaiian TV and it'll be hard to find the rest subbed in good quality after the CN run is over. The original series is long and it'll take forever for Funimation to release them on DVD.


Nothing official has been said yet, but I'd imagine that if Dragon Ball is successful on Toonami, Funimation will go ahead and dub the rest. It all depends on how popular it is.

Dearest Answerman,
Not too long ago I revisited the lovely anime Neon Genesis and once again attempted to obtain an import of Death and Rebirth hoping to finally receive my "proper ending" as promised by the producer. Once again however I was unable to secure this item. I then learned that it was being brought to the States though legal channels along with End Of Evanglion. Is this true? When will this sign of the Apocalypse take place? Please tell me the movies aren't going to suck!

Thank you for putting my wonders to rest,
The man with two left hands

Yep. Manga is releasing Death and Rebirth along with End of Evangelion in January 2002.

Hello Answerman,
I heard recently that there are at least two new Rurouken OAVs being released at the end of 2001/begining of 2002. I've read that these will tell the story of Kenshin's wanderings, not finish up the manga as I had hoped when I first heard the news. So my question is do you think there is any chance of the Jinchuu arc being animated eventually?

thank you,


The new OVA series are not based on the manga - they're an original story that's supposed to conclude the original OVA series. We won't know for sure, though, until they're released; which won't be until December.

What is Shu-Shu.net? I know it has something to do with Shueisha, but what?

Looks like an information site about the stuff Shueiseia has published recently. There's a forum as well; it's probably a news and community site for fans of Shueiseia's properties.

Hey! I know I could probably find this out in a hundred other places, but how many episodes are there of Kodomo no Omocha? Someone told me 56, with another season on the way.

Actually there's 102 episodes of Kodomo no Omocha, and the show completed its run long ago.

Sorry in advance if this is a repeated question. Hand Maid May left us hanging a little even after the 11th episode. Is anything else scheduled for this series or is it over?


There aren't any plans for more Hand Maid May. At least not yet.

Out of curiousity (and the fact that Cowboy Bebop will soon be airing on Cartoon Network), do you think an anime could ever receive an Emmy? Do you think anime could even get a nomination? Thanks a bunch!

Technically the Emmys are for American television, so I don't think an anime series could even get a nomination. But, I'm not 100 percent sure on that - anyone out there know the exact rules for recieving an Emmy nomination?

Seey'all on Friday.

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