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Ms. Answerman
Rebecca no Henji

by Rebecca Bundy,
Let's get straight to business today, shall we?

I have a question that I hope you can answer. I recently read the schedule for Inuyasha on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Action Block , and I see that after Feburary 13 2003 there is no mention of Inuyasha in the schedule lineup. Is the Cartoon Network going to stop airing Inuyasha?

You can contact me at [address removed] I hope that you can get back to me soon.

Not permanently, no. It would be impossible for Viz to produce a completed dubbed episode once a week, every week. Cartoon Network will pick this series back up once Viz has finished producing the dub for a number of additional Inuyasha episodes. Basically, Viz needs to have a big stock of finished episodes, since the show's airing weekly. They ran out, so they have to stop and dub more episodes.

Hey 2nd incarnation of Answerman...

This may be a question thats been asked before, but... are there any plans for second season of Hellsing in Japan? I just finished DVD 4 and it seems like a LOT of loose ends are left, but i can't find anything online about a second season.

There's a good chance that there will be a second season of Hellsing, though this time audiences hopefully won't have to deal with filler plots and poorly designed villains. Kouta Hirano, the manga artist for Hellsing, wants to wait on the second season until the rest of the manga has been released. He doesn't want to spoil the ending for the manga by using it first in the anime series. It's likely that a second season would follow the manga's current storyline, which I suggest everyone read.

Ms. Answerman,

I quite like Hikaru no Go(both manga and anime, and have subsequently
discovered that I also quite enjoy the game of Go. My questions are these:

1) What is your opinion on the series?

2) What is your opinion on the phenomenon of Hikaru no Go?

My opinion? Hopefully I won't see a thread in the forum complaining about my personal opinion on the series. I can see the title now…'Hikaru no Go = Slam Dunk…ON CRACK!!' Ahem, anyway…
Hikaru no Go is a wonderful anime and manga series. Hikaru can be annoying at times, but for the most part, he's an engaging hero and it's fun to watch him mature through the world of professional Go. The character designs change every 15 or so episodes as the characters grow older, something that is rarely seen in anime. By and large, the plot focuses on Hikaru as he grows up and matures. Generally the storyline is told in an arc, but there are plenty of self-contained episodes. The way the Go games are played varies as well, from the basic style of play to playing three (or more) opponents at once or playing a game with only white Go pieces. Needless to say, I enjoy the series greatly, and would recommend it to anyone with a little knowledge of the Japanese culture.
As far as the phenomenon surrounding the show is concerned, it could be compared to the popularity of anime and manga that focus on sports, like Yawara or Whistle!. The difference is that Go is something that anyone could play, no matter a person's age or sex. The anime/manga acts as a tutorial for playing Go while maintaining interesting characters and plot. Audiences can have fun while they learn how to play. It's also one of the better series in Japan overall, so basically, the series has a lot of different things going for it that make it a phenomenon in Japan.

Dear Ms. Answerman

hi ^-^ i would just like to know if there are any plans to release the anime collection Neo-Tokyo (Manie Manie - The Labyrinth Tales) on dvd any time soon. i would really appreciate your help. thank you ^-^


Neo-Tokyo (Meikyu Monogatari) was hailed as a masterpiece by critics when it was first released on VHS. The DVD has recently been released in Japan, but the license to this collection has yet to be bought here in the US. It might be a while before it finds its way over here in DVD form, but it's likely to be picked up considering it's previous popularity in America.

Ok here is my dumb question of the day. With the sudden interest in shonen-ai series, do you believe it will effect the Japanese market (I.E. more shonen-ai series will be put to video, they will make FAKE a REALLY SERIES) which brings me to my real question I guess. Does the American market have influnce on the Japanese? Speaking in Anime/Manga form.(I.E. if a series is popular here are they prone to try and make stuff to market it here) Oh yea and because Tuxedo Mask has a transformation scene does that make him a Mahou Shonen? I mean he does get all naked and glittery. but he doesn't really have any magic powers. Does he? Thanks hope to see my question posted ^_^

American market has a huge affect on the Japanese market in general, since our economies are two of the largest in the US. When it comes to anime, some Japanese series are created to satisfy American audiences. ADV paid for the production of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 and is continuing to produce series for both the Japanese and American markets. Escaflowne was not popular in Japan, but the American audiences loved the series, so they made a movie. Japan has also been very enthusiastic anc ooperative about the US release of Shonen Jump, taking an incredible interest in the success of that publication.
As for your second question, unless throwing roses and giving long speeches is now considered magical, I'd say he's not. Also, his transformation scene only shows up once or twice in the anime.

See you next time!

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