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Intern Annika — Just for Fun

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Intern Annika - Fin ?

Is this the end? ― We certainly hope you enjoyed Intern Annika! Unfortunately this will not be a weekly comic strip, but Annika will be making appearances around the site in the near future, and there will be more Annika comics from time to time. Please let us know in the forum what you though of the strip, and if there's anything you would like to see from Annika in the future.

Intern Annika - A Magical Visit

Remember the love and passion you have for anime...

Intern Annika - Meet Azure!

Magical Princess what now?

Intern Annika - Is she dying?

Annika gets down to work, but something isn't quite right!

Intern Annika - Let's get started!

It's time to put Annika to work.

Intern Annika - Meet Annika

Nina's been feeling a little burned out, so she gets a new intern! ― Intern Annika is a special 6-part spinoff of Anime News Nina, and will run Monday - Wednesday - Friday this week and next. Enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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