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Anime Expo 2002

Missed something from Anime Expo? Here's a complete set of our news articles from the convention!

AX 2002: Missed on TRSI Title (2002-07-10 00:40:06)
During our after panel discussion with Shawne Kleckner, it seems that we missed one new aquisition, Gakuen Senki Muryou (Record of School War). Source: TRSI [ No More ]

AX 2002: Anime Expo Closing Ceremonies (2002-07-08 03:03:16)
Confirmation of Future AX in Japan and move to Anaheim. [ More ]

AX 2002: Read or Die Panel (2002-07-07 13:24:35)
A panel dedicated to the hit 3-part OVA series... and it's not even released in the USA yet! [ More ]

AX 2002: GONZO Panel (2002-07-07 12:33:06)
What's up the sleeve of one of the best anime-producing companies this year? [ More ]

AX 2002: Anime-Sci Fi Panel (2002-07-07 03:19:59)
How has anime been influenced by science fiction, and where might Sci-Fi anime go from here? [ More ]

AX 2002: Newtype USA Panel (2002-07-07 01:55:32)
Falling from the hands of Digital Manga, ADV finished a "preview" issue of Newtype USA and circulated around the convention. [ More ]

AX 2002: Synch Point Panel (2002-07-06 15:06:33)
Synch-Point focused on releasing current projects before making any new acquisitions [ More ]

AX 2002: TOKYOPOP Panel (2002-07-06 07:47:11)
Much Authentic Manga, Original Lupin Manga aquired. [ More ]

AX 2002: TRSI Panel (2002-07-06 07:44:52)
The Right Stuff International Licenses Gravitation, and a lot of adult material [ More ]

AX 2002: Urban Vision Panel (2002-07-06 07:42:35)
UV looking at production involvement rather than licencing.. [ More ]

AX 2002: Media Blaster Panel (2002-07-06 07:41:05)
Seven of Seven and more licensed [ More ]

AX 2002: Anime Expo AMV Issues (2002-07-06 07:37:44)
Anime Music Video contest delayed due to technical glitch, shown Saturday morning and Sunday morning instead. [ More ]

AX 2002: Anime Expo Opening Ceremonies (2002-07-06 07:36:58)
Everything that happened at the opening of North America's biggest Anime Convention [ More ]

Initial D Car at AX (2002-07-02 14:13:39)
Bandai Rep Jerry Chu helps out Tokyopop with his Initial D car [ More ]

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