Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo - Media Blasters

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Company Representatives: John Sirabella - President, Frank Pannone - Managing Editor

Five new titles were announced: Asagiri no Miko, Eiken, Midori no Hibi, Otogizoushi, and Shura no Toki. The license to Gokusen, announced earlier this year, was reconfirmed.

Graphic novel titles set to be released in the near future include the yaoi manga Level C (first volume due out in January 2005, then a volume every three months) and Skyscrapers of Oz (starting in September), the manhwa Volcano High (a prequel to the movie), and manga titles including Pilgrim Jäger (story by the writer of Shenmue & Fafner with art by CAPCOM designer), Baron Gong Battle (art by same artist as Battle Royale), Apocalypse Zero and Death Trance.

Death Trance is another original manga being created for Media Blasters, and is a co-production with creators of the Japanese action/horror movie Versus. It will be 3 volumes (144 pages each) and will be released simultaneously with a live action Death Trance movie that will be released in Japan and North America. The movie will star Tak Sakaguchi and will be directed by Yuji Shimomura. Yudai Yamaguchi, who wrote Versus and Alive, will write the story for the movie and manga. Media Blaster's Tokyo Shock label will release the movie in North America (Tokyo Shock also released Versus).

Artists who are working on the upcoming Flesh for the Beast anthology will be present at the Media Blasters booth at the San Diego Comic Con later this month.

Media Blasters' current plans are to release 2 graphic novels per month.

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