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Sailor Moon R Movie

by Kyle Pope,
Sailor Moon R Movie

This list of edits is based upon the DVD release of the Sailor Moon R Movie. SMRM was released three ways in the US. There was subbed and unedited VHS, dubbed and edited VHS and DVD. The DVD contains the movie completely unedited with English and Japanese dialogue tracks. This list will be comparing the English language version on the DVD with the version aired by Toonami. As such there will be no mention of plot changes between the English and Japanese dialogue, key of which is the suggested nature of the relationship that exists between Mamoru/Darien and Fiore. If you know about how the relationship between Michiru/Michelle and Haruka/Amara was handled then you know of what I speak. The English dub of Sailor Moon makes no pretense of being a faithful adaptation of the Japanese dialogue so I wil make no such pretense either. However the DVD dub does retain the original Japanese music track to include the use of Moon Revenge as the insert song rather than Power of Love (This sequence using "Power of Love" is included on the DVD as an extra to include DIC's cropping of Usagi's nudity.) I will be identifying specific characters by both their Japanese and English names for the benefit of readers who may not be familiar with the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon.

On with the edits.

1) Original opening animation replaced with generic DIC opening animation. (Foolish since the bus trip was part of the story.) Additional title card reading "The Promise of the Rose" added.

2) Interior body lines removed from Sailor Senshi/Scouts during transformation sequences. (This in keeping with the DIC's edit of the TV series.)

3) Scene of Chibiusa/Rini covering Usagi/Serena's nose and mouth cut.

4) Long pause before Usagi/Serena regains consciousness cut.

5) Sequence shot of each Senshi/Scout being held by the throat by the plant creature cut.

6) Scene of Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus being thrown through a plate glass window cut.

7) Scene of Sailor Mars slamming into a security gate cut.

8) Scene of Sailor Jupiter impacting and shattering a telephone booth cut.

9) Scene of Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask being impaled by Fiore cut.

10) Scene of Chibiusa/Rini shooting Sailor Moon with a dart gun shortened.

11) Scene of Sailor Moon's costume turning into ribbons when Fiore grabs her compact cut.

12) Sailor Moon's transformation into Princess Serenity/Moon Princess cropped to minimize her nudity.

Well CN has been promising us this movie for some time now and they've finally delivered. There were no real surprises here as this movie is just a broadcast of the version released to dubbed VHS years ago. The new factor of a DVD version however warranted such a list as I felt that most Sailor Moon fans who have this movie would have the DVD version and would be seeing something different than what Toonami had aired. And any fans who have the dubbed VHS version may find this list an incentive to upgrade to the DVD.

Well according to Toonami we'll be seeing the Sailor Moon S movie after this. I'll inform you of what you missed there as well (if anything).

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