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Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 1

by Kyle Pope,
Eva debuts... Again.

Cartoon Network takes on the Angels again. This time they're in for the duration. For those of you who may not remember CN aired Eva before. A Toonami promotion called Giant Robot Week aired the first two episodes. They did not fare well as my edit lists of those episodes will attest. There were minor edits to episode #1 while episode #2 was shredded. This time it's a whole new ball game. Adult Swim has Eva now. With their current standards Eva should do quite well. There's really nothing in it that overtly violates AS standards. Nonetheless Eva still remains a problematic series for TV airing. Regardless Eva is a milestone series that all anime fans should see at least once and now Adult Swim is making that possible.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 01: Angel Attack

1) Completely unedited.

This is a good start but this is a relatively safe episode. We'll learn a lot when the next episode airs. Note that AS is not airing the Platinum version of the series so viewers will not be getting the benefits of the magnificent restoration work ADV put into restoring this series.

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