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NYCC Coverage - Abridged Australian Edition

by Jon Hayward,

When thinking about Manga, and its availability in Australia, one does not immediately think of the New York Comic Convention as an event of importance. However, unlike its animated cousin, Manga can be easily imported due to the lack of ratings and printed materials have no region locking. This results in the ability to reliably predict Australian manga releases by looking at what material has been licensed for publishing in America, as many manga acquisitions find their way onto our shelf either at the same time, or just after, they are released in America.

So here you have the New York Comic Convention Coverage for 2007, abridged version and all prices converted to the Australian Dollar. Please enjoy!

Interesting Bits and Pieces

  • CLAMP's Kobato. which has been published in Newtype Japan since November 2006 will begin serialisation in Newtype USA later this year [Link]
  • ADV still cannot decide on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD and for the moment are sitting tight as they believe the market for HD anime is too small. Link
  • Anime Innovation Tokyo is an incubator program (backed by THINK Corporation) which aims to produce groundbreaking and innovative features using emerging directors and new technology. All the new features are being developed for a global market and several projects are currently in development. [Link]
  • The first American Anime Awards were also held over the NYCC weekend. They have been created to recognise excellence in the American aspects of anime production with awards for best voice actor, best series and so on. Bamboo Dong takes a in-depth look at not only the ceremony, but how the awards came about and how the winners were decided.

Tokyopop Panel

Clamp no Kiseki (the Clamp “magazine” packaged with chess pieces) will be returning to store shelves. Volumes are scheduled to be released in July, August and October. One of the major reasons for the delay is the cardboard packaging and the new volumes will have different packaging and a price drop, now estimated to cost approx $25 AUD.

New Acquisitions

Viz Manga

Viz's Manga division is doing well with Naruto Vol 7 receiving a “Quills Award”. Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, and Ranma ½ have all finished their publication runs in the previous year. Death Note and I's will be finishing this year. Viz will also be translating and publishing the Brave Story novel.


Del Ray

Del Ray will be publishing “Complete Guide to Manga” which will be a guide to all Manga published in the USA.

New Acquisitions

Yen Press

They are a new entry into the Manga market, being a imprint of the Hachette Book Group (similar to how Del Ray is a imprint of Random House). While they are planning on publishing a manga anthology title Yen Press are starting with the following titles;


New Acquisitions


CMX will be re-releasing the first volume of Gon complete with it's original color pages and will approximately cost $8 AUD.

New Acquisitions

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