Mikako Komatsu, Sachi Kokuryu, Yūichi Nakamura, Kotono Mitsuishi Lead Gundam Build Fighters Anime's Cast

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Yui Ishikawa, Takuya Satō, Minami Fujii also join October Gundam anime

The official website for the Gundam Build Fighters anime revealed the cast and character profiles for the anime on Friday:

Mikako Komatsu (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, K) will play Sei Iori, a first year student at the middle school section of the Seifū Private Academy. As he is the son of the Iori Model Shop, he has enjoyed Gundam plastic models since he was young. His knowledge of Gundam and making Gundam models are far beyond an adult's. However, he is unfamilar when it comes to Gundam plastic model battles, and always gets eliminated in the first round of the championship.

Sachi Kokuryu (Ginga Densetsu Weed, Cross Fight B-Daman) will play Reiji, a mysterious boy that Sei met in town. Reiji is pushy, selfish, quick to resort to violence, and doesn't know much about common sense in society. Although he was pulled into Gundam plastic model battles for the first time, he shows excellent talent in piloting.

Yui Ishikawa (Attack on Titan, Heroic Age) will play China Kōsaka, a first year student at the middle school section of the Seifū Private Academy, class president, and member of the art club. Her home is the restaurant Kōsaka. As she watches Sei get interested in Gundam plastic model battles, she herself becomes intrigued with the sport. She has a wise and reserved personality. Her chest is also “reserved.”

Takuya Satō will play Tatsuya Yūki, a third year student at the middle school section of the Seifū Private Academy and the student body president. He is the school idol who is also the president of the model club. He is a prodigy at producing Gundam plastic models and battling. He has such great ability that he even participated in the Gundam plastic model championship. His other name is “The Crimson Comet.”

Minami Fujii will play Mao Yasaka, a Gundam plastic model builder from Kyoto. He has been taught how to create Gundam plastic models since he was young. He appears to be spacey due to his appearance and Kansai dialect, but he in fact has a hot fighting spirit in his heart. He is a good rival of Sei's.

Yuichi Nakamura (Guilty Crown, Zettai Karen Children) will play Ricardo Fellini, a regular competitor at the Gundam plastic model championship, and the representative for Italy. His other name is “Italy's Dandy Man.” After arriving in Japan after traveling around the entire world, he has a fateful meeting with Reiji. His hobby is searching for girls to hit on using Gundam plastic models, and he boasts that it has an 80% rate of success.

Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon, Kaleido Star) will play Rinko Iori, Sei's mother and the owner of the Iori Model Shop. Even though she is the owner, she is not very knowledgeable about plastic models, and relies on her son for advice about them. Her specialty is cooking, and her best dish is stir-fried vegetables.

Kenji Nagasaki will be directing the anime from scripts by Yousuke Kuroda. Kenichi Ohnuki is designing the characters with cooperation from Suzuhito Yasuda (Yozakura Quartet, Durarara!).

The anime will premiere in October.

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