Fujoshi Choose 'Top' Characters in Boys-Love Manga Quiz

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Fujoshi have a new way to boast about their knowledge of boys-love manga. The digital book rental website Renta! launched a new "Boys-Love Test" on Tuesday.

The project "of boys-love lovers by boys-love lovers for boys-love lovers" is a continuation of the website's series of boys-love tests. The new quiz shows takers two pictures of main characters from boys-love manga and asks "Which is the seme?" In the realm of boys-love, seme means the dominant member or "top" in the depicted homosexual relationship.

The test has 20 questions and awards 11 different "degrees" depending on test takers' scores. There is also a special "degree" image for people who achieve a perfect score. This writer, having little knowledge of boys-love, received 54 points on the quiz to get the "Fighter" image below. The fu character in the "degree" titles is the first character in "fujoshi," the pejorative term for female fans of boys-love that means "rotten girl."

As of the posting of this article, people have taken the test more than 150,000 times. Click here to try the quiz. Tell us your score in the forum!

Renta!'s English version debuted in 2009.

Source: Animate Times via Nijimen

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