Re:Zero's Ram Joins Twin Sister as Life-Size Figure for 1.48 Million Yen

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
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Ram finally gets to join her sister from Re:Zero as a life-size statue. FigureX announced its Ram figure in February and recently revealed all the details.

The 1:1-scale figure will stand about 154 centimeters (about 5'1") tall including the pedestal. The pedestal will feature a speaker that can interact with Bluetooth. Unlike her sister statue who carries a broom, this version of Ram will hold a tea tray. The figure will be made of polylactic acid, and FigureX will use a digital mold and 3D printer to create every detail.

Like the Rem life-size figure, the Ram statue will also cost 1.48 million yen (about US$13,300) and be limited to 30 units. The pre-order application period began on July 22 and will end on August 22. The lottery results will be announced on September 22, and the figure will ship at the end of May.

The Rem life-size figure will ship in August. FigureX unveiled its first life-size twin statue in November and revealed an illustration that inspired both figures' designs.

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