Medicom Toy's [email protected] Figures Add 2nd One Piece Line

posted on 2018-01-02 13:45 EST by Jennifer Sherman
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Just in time for the figures' anime announcement, Medicom Toy is offering a second wave of One Piece items in its [email protected] line. The new figures celebrate the manga's 20th anniversary.

One of the new sets offers nine [email protected] figures with designs from the first wave of the collaboration for 6,300 yen (about US$56). A set of four figures includes Vivi, Carue, Bon Kurei, and Crododile designs inspired by the manga's "Alabasta" arc for 2,800 yen (US$25). Finally, a set of five figures includes Ace, Whitebeard, Shanks, Akainu, and Sengoku from the "Summit War" arc for 3,500 yen (US$31).

The pre-order period for the figures is open until January 31, and orders will begin shipping on April 27. The figures in the collection will also debut individually in blind boxes in spring. However, the Ace figure will only be available in the set through the 7net online shop.

The Japanese advertising sponsor Dentsu and Dreamworks AnimationTelevision recently announced that they signed an agreement to jointly produce and develop a television animation project based on [email protected] figures. Dentsu negotiated the contract through its American subsidiary Dentsu Entertainment USA.

Other characters to inspire Bearbrick figures include Attack on Titan's Levi, Pikachu, Parasyte's Migi, Mr. Osomatsu's Matsuno brothers, Naruto, Hatsune Miku, Evangelion characters, Space Dandy's Dandy, Transformers' Optimus Prime, Sgt. Frog's Keroro, and Gundam characters.

Source: Comic Natalie

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