Cup Noodle's Host Guys Promote 3 Tasty New Flavors

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Cup Noodle's marketing department is constantly coming up with new, unique ways to promote its brand. The company recently wrapped its "Hungry Days" campaign that starred aged-up versions of classic anime characters before finishing with an apocalyptic love confession. The instant ramen company also had a rather elaborate collaboration with Final Fantasy XV.

The company's newest campaign isn't nostalgic but it does take some video game inspirations to the next level. Cup Noodle introduced its new fictional host club, "Club Es," and its three smoldering stars, on Monday. Each character represents one of the brand's "ethnic" flavors and they're ready to schmooze with shrimp, cuddle with noodle cups, and other sexually-charged food acts.

The campaign stars Junichi Suwabe as Tomya, Natsuki Hanae as Lak, and Toshiki Masuda as Blape. Each character is promoting a flavor in Cup Noodle's newly re-established Ethnic Flavor series. Tomya is Tom Yum Cun, Lak is Singaporean Laksa, and Blape is Black Pepper Crab.


The official website is holding a Twitter campaign until Friday to pick the fan favorite from the trio. Cup Noodle will give one randomly chosen a winner a "bouquet" of cup noodles.

With three charming guys taking the lead, would you want to give any of these flavors a try?

[Via Nijimen]

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