Cutie Honey, Gatchaman, Yatterman Characters Inspire Themed Wine

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
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Cutie Honey's title character, Gatchaman's Jun the Swan, and Yatterman's Doronjo are appearing on their own special bottles of nihonshu (Japanese rice wine). The themed wine was unveiled earlier this month.

The release is part of the Ultra J ~Ultra Alliance Japan~ project. Tokushima's Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery and sake shop Mirai Nihonshu Ten are collaborating on the wine inspired by classic female anime characters. Cutie Honey's wine has a light fruity taste, Jun's has a fresh flavor with umami undertones, and Doronjo's has a crisp yet deep flavor.

The wine is slated to go on sale in late August. It will be available online and at two of Mirai Nihonshu Ten's shops.

Mitsutake Brewery also began offering separate Cutie Honey wine on August 3.

Source: Comic Natalie

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