Levi Continues His Attack on Stained Laundry

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Levi's love of cleanliness knows no bounds. He's whipped Osaka train station bathrooms into shape and now he's here to ensure all those Survey Corps uniforms are crisp and white. Levi is the "spokesperson" for Kao's "Attack" brand laundry detergent.

The campaign launched over the summer with a poll to pick the detergent bottle's design. Eren was fond of the A design that would show "Levi folding clothes with the look of a mother" while the rest of the Survey Corps argued for the B design that would show "Levi measuring detergent with a pointed look."

The winner was left up to fans to vote via Twitter with the winning design planned to go on sale on December 10. The bottle design reveals that Eren lost out this time.

The bottle design shows Levi measuring his detergent precisely while probably chiding us for our lack of attention to detail. Can't get enough of Levi demeaning you? I'm sure he has more than a few insults in the Attack on Titan karuta game. Last year there was an entire site via Nijimen

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