Mob Psycho II Exhibition Brings Reigen's Office to Shibuya

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The "Talk About Spirits Agency" from Mob Psycho 100 II is coming to Shibuya for an exhibition at Gallery X by Parco next month. The event will recreate Reigen's desk from his office and display interactive exhibits where visitors can experience images, sounds and voices from the series while browsing animation materials.

Series character designer Yoshimichi Kameda drew the exhibition's key visual and the art will also be used for event exclusive merchandise. Tickets cost just 300 yen and come with a pouch containing broccoli seeds, a reference to Mob's "payment" from Reigen at the end of the Urban Legend Arc.

The exhibition will open in the art space on February 14 and run until February 25.

The Mob Psycho 100 II anime premiered on January 7. Crunchyroll and Funimation are streaming the series as it airs in Japan.

Crunchyroll describes the second season:

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is an ordinary 8th grader who just wants to live a normal life. Although he can disappear in the crowd in a flash, he was actually the most powerful psychic. The lives of those around Mob and his numerous feelings that softly piles up for the eventual explosion. The mysterious group “Claw” stands before him once again. In the midst of his youthful days, where will his roaring heart take him!?

The staff at BONES is returning from the first season to work on the second season.

Source: Comic Natalie

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