Girls' Frontline Smartphone Game Collaboration with Gunslinger Girl Comes to English Server

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Event launched on Tuesday

The English version of the Girls' Frontline Chinese smartphone role-playing game launched a collaboration event with the Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino anime on Tuesday. The official Twitter account has released a PV for the collaboration, as well as previews of the characters and rewards that can be obtained:

The playable characters are Henrietta, Triela, Angelica, Claes, and Rico. All of them can be obtained by playing through the event: Henrietta is a stage-clear reward, Triela and Rico can be exchanged with event vouchers, while Angelica and Claes can be obtained through map drops or platinum medals (rewarded upon defeating certain units). They also have alternate costumes that can be purchased with gems, Girls' Frontline's primary in-game currency.

The Chinese version of the game held the event from July 25 to August 20, while the Japanese server held it from September 11 to October 9.

Girls' Frontline first launched in mainland China in May 2016. An English version was released in May 2018, and a Japanese version was released in August 2018 under the title Dolls' Frontline.

The Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino anime premiered in January 2008. It is the second Gunslinger Girl television anime, which is based on Yu Aida's manga by the same name.

Source: Girls' Frontline official English Twitter account

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