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Anime Dates and Delays

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Source: Anime on DVD

Spirit of Wonder, Miss China's Ring will be released, as previously announced, on January 10th. The first Urusei Yatsura TV volume is due on February 27th. Interestingly, AnimEigo has chosen to forgo their direct sales only routine with these two DVDs and will be making them available through retailers.

Monster Rancher DVD Vol. #4 has been announced for March 20th.

Cetral Park Media has again announced delays with their DVDs, this time Rhea Gall Force, Hades Project Zeorymer and GoShogun are all being delayed till February 27th. The first of 13 volumes of Votoms will be coming out on February 6th, the final volume will be released sometime in March. Originally all 13 volumes were scheduled to be release on January 16th.

DVD volumes 3 and 4 of Flint The Time Detective TV Dub only version) have been announced for March 27th.

The Captain Tylor TV series DVD box set should be shipping within 2 weeks. TRSI has announced that anyone who purchased the TV box set directly from them will get a coupon enabling them to order the entire OVA series in April. For other customers the OVA series will ship one volume a month starting in April with the 3rd and last volume shipping in June.

TRSI has also announced that it has licenced Boogiepop Phantom, no word on a time frame for the release though. Kare Kano will however see its Spring 2001 timeframe pushed back to autumn 2001.

ADV hasn't meantionned any dates yet, but they have hinted on their website that Orphen and Shin Getter Robo will be released on DVD soon.

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