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4Kids Acquires new titles

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From the group that brought us Pokémon, comes a live series, and two anime series...

4Kids Entertainment sent out a press release today, announcing their acquisition of two Japanese series.

First is Tama and Friends, a pre-schooler series about a cat named Tama, and his dog and cat friends. The show has run in Japan for almost two decades.

The second, Ultraman Tiga, is based off of the old real-life Ultraman series. Ultraman Tiga will be a live-action series, just as the original had been.

Finally, 4Kids has acquired Kinnikuman: The Ultimate Muscle, a humorous action/adventure show about a wrestler and his foes.

Excerpted from the original press release:

Who says dogs and cats can't get along? Meet Tama the cat and his dog and cat buddies as their fun-filled, zany adventures prove time and again the importance of friendship and working together. Tama and Friends, a favorite with pre-schoolers in Japan for almost two decades, is an educator-friendly animated series.

When Super is just not enough! Meet Ultraman Tiga, the Japanese superhero from Tsuburaya Productions who has been saving Japan for many years. Now the silver-clad hero is about to leap across the continents to save America from the same nefarious forces that have plagued the Land of the Rising Sun. The original Ultraman was created by Eiji Tsuburaya, whose credits include director of special effects for the first seven Godzilla films. Ultraman Tiga is a live-action series.

What happens when you take one of Japan's most successful superheroes, a healthy dose of wrestling, some clever storylines, death-defying action and adventure, and over-the top heroes and villains? You get Kinnikuman: The Ultimate Muscle - the new face of action/adventure cartoons. This animated series is produced by Toei Animation Company Ltd., Japan's largest animation studio, which has turned out hits such as Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z.

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